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Carroll Tigers
5301 Weber Road
Corpus Christi, Texas

Mary Carroll High School
Welcome to the "Campus of Champions"

The Mary Carroll High School Baseball Booster Club would like to extend a nice, warm WELCOME to you. We are looking forward to working with you, as the 2010 baseball season comes upon us. Hope to see you at the next Booster Club Meeting.

Wild Thing

Go Tigers Go!

Saturday, February 5
February 5—100 Inning game

Several people have asked about the 100 Inning game and what is involved with it.  It is one of Coach Yeager’s fundraisers and he will ask the players to obtain sponsors for a specific dollar amount or a per inning amount.  Additionally, the players will be asked to bring supplies to the concession stand for sale later in the year.  The 100 inning game itself is a great time for the players.  The coaching staff divides all the players into 7-9 player teams (approximately 5-7 total teams) and then they play each other over the course of the day.  The coaches use the pitching machine and the batter starts with two strikes.  The teams rotate through and when they are not playing, they hang out and eat concession stand food to raise money for the Program.  The competition becomes very intense as Coach David Swanson keeps track of the standings so each team knows what they have to do to be champs of the 100 inning game.  The atmosphere for the parents and friends of the Program is relaxed and it is a great time to meet other parents, players and coaches.  Hopefully, we will have great weather and all Carroll Tiger Baseball fans will come out and have a lot of fun.  Coach will provide the players with more information in baseball class in the upcoming weeks and we will talk about it at the January 19 meeting.

Sunday, February 27
February 27—Fish Fry at Morgan Street Seafood Company—this is held on a Sunday as the restaurant is closed for our fundraiser.

Tuesday, January 4
Sharyland tournament info available

Hey Tiger Fans!  Please click on the Handouts tab on the left and check out the Sharyland Tourney info and hotel information! 

Monday, May 10

Way to Go TIGERS!  27-5A District Champs 2010 CARROLL TIGERS!!! 

Friday, March 19
Tiger Baseball of Facebook!!

Now you can follow the Tigers on Facebook too!  Become a Fan on Facebook....simply look up Carroll Tiger Baseball and click "Become a Fan"!  Wear your Tiger spirit Loud and Proud and become a fan on FB!!!

Sunday, January 9
Mary Carroll High School Baseball Booster Club

The Mary Carroll High School Baseball Booster Club is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of "Tiger Baseball."  The club's purpose is to encourage better school and community spirit and support for the team, and to promote better athletic facilities, equipment, and academic programs for the Mary Carroll High School Athletes who are involved in the baseball program.  As an organization, we encourage everyone to become a member, the dues are only $25.00 per family, and the membership applications are now online.  Simply "click" the Handouts link at the left of the page.  We would like to recognize those families that have already become members and thank them for their support.


