Cardinals: Achived 2011 News Articles

Thursday, May 5
2011 Fastball Season

It is the beginning of the second Decade of the new millenium and with that comes the dawning of another baseball season in the Queensville Fastball League.  The return of the boys of summer to the Queensville Park and Sharon Field on thursday nights brings many stimulus' to the summer air, the smells, the sounds, the profanity, all things that state the fact that baseball has returned.  And with that brings an excitment of the first look at this years addition of the Cardinals Fastball Club.  Since the apex of the Cardinal dynasty in 2008 which saw the club win its first league title after many years of close calls and disappointment, it has fell on some hard times.  However when training camp opens at the Cardinals Spring Training Facility on April 30, 2011 there is a level of enthusiasm that we could see the Cardinals take flight and return to the form of the glory days from the last decade.

Only time will tell, stay tuned.........

2008 Queensville Fastball League Champs
2008 Queensville Fastball League Champs

Friday, May 6
Cardinals Sign New Corporate Sponsorship Deal


The Cardinals have signed a new Corporate Sponsorship deal with Wild Wing Restaurant - Bradford for the 2011 season.  The adopted sponsorship moniker is very fitting for the squad which is proving to be playing a very aggressive, run generating style of play in spring training this year.  The Wild Wing Cardinals  are focused on Wild offensive run production which should make for a very entertaining and exciting brand of Ball this season.

Wild Wing

Thursday, May 12
Cardinals Finalize Opening Day Roster

QUEENSVILLE- The WILD WING Cardinals were busying finalizing their opening day roster on Thursday in anticipation for tonights Season Opener with Sneakers.

First pitch is scheduled for 8:45pm tonight at Queensville Park when the Cardinals will begin the process of grinding out another League Pennant and possibly another league title after a couple of rebuilding seasons.  Although there is no guarantee that things will be instantanously better, there is optimism in the organization that things can be better and that the Cardinal's may one day return to being "THE" team to beat in the Queensville Fastball League.

 This season will see the return of the same defensively sound infield locked down by SS Kurt Olsen and 2B Jon Little.  Kevin Blunt will be manning the 1 Bag position and "The Franchise" Mike Howard in the usual Hot corner Seat at 3B.  Larry "Jose" Hall will return behind the plate after signing a new deal following the conclusion of his second 4 year multi year deal over the past 8 seasons.  Manager/Player Corey Schlosser has yet to indicate the Starting Pitcher for this evening game and maintains that it will be a Game Time announcement but sources anticipate that we will see the Cardinals franchise Strikeout leader take the hill to start this season as he has for so many season openers for the Cardinals.

The starting outfield lineup still has questions with the exception of CF Jay Burnett.  The career Singles leader will be playing dead centre as usual.   After a 2 year layoff we could see outfielder Graham Hovius possibly starting the season in Right Field intermittantly until he gets his arm strength up before he starts sliding into different positions in his Utility role as needed.  However as witnessed in the past, Hovius can organize bats, keep stats and chew seeds from the bench while riding the Pines with the best of them.

 Defense never has been a concern for the Cardinals and this season is shaping up to be no different then the past.  The main question for the squad is if the bats will compliment the defence to produce another Cardinals Juggernaut Lineup.     

Friday, May 13
Cardinals Drop Season Opener

QUEENSVILLE - The WILD WING Cardinals got off to a disappointing start to the season on Thursday night May 12th.  They dropped the opener to Sneakers by a 12 - 7 decision in 6 innings due to time limitations.

In all the build up to opening night the Card's suffered a couple of set backs come game time, requiring two last minute call ups to fill out the roster.   This resulted in the Cardinals fans not being able to see the much anticipated revamped lineup in the season opener.  However despite the 11th hour roster juggling the Card's started things off quite well spotting SP Corey Schlosser a 5 run lead after 2 innings.  Notable contributions came from Larry "SlimFast" Hall who went 2 for 3, scoring twice, with a single and a 3 RBI standup triple making good on the "fast" part of his nickname.

