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Monday, September 5
Home of the JPW Carlsbad Battling Lancers

CARLSBAD BATTLING LANCERS:  Congratulations of your first victory of the 2011 season!  Following a tough loss to the LCC Charging Mavericks to open the season, the boys got down to business and had a terrific week of practice.  The LCC game was a wake up call to the boys that not only will other D2 teams not just roll over at the sight of the Carlsbad Purple and Black but they will get every team's best game week after week.  Because of the respect Carlsbad football demands around town, each game demands that the Battling Lancers bring their A+ game!

That is what happened against the Vista Wild Panthers.  Football games between Carlsbad and Vista can be legendary as the rivalry runs long and deep from these little guy games through high school.  While this game did not reach such epic proportions, the hitting was hard and fierce.  The Battling Lancer defense was up to the task holding the Panther running game to minus 28 yards on 25 carries.  Counting 2 completed passes out of 7 attempts, the Panthers' offensive day was a mere 9 positive yards.  Further the defense recovered 2 fumbles, scored a TD and completed their first shutout.  Not bad boys!

Great job Gavin Schmidt for recovering a Vista fumble on a failed double reverse in the endzone for the game's only score!!  Here's video (someone please move that pole for videographer Lisa Posard!)

On offense, the Battling Lancers moved the ball up and down the field but struggled to find the end zone.  Eliminating a few errors would have allowed the offense to score at least 3 TDs and contribute to a convincing victory.  As it was, the game was not nearly as close as the 6-0 final score would seem to suggest!  On offense, the Battling Lancers accounted for 199 yards on the ground led by Big John Zarcaro who had 19 carries for 131 yards.  Connor Mataczynski had 7 carries for 28 yards.  Gavin Schmidt had 5 carries for 15 yards.  Zach Thurman had 3 carries for 12 yards.  Frank Hines had 2 carries for 3 yards.  Cole Wright had 1 carry for 10 yards. 

Overall a good solid victory to even our season record at 1-1.  Remember your hard work will payoff on the field!  Let keep up the winning ways against the Temecula Golden Kodiaks!  I'm sure it will be a good competitive game!

One key play was a blocked punt by Chase Grogan.  The ball was recovered by the Battling Lancers on about the 8 yard line.  The refs called it a personal foul for running into the punter.  It set off a big argument.  Next thing, it is Vista ball at midfield.  Here it is... decide for yourself!

NEXT GAME:  Saturday September 10th against the Temecula Golden Kodiaks at Carlsbad High School starting at 12 pm.  As with all games, we will meet down on the field 75 minutes before game time or by 10:45 am in full gear ready to play ball!

WEIGHT LIMIT:  For the September 10th game, the weight limit increases 2 pounds.  That is, the big guys can be 107.  The OBLs can be 87.  Remember there is a pad allowance of +8 pounds.   If you have any questions, please let me know.

PHOTOS:  At the Album button to the left, please enjoy the game photos uploaded by Matt Posard and the party photos uploaded by Lorri Silverman.  They are terrific and I appreciate you sharing your talents with the team!

KICKOFF PARTY:  Thanks to everyone for making the 4th Annual Kickoff Party a great success!  It was terrific to get a chance to see everyone off the field.  The boys sure had a good time.  And special thanks to everyone for throwing me in the pool!

 CARLSBAD HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL:  We will support the CHS football program and will not practice on Friday nights.  We encourage the boys to attend the home games under the lights and feel the excitement!  There are some great home games set this season including Torrey Pines, Oceanside, La Costa Canyon and RBV. 

LANCER ALUMNI: After successful varsity careers, Good Luck to June, 2011 CHS graduates Matt Silverman #36 who is attending California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA and is playing linebacker.  Connor Sodano #81 is attending Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO and is playing tight end.  Thanks Matt and Connor for giving back and spending time coaching the little guys the last few years!

CARLSBAD HIGH SCHOOL "BOYS OF FALL" VIDEO:  Enjoy a CHS Senior Football "Boys of Fall" video prepared by a few CHS students as a touching tribute to the graduating seniors capturing a moment in time.  Remember most of the guys in this video like Matt and Connor were long time Pop Warner players like our Battling Lancers.  Coach John and I coached alot of these guys!  It's an awesome video which includes Coach Mac's pregame pep talk before the San Pasqual home playoff game.

VOLUNTEERS:  When the season starts, our business manager Lorri Silverman will be talking to everyone about volunteer possibilities.  A youth football team is like a small company.  We will need your help and active participation to make our team a success this season.  Please volunteer to be a checker, a spotter, keep James Gomez company on the chain gang, shoot video, take photos, or bring snacks!  We need your help so think of how you can actively participate!

Inspirational Words for the Day :  LISTEN UP YOU LITTLE GUYS!

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. "

Archie Griffen


Handout: 2011 Parent Handout