Carolina Kings: Welcome

"We don't just reach for the Crown, we wear it...We are the Kings!

We wear the Crown, Swish...

Hey Carolina Kings Basketball Fans,

Thank you for visiting the Kings.

We are an organization for bright and determined youth.  Not only do these young people strive to make hoops but they are motivated to succeed.  Each player brings an individual talent, ability and personality.  We are committed to forming a team out of these individuals.  It is our goal to improve and grow all of our Player's skills.  All Players will be monitored and mentored individually as well. 

Defeating the opponent is our Goal, but education is First.  Low grades can be defeated, the Kings will not loose a player.  To ensure this success we are in the process of uploading links to educational sites and will soon be listing local tutors under the Classifieds section. 

We would also like to acknowledge all returning Players, Parents and Sponsors.  The Carolina Kings are new on the block but some of our organization has grown together.  We have roots in the City of Concord Park and Recreation Basketball Season and have recently formed this team of talented youth. 

So Hoop it up for the Carolina Kings and cheer us on to the Throne.


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