By the start of the bottom of the 4th inning the Card's had expanded their lead by an additional 2 runs but things started to come unravelled from there.  Sneakers began catching up to Schlosser and roughed him up for 5 runs.  The 5 th inning saw the first ever relief pitching appearance by Larry Hall.  After throwing an impressive Knuckleball for a strike in warm up, Hall went on to throw 11 straight balls, loading the bases a couple of times an allowing 7 runs in total when it was all said and done taking the loss but recording 3 strikeouts as a consolation prize.

Although the first 3 innings of game 1 looked very reminiscent of past defences by not allowing a run for 9 consecutive outs there were also some glaring fielding mistakes that gave Sneakers some life in the later innings.  Speaking of glare, one untimely miscue happened in the fourth inning while Sneakers had the bases loaded with two out, on a hot shot down the third base line, Graham Hovius filling in for the absent Mike Howard made a quick stab to field the ball at the bag and fired a rocket over to first.  However due to the blinding glare coming off of 1st baseman Kevin Blunt's brand new, out of the box, shiny white cleats, he missed the throw, skipping off the top of his glove allowing the batter to reach base, scoring a run and prolonging the inning.  Blunt was seen rubbing dirt onto his shoes following the inning in the dugout to "work them in" after the error. 

Another story on the evening was the absence of "The Franchise".  Despite the throngs of fans, men, women and children all wanting to get their chance to see All Star 3B Mike Howard, it did not happen.  Howard was a late Game Time scratch to the lineup due to what the team is reporting as an upper body injury.  Although unofficial, sources are saying the injury in question was caused when Howard tripped over the leash around his neck and fell down thus not allowing him to make it out to the park on Thursday night.  Howard's position was filled in by Cardinal returnee Graham Hovius.  Evidence of the fan disappointment with their star player happened in the 2nd inning when the crowd chants of "Mike Howard!!" turned to chants of "Mike Who??!!" after 3B Hovius started and turned a 6-4-3, round the horn, double play to 2B Jon Little eliminating a building Sneakers threat.

Despite the loss the Cardinals remain quite hopeful on the prospects of this season.  One pleasent surprise was the playing proformance of Cardinals newcomer Paul Tyson from Tottenham.  Tyson started the game in right field and made a nice fielding catch in the outfield in the third inning to end some Sneakers pressure.  Although a hardball player by trade, Tyson adapted to the fastball game quite seemlessly and will require very little instruction.  One major difference that was noted in his game that seems to be different between Hardball and Fastball, is the direction that the ball cap is worn.  Not a major concern however management is quoted by saying perhaps a stint in minors might fix and straighten out his mechanics.   

Thursday, May 19
Card's Pack Wild Wing

BRADFORD - The WILD WING Cardinals made their first public appearance of the year last Thursday at Wild Wing restaurant in Bradford.  Many of the fan favourites were in attendence meeting and greeting the faithful and signing autographs for most of the evening.  There was an electric vibe to the crowd as fans were able to get their first upclose and personal look at Mike "The Big Show" Howard who was in attendance after taking some time off on the DL for the fathom upper body injury suffered late last week.  Also RF Paul Tyson was sporting a very stylish striped Fierce Salmon (Flaming Pink) shirt that almost stole the spotlight from "The Franchise", a move that was noted by the Vet as a bold move for a rookie.  

Fans were in good spirits and real excited to see all the Cardinal hero's at the restaurant with the exception of the Three Amigos.  1B Kevin Blunt, C Larry Hall and 2B Jon Little were missing from the evenings festivities due to personal reasons.  Apparently there was a great sale on purses at WINNERS that the boys just couldn't pass up.  Sources are quoted as spotting the 3 stooges skipping up and down the department store aisles singing "It's Raining Men!" while holding hands and looking for the best deal on brand name satchels such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and JC Penny.

Look to see the new purchased hand bags at next weeks game at 8:45pm vs. The Mounties at Queensville Park....Weather Permitting. 

