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As a continued effort of providing the safest play possible for our players, one of our fundraising goals for this year is to purchase Guardian Caps for every player to wear.  

What is the Guardian Cap? 

Soft-shell helmet cover

Reduces impact up to 33% 

One-size fits all (Youth Adult XL) 

Connected to the facemask with 4 elastic straps

Does  not affect the integrity of the helmet

Lightweight (less than 7 oz)

Lower co-efficient of friction than the helmet

Water resistant

Insulates in hot & cold weather

Permitted for high school practice and games by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations)

On the field since 2011

Worn by over 20,000  players from youth through  college in 2012 and 2013

Learn more about  the product  highlights:

             Cost per cap: $45

Donations for guardian caps can made directly at:



Tackle Football 

8U - ages: 6, 7, 8 (must be 6 by July 31, 2014, can not turn 9 before 1/1/15)

10U - ages: 9, 10 (can not turn 11 before 1/1/15)

12U - ages: 11, 12 (can not turn 13 before 1/1/15)

COST: $75


Ages: 5-13 (must be 5 by August 30, 2014 and can not turn 14 before 1/1/15)

COST: $75


We are looking forward to an exciting season!

For questions, please contact:

Toby Cates - 864-423-4550 or by email

David Parks (8U) - 864-325-8152 or by email

Latrell Cates - 864-423-7911 or by email