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Welcome to the Carolina Cardinals 02 team website. We are proud to be a part of the Carolina Cardinal's Organization founded by the late ASA Hall of Fame Inductee Ray Chandler.  Our goal is to teach our girls the fundamentals of softball and encourage each one to be the best they can be on and off the field while having fun. Browse through our website and learn more about us.  Thank you for visiting.


 In Memory of Ray Chandler 1944-2012 founder of the Carolina Cardinals.  "We Play for Ray"


Tuesday, May 10
2016 Cardinal Coach Outlook

I am excited to see our girls play this year!  Offensively, I expect to be more productive at the plate. I believe our girls are getting better with their approach and are really starting to understand pitch selection, particularly in different counts. In combination with being physically stringer, I would expect to see an increase in power throughout our lineup.  Defensively, I anticipate maintaining our ability to consistently make the routine plays while emphasizing quicker release and smart decisions.  In the circle we return our two pitchers.  I preach attacking the hitters and our pitchers have done an outstanding job in that regard.  Improving our off-speed command and understanding situational pitching will take our pitchers to another level.

 I consider our team to be talented, flexible and unselfish.  In the past three years our girls have practiced both infield and outfield and the majority have seen considerable game time in multiple positions.  They understand the importance of this flexibility allowing them to play anywhere in high school or college just "to get in the lineup."  I have also emphasized to our our girls the most important hitter in the lineup is the one up-to-bat.  Not a single time have I ever sensed frustration from these girls regarding their spot in the lineup or their position on the field.  This is a reflection of their attitudes and character.

2016 is our first official 14U season.  Our 2015 campaign ended well and I hope to keep that momentum heading into this season.  For the most, our roster remained intact and we have added additional players to the forld increasing our talent level and providing depth.  Though team success is great, that is not my primary goal.  My goal is to prepare these girls for the next level, which is hopefully competitive high school ball.  We are committed to playing string 14U tournaments, but could adjust our schedule and play up pending our results.