Friday, May 27
Cardinals Back to .500 on Season

QUEENSVILLE - The WILD WING Cardinals evened their season record last Thursday night with a 7 - 5 win over The Mounties at a soggy Queensville Park.  The Cardinals spotted SP Cory Schlosser a 6 run leading after The Mounties put one run on the board in the top of the 1st inning.  Despite a rocky final inning which saw The Mounties start a 2 out rally, Schlosser went 6 strong innings picking up the victory in his first complete game win of the year.  Notable contributions on the evening came from the top of the order as SS Kurt Olsen, 2B Jon Little, and OF Jay Burnett combined to go 8 for 11 with 8 singles, 4 Runs scored, 1 Base on Balls and 2 RBIs.  Other honourable mentions go to C Larry Hall who continued to build on his team leading RBI total by driving in 2 more while going 1 for 2 on a single with a BB.  1B Kevin Blunt also had a good evening smacking a single and an extra base hit double, RBI while scoring a Run and reaching Base on Balls.  P Cory Schlosser helped his own cause by going 1 for 1 with a Single and 2 BB.  Cory is leading the team in Batting Avg, Slugging Percentage, On Base Percentage and OPS.

OF Graham Hovius also continued to add to his team leading category in Strikeouts.  He went 1 for 3 with a single, stolen base and turned into a goat with a sucker as they do in World Series '95 for SEGA Genesis when he got caught looking in the 4th inning with a runner on.

The evening also saw the season debut for both OF Jon Gordon and 3B Mike Howard.  Howard showed signs of off season rust by going O-FOR, 0-3 with a strikeout, something that management is not concerned with as Howard is generally a slow starter with a great second half.  Howard did flash the leather on the defensive side of the diamond proving once again why he is at the hot corner.

A scary moment occurred in the top of the 6th inning while The Mounties were mounting a late game 4 run, 2 out rally, on a short looping foul ball to the 3B side that 3B Howard charged at in foul territory.  As he approached the fence the multitudes of Cougars, Groupies and Fan Club members began snapping flash photograghs of the Cardinals Star player to get an up close picture, blinding him causing his feet to get tangled and then went crashing into the fence.  The crowd fell silent after the incident as training staff went out to the field to assess the sitituation but before they could get out of the dugout Howard jumped up, tipped his hat to the crowd, flashed a smile and gave a wink to his adoring fans and jogged back to his position.  Shortly following that play, Schlosser induced a ground ball up the middle that substitude SS Larry Hall fielded and flipped to Little to get the force at 2B and end the game. 

Following the game in the media scrub the Cardinals Star Player was asked what his thoughts were on making a charge on that particular play this early in the season.  The Franchise responded by saying" It's a contract year, I'm all about the Benjamins!!"

The WILD WING Card's look to continue their winning ways next Thursday night at Sharon Field versus the Highlanders.  Game Time 8pm. 


Friday, June 3
Cardinals Rally For Late Win

SHARON – The WILD WING Cardinals played their first game of the year at Sharon Field last Thursday night vs. The Highlanders.   This was the first meeting of the year between these two clubs, historically the Card’s have not had any real difficulty with The Highlanders however Thursday night’s match provided an unexpected challenge requiring a late inning rally to record the win.

SP Cory Schlosser started his 3rd game in a row on the mound in the absence of P John MacPherson who continues to have Visa issues following playing some winter Ball in Europe and has not been spotted at the diamond yet this season.  The Card’s jumped out to an early 1 run lead at the beginning of the game only to have the bats mysteriously dry up until the top of the 7th inning.  SP Schlosser was cruising along until the bottom of the 3rd inning when the Highlanders tagged him for a 7 run rally including a 2 run homerun to right centre.  That is how the game stayed till the final inning when the Card’s ignited a 9 run rally to position themselves for the win.  Notable game contributions came from 1B Kevin Blunt who went 3 for 3 with 3 singles, 2 RBIs, 1 Stolen base and 1 run scored.  Catcher Larry Hall continued his JP Arencibia – esk offensive production by tallying another couple of RBIs to his team leading totals while finishing with 2 hits on 3 At Bats, 2 singles and 1 run scored.  Outfielder Vince Chung made his season debut with the Card’s and went 2 for 3 with 2 singles scoring a run and striking out once.