Rick and Imelda Mata - Parents of Stephen Mata

 Jim and Aynn Upton - Parents of Andrew Upton

Ernest and Chris Gonzales  Parents of Joseph Gonzales

Terri Veloz - Parent of Sal Ochoa


Barry and Audrey Dumes - Parents of O'Shea Dumes

Frank and Nora Rodriguez - Parents of Trey Rodriguez

Marvin and April Williams - Parents of Marvin Williams

Irene and Jose Hinojosa - Damian Hinojosa and Angel Hinojosa

Keane and Jennifer Monroe - Parents of Cameron Monroe

Ben and Julia Jauregui - Parents of Jeremy Jacob Jauregui

Steve and Michelle Benavides - Parents of Andrew Benavides

Johnny and Rosie Salazar - Parents of Randy Salazar

Rey and Jeaenette Castaneda - Parents of Trevor Authement

Mario and Gina Chavez - Parents of John David

Irma and Roland Cruz - Parents of Josh Cruz

Roman and Priscilla Saenz - Parents of Markus Saenz

Tomas and Irene Franco- Parents of Jason Franco


Victor Ochoa - Parent of Victor Ochoa

Scott and Carrie Heitkamp - Parents of Andrew Heitkamp

Billy and Melinda Garza - Parents of Troy Garza

Roger and Pauline Duenes - Austyn Duenes

Leon and Valerie Burns - Parents of Brandon Burns

Refugio Perez - Parent of Andrew Perez

Joe and Donna Rodriguea - Parents of Mike Garcia



David and Michelle Acuna - Parents of Jacob Acuna

Michael and Laura Cantu - Parnets of Michael Cantu

Mark and Kerrie Gallegos - Parents of Cory Gallegos

Micky and Melissa Garza - Parents of Matthew Garza

Edward and Melissa Lozano - Parents of Cameron Lozano

Gracie Salazar  - Parent of Zachery Salazar

Crisy Tichacek - Parent of Tyler Tichacek

Daniel Valdez and Tracy Benavidez - Parents of Ryan Benavidez

Jason and Bibi Lira - Parents of Lorenzo Lira

Mike Silgero and Missy Flores - Parents of Trey Flores

John and Monique Pineda - Parents of Rene Pineda


"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual."

Vince Lombardi

As part of the the "Carroll Tiger Baseball Family" you are encouraged to participate in your son's experience.  Volunteering when you can  is an excellent way to help with the success of the program, and ultimately aids in the development of your son, as a player and an individual.  There are many areas where you can volunteer, there is a Volunteer Form in the Handout section of this site, please fill it out, and bring it to the next Booster Club Meeting, or e-mail it to


Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

•   Show respect for the opponent at all times. The opponents should be treated as guests; greeted cordially on arriving; given the best accommodations; and accorded the tolerance, honesty, and generosity which all human beings deserve.
•   Show respect for the officials. Good sportsmanship implies the willingness to accept and abide by the decisions of the officials. To criticize the officials is to teach young people to disregard the "authority principle."
•   Know, understand, and appreciate the rules of the contest. A familiarity with the current rules of the game and the recognition of their necessity for a fair contest are essential. Good sportsmanship suggests the importance of conforming to the spirit as well as the letter of the rules.
•   Maintain self-control at all times. A prerequisite of good sportsmanship is understanding that rational behavior and personal testimony are more important than the desire to win. Good sportsmanship is concerned with the behavior of all involved in the game (coach, players, parents, and other spectators).
•   Recognize and appreciate skill in performance, regardless of affiliation. Applause for an opponent’s good performance is a demonstration of generosity and good will that should not be looked on as treason. The ability to recognize quality in performance and the willingness to acknowledge it without regard to team membership is one of the most highly commendable gestures of good sportsmanship.
•   Coaches. The coach bears the greatest burden of responsibility for sportsmanship. His influence upon the attitudes and behavior of the players and the fans is unequalled. It is essential that the coach subscribe to the values of sportsmanship and teach its principles through word and deed. Honoring the player on the team who has exhibited the best sportsmanship over the most valuable player is one way to demonstrate that support for sportsmanship.
•   Players. Because players are admired and respected, they exert a great deal of influence over the actions and behavior of other players and the spectators. Players need to treat opponents with the respect that is due them as guests and fellow human beings, not as the enemy. Shake hands with opponents and wish them well before the contest. Exercise self-control at all times, accepting decisions of the coach and the officials and abiding by them. Respect the officials’ judgment and interpretation of the rules...
•   Spectators. Spectators are probably the most difficult group to monitor, but an effort to control them must be made. Obnoxious fans must leave the game. The team’s followers from the community reflect on the league just as the players and coaches.
•   League Associations. It is necessary for the league to make good sportsmanship priority number one. Associations need to penalize players, coaches, or fans when incidents occur in a sporting event that reflect badly on their League and community.

Carroll Tigers
Carroll Tigers
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"Nine average kids playing as a team will always beat nine stars playing as individuals." - Coach Jeff Brabant
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