Thursday’s night game also had in interested subplot that began at the beginning of the game.  Following a less than stellar, 2 game tryout after a 2 season layoff, OF Graham Hovius was reported to have gone to management to discuss a longer term deal with the club.  Although Hovius has held his own in his return, management had felt that they wanted to see more from the outfielder before they committed to a longer term deal.  Sources have reported that a disagreement had occurred in the boardroom between the two sides resulting in Hovius storming out and the Card’s placing him on the 1 game waivers.   Prior to the game the Highlanders claimed Hovius off the waiver wire, inserted him in the lineup and placed him in the outfield for the game against the Card’s.  Hovius responded by having what some are calling a “career” game going 2 for 2 with 2 Runs, 2 doubles, 1 BB, 2 stolen bases and 2 RBIs in a “How do ya like me now!” response.  After the game the Cardinal’s claimed Hovius back and promptly returned him to the bottom of the order.

Next week’s game is at 8:45pm at Queensville Park versus The Rage.

Friday, June 10
Cardinals Let See-Saw Battle Slip

QUEENSVILLE – The WILD WING Cardinals faced off versus their perennial rival The RAGE last Thursday night at Queensville Park.  In back and forth see saw match that featured some solid defence, some not so solid defence, a couple of long balls and timely hitting. 

The Rage jumped out to an early lead in the top of the first after parking a 3 run homerun out over the left field fence.  In the bottom of the inning Kurt Olsen who split duties between Shortstop and behind the dish, scored on an RBI single by “The Franchise” Mike Howard to cut the lead to 2.  The Card’s chipped away at the 3 – 0 lead until they rallied big in the bottom of the fourth inning when they scored 5 runs to take a commanding 6 – 3 lead effectively chasing the Rage starting pitcher from the game.  Bob Olsen was entered into the VTech Bullpen Hotline draw which happens every time the Cardinal hitters "ring up" the opposing teams pitcher and they go to their bullpen - a lucky fan will win a VTech Dect 6.0 two handset cordless telephone system with caller ID, digital answering machine, and handset speakerphone(actual prize may vary). 

The Card’s were able to keep their lead until the top of the sixth when a couple of defensive miscues enabled the Rage to extend the inning and begin a 2 out rally that totaled 6 runs when it was all done and grabbed the lead back from the Cardinals.  2B Jon Little did his best to spark the Card’s by depositing a solo shot over the right centre fence for his first round tripper of the season to go with his triple hit earlier in the game.  However despite the long bomb adrenaline booster to make it 9-7 the Cardinals could not get anything else going.  The Rage tacked on 1 more in the top of the 7th to pad their lead and in spite of some small ball to generate some offense in the bottom of the seventh they could not manage anything and the game ended in a 10 – 7 loss.  

The Card’s were missing some key players on Thursday night due to a variety of reasons.  Team RBI leader Larry Hall was out of the lineup after the Cardinals had granted him Bereavement leave following the death of his pet frog( RIP Hoppy)  CF Jay Burnett was also absent from the roster following being put on the 14 day Disabled List after injuring his back while gardening in his backyard digging for fresh garlic cloves. Burnett was planning on using the cloves in a lovely Garlic Chicken Dish that he learned from watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show on TV.  Both are expected back in the lineup for next week. 

The Card’s fall to .500 on the season with a 2 – 2 record.  Catch the WILD WING Cardinals next week at Sharon Field as they faceoff versus Sneakers in attempt to get back to a winning record.

Friday, June 17
Cardinals Down Sneakers

SHARON – The WILD WING Cardinals faced off versus Sneakers on Thursday night in an attempt to climb above .500 in the league standings as well as even the season series with Sneaks after they handed the Card’s a loss in the season opener.

The Card’s dug themselves an early hole in the top of the first inning after Sneakers hit a 2 run bomb to left field to spot themselves a 2 run lead.  That would be the only lead that Sneakers would see for the rest of the evening as the Card’s quickly took the lead back and ran away with it from there.

After a lead off strikeout by Kurt “This Medium shirt is too baggie” Olsen to start the game, the 2 and 3 spot hitters Jon “Veins” Little and Jay “Money Baby, Money” Burnett did what they do best and got on base and waited for cleanup batter and RBI Leader Larry “Give 'er the Happy” Hall, who was fresh off of the bereavement list following a trip to the pet store to purchase a new amphibian, to cash them in and add to his team lead RBI total.

The Cardinals offensive onslaught continued for the rest of the game posting 11 runs in total while things were locked down on the defensive side of the diamond, only allowing 4 runs against.  Schlosser pitched another complete game allowing the 4 earned runs against giving up 2 round trippers over 7 innings and throwing a strikeout to end the game.  Schlosser also showed some extra reach back and zip on the evening with his fastball producing an “Ouchy” from Catcher Larry Hall when he caught it.

Notable contributions came from 2B Jon Little and CF Jay Burnett who both went 2 for 2 with 5 runs scored between the two of them.  1B Kevin Blunt made news by smacking a 3 run inside the park homerun, Blunt sported some swift speed that is being attributed to his new “No Chips only Pretzels” fad diet.  Although there was some very generous official scoring on the play to record it as an inside-the-park home run it is still Blunt’s first 4 bagger of the season.  OF Vince Chung also had a good game by going 1 for 1 with a double and a run scored as well as getting on base after being hit by a pitch and adding a stolen base. 

The Cardinals held a press conference to unveil their new slick team uniforms before the game.  3B Mike “I go for beaver every night” Howard sported the new Jerseys for the media and fans alike.  And then Mark Messier guaranteed a cardinals victory to get them back on a winning streak while backing it up by going 1 for 3 with a single and some fine defensive play.

Next game Thursday June 23rd, 8:45pm vs. The BEER at Queensville Park.

Friday, July 8
Batman Returns
The Dark Knight Returns from Crime Fighting

QUEENSVILLE – The WILD WING Cardinals continued  to increase their win streak last Thursday night by defeating the Highlanders by a score of 4 – 2 extending the streak to 3 games.  Last night’s  game came after a media blackout week on June 30, 2011 which the Card’s handily defeated the Mounties by a score of 6 – 1.  Notable contributions from the last game in June came from 2B Jon Little and CF Jay Burnett who both continued their hot hitting by each going 3 for 4 with 2 singles and a double, while Burnett drove in 3 RBIs.  P Cory Schlosser also smacked 3 hits on 4 at bats, knocking 1 batter in to help his own cause. 

The big news on July7, 2011 game versus the Highlanders was the return of Bruce Wayne for the first time this season.  Batman got the start on the mound and went 5 strong innings allowing 2 runs on 6 hits and striking out 2 batters.  Many had questioned whether or not the Card’s were even going to see  Wayne aka John McPherson, this season, as he has been absent for 7 straight games.  When asked what might have been the reason for the extended absence, Bruce responded by saying “Crime Fighting ain’t easy!”  Apparently he has been spending these past few months touring with the Batman Convention across the country.  These conventions attract thousands of people to come out of their basements (Bat Caves) to see such merchandise as The Bat Computers, The Bat Mobiles, The Bat Suits and the BatMan Yellow Utility Belt.  The question is will the Caped Crusader, John McPherson, be at next week’s game?  Stay tuned to find out!  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!!   

The Highlanders presented the Cardinals with a tougher than usual task on Thursday, no hitting the Card’s into the 5th inning until P Cory Schlosser went yard for the first time this season and breaking the shutout and cutting the lead to 1.  Jon Little and Jay Burnett continued their hot hitting by showing why they are 1 – 2 on the squad in batting Average when Burnett cashed Little in to tie the game at 2’s.   Schlosser would relief McPherson on the hill and shut the door on the Highlanders but not without some spectacular defensive play by 2B Jon Little who turn his second unassisted double play of the game to get out of the top of 6th.  The Card’s then gave themselves a chance to take the lead in the bottom of the 6th, with a 2 out rally mounting and “The Franchise” Mike Howard at the dish and 2 men on.  In an At Bat that can only be explained as spectacular, Howard showed  why he is paid the big bucks and revered around the league.  Howard took a 2 – 2 pitch and lined it into left centre field cashing in Gordon and Burnett to take the lead for the Card’s and it would be one that they would not relinquish. 

The Cardinals improved to 5 -2 on the season with a .714 winning percentage.  Following the game Mike Howard was asked about his comments on the 6th inning At Bat that eventually gave the Card`s the win, Howard responded ``that`s just how we roll!, he left a fat one out over the middle of the plate and you just don`t do that to Mike Howard!!  Gotta show some respect``

Cardinal`s next game is 7pm at Queensville Park versus The RAGE.



Lately this reporter has been wondering what is it that makes the Cardinals team so special.  From the excellent offense that can explode at any At Bat to the second to none defense that is so effective that that it causes teams to approach their plate appearences wilh fear and second guessing.  The core of the Card's infield could be the subject of countless instructional videos on how to do things correctly.

But what makes this squad so tight?  What is it that makes them understand exactly what each other is thinking at any particular play out there on the diamond?  Is it just because they have played together for many years now?  One may think that is the case, however there has been some recent video evendence that suggests that there is more to this Cardinals infield lineup then what meets the eye.  Leading one to say, The team that plays together, WORKS together.

Click on the Cardinals logo to the right to view the the recently uncovered video evidence of what makes this squad special!


Friday, July 15
Cardinals Lose despite Gutsy Comeback

QUEENSVILLE - The WILD WING Cardinals came up short last Thursday night when they took on The Rage for the second time this season.  Although the boxscore noted a close score, the game itself was anything but an epic battle.  Outside of a big inning in the top of the sixth the Card's didn't have anything to write home about committing franchise high errors and defensive mistakes while the offense spputtered miserably.  The only bright spot on the evening was a long bomb hit by Vince "Hideki" Chung (the player formerly known as Ichiro Suzuki) off of league Ace David Mundy.

The Cardinals are looking to rebound from a less then stellar game this Thursday Night vs. The Beer at 8pm at Sharon Field.

Friday, July 22
Cardinals and The BEER, Meet at Last

SHARON - The WILD WING Cardinals and The BEER faced off last Thusrday night for the first time of the season after 2 pervious rainouts.  The Card's wasted no time on getting the upperhand on the season series winning the battle 3-0 in the sweltering heat and dry diamond at Sharon Field.  

The Card's were powered by a 2 run homerrun by Corey Schlosser and a complete game shutout by John "KA-PLOW" MacPherson, who fanned 7 BEER batters to record his second win of the season.  The Cardinals took on The Beer without the services of 2 of their power bats in the lineup. 1B Kevin Blunt, (who was filled in admirably by Graham Hovius) was missing for a second straight game with that reoccurring inner thigh lip pull.  And Vince"The name is Matsui" Cheung was missing due to the unfortunate and unforeseen need to find a two wheel bicycle without training wheels. SS Kurt Olsen took the team lead in the Caught Stealing Statistical category after getting thrown out in a run down.  Kurty put up a great fight and made it real difficult on the opposing catcher forcing him to make a great play in the first place on the initial throw..........................................

Honourable mention must be made to the impressive self called hit and run play by C Larry Hall in the 5th inning which moved him up to 3rd base on a Mike Howard double and eventually scored on an infield single by 1B Hovius to add the always valuable insurance run.

The Card's belted out 3 runs on 10 hits including 1 HR. 3 Base on Balls, 3 stolen bases on 4 attempts, 8K's on 26 At Bats. 

Next game is at Sharon Field again when your red shirted heros take on the Mounties @ 8pm.

Friday, July 29
Cardinals Win Triller over Mounties

SHARON – The Red shirts were back in action again this past Thursday night at Sharon Field as they took on the Mounties for the 3rd time on the season.  The WILD WING Cardinals took the field in an attempt to put a strangle hold on the season series with the Mounties. 

The Cardinals had outscored the Mounties 13 – 6 in the previous 2 games on the year and improved their series record to 3 – 0 by winning a thrilling final inning comeback by a score of 5-4 on a game winning RBI off an infield hit by RF Jon Gordon.  Gordon had an excellent evening going 2 for 2 with 2 Singles, a run scored, 1 Stolen base while being Hit by a Pitch to go along with the aforementioned Run Batted In.

The Card’s once again struggled to find their bats through the first few innings of the game but still managed to hold leads of 1 – 0 and 3 – 1 after the first 5 innings.  However the Mounties turned up the heat on the Card’s in the top of the 6th as they rallied for 3 runs in the inning to take the lead in the game and had potential to score more if it was not for the quick heads up play by 3B Mike “That’s what she said!” Howard on a hot shot down the line that Howard stabbed and quickly applied the tag on the base runner wandering off of 3rd base before he could react.  The play caused a bit of controversy as the Mounties Bench Manager came out of the dugout to request an appeal on the play, the call was later up held by the home plate umpire. 

After holding the Mounties scoreless in the top of the 7th, the Card’s got down to business.  Following a leadoff strikeout by Larry Hall, 1B Blunt stepped up to the plate looking to make an impact following a 2 week layoff and came through with a drive to left centre for his first triple of the season.  Blunt scored to tie the game on an RBI Double by CF Graham Hovius, his second hit of the night which setup the clutch infield single that scored Hovius from 2nd base on a Hit and Run 2 batters later to end the game and record the victory.

The Franchise was interviewed after the game following the post game celebration and asked his comments on the game.  “We’re a 6th and 7th inning team, really, we’re dynamite when the game is on the line.  No matter how big you think your lead might be if you have one, we will be there!  And that’s a Mike Howard Guarantee!!”

The Cardinals improved the record to 7-3 on the season and take on SNEAKERS next week at 8:45pm at Queensville Park for a shot at claiming sole possession of first place in the standings.  Next week’s game will be Larry Hall bobble head give away.  The first 10 fans will receive the one-of-a-kind collector’s item.


Larry Hall Bobble Head
Larry Hall Bobble Head Giveaway

Saturday, August 13
SNEAKERS Walk It Off vs. The Card's

The WILD WING Cardinals lost a heart breaker of a game on Thursday August 4th versus Sneakers.  With a victory the Cardinals would have given themselves sole possession of first place in the league standings.  As the game progressed things were shaping up just so as the Card's posted 6 runs and took the lead into the 6th inning despite leaving the bases juiced on a couple of occassions earlier in the game, unable to cash the runners in.

The Card's almost set a team record in the top of the 4th innings when they just about hit 3 homeruns in one inning.  2B Jon Little tagged his second homerun of the campaign to start things of followed by 1B Kevin Blunt missing his second dinger of the year by mere feet by pelting the outfield fence.  Then C Larry Hall stepped up to the  plate and smacked his first round tripper of the year.

Things were looking good until Sneakers rung up SP John MacPherson to tie the game in the bottom of the 5th inning at 6.  Batman was pulled to start the next inning for P Corey Schlosser, after an inning and a half of uneventful ball Sneakers put a runner on in the bottom of the seventh and followed that up by hitting a walk off 2 run homerun to centre field to win the contest 8 - 6.

To add insult to injury the Cardinals have also possibily lost the services of OF Jon Gordon for the season with what is suspected to be a ACL or Miniscus tear to his knee.

Saturday, August 13
Cardinals Battle with Rage

The WILD WING Cardinals faced off versus their pereninal rival The RAGE last Thursday Night at Queensville Park.

The Card's attempted to save face on the season series with the RAGE after dropping the first two contests earlier in the year, both previous losses were close 1 run games.

Corey Schlosser took to the rubber to start his 7th game of the season but after a couple of unfortunate feilding miscues, The RAGE took an early lead recording 2 runs in the early innings of the contest.  The Card's were in tough versus Schlosser's counterpart Dave Mundy who struck out 11 of the 30 Cardinals batters he faced throughout the duration of the game including 4 of the first 5 batters to start the game.

Cardinals batters struggled to connect with Mundy however when they hit him, they hit him hard.  The Card's finished with 9 hits, 4 of which were triples, 3 other doubles to go along with 2 singles.  However every triple that was hit ended up being stranded on 3rd and was unable to score.  A fine example of the Cardinals troubles occurred in the 3rd inning when team RBI leader and clutch situational hitter Larry Hall came up to the plate with the bases juiced and a chance to cash in the tying and go ahead runs only to end up striking out looking to end the inning and threat on a pitch that locked him up and sailed right past him down the middle of the plate.

The Card's finally did get to Mundy in the 5th inning as 2B Jon Little belted an RBI double to score SS Kurt Olsen after he reached on a double of his own.  Little then scored to tie the game on a back to back to back RBI double by Graham Hovius.

RAGE put the pressure on Schlosser in the top of the 6th after he retired 2 outs.  They put 2 runners on that eventually moved into scoring position and chased Schlosser from the game.  "Bruce Wayne" MacPherson entered the contest to force the final out and end the threat.  MacPherson then came up in the bottom of the frame looking to help his own cause by cashing in a 2 out RBI triple scoring Corey Schlosser from third after he hit his own triple to take the lead for the Cardinals.

The Card's in turn shut the door in the top of the 7th inning to preserve the win and prevent the season sweep by taking the final game by a score of 3-2 in an entertaining come from behind victory.

In the bottom of the 6th "The Franchise" Mike Howard was seen in a brief discussion with John "Batman" MacPherson while he was on deck before he hit his game winning RBI Triple.  When asked in the post game media scrum what he had said to Bruce , Howard responded "I just told him to give 'er the hippity dippity!" "and the rest is history Ladies and Gentlemen, you saw what happened!  He rode with the little man in the canoe all the way to Tuna Town!"

Next game is August 18, 2011 - 7pm at Queensville Park

Saturday, August 20
Cardinal Comeback Kids

QUEENSVILLE - Two weeks after the Card's were burned by a walk off 2 run home run in the bottom of the seventh, they decided it was time to try their hand at the late game heroics.  The WILD WING Cardinals faced off versus the Highlanders for the final time of the season in an attempt to sweep the season series.

In a rare early game, the Card's were facing a bit of a personnel shortage last Thursday night with 6 players out of the lineup.  OF Jon Gordon, OF Vince Chung, OF Graham Hovius, C Larry Hall, SS Kurt Olsen and 1B Kevin Blunt were all missing from the order causing the Cardinals to summon two of their prospects Kevin Harvey and Mike Beagan from the minors.  

Although the Card's had a short bench, they battled hard taking a 2-2 tie into the 6th inning.  In the bottom of the 6th the Card's gained the upper hand on a sac fly RBI by Jay Burnett following a triple by 2B Jon Little, his 2nd one of the season to take the lead.  The Highlanders were not willing to go down without a challenge as they tied the game and scored the go ahead run after the first 2 batters of the inning were retired setting up the 7th inning dramatics.  The Card's call up prospect Kevin Harvey came up in the bottom of the 7th trying to make something happen after 2 earlier strikeouts.  P MacPherson was on 2nd after he doubled to right centre but didn't have to run very hard as Harvey parked a 2 run walk off home run over the left field fence to take the game by a score of 5-4.  John "Bruce" MacPherson started his 5th game of the season going the distance for the complete game, 6 strikeout victory.  Other notable contributions came from 2B Jon Little as he went 4 for 4 with 2 runs scored, 2 singles, 1 double and 1 triple to go along with a stolen base.  Another thing worth mentioning is Paul Tyson picking up his first hit in almost 2 months as he slapped a single to left field in the fourth to go along with 2 loud flyouts.

Other Cardinals news: 

DL Report:

- OF Jon Gordon is still listed as out indefinately with the injured ACL in his right knee following an unfortunate Hot Yoga accident.

- OF Graham Hovius is expected to come off the 14 day DL in time for next weeks game.  Hovius has been suffering from back spasms.

- C Larry Hall will return next week after having to deal with that pesky Full time job that seems to be getting in the way of his baseball career

- 1B Kevin Blunt will return next week after he emptied his underwear drawer by throwing every banana hammick he owned up on stage at Alan Jackson at the CMT Music Fest in Burl's Creek, Ont. 

- OF Vince Chung is expected to be out on probation for next weeks game after his run in with the law.  Apparently Speed Limit signs are not just suggested speeds.


Next Week's game is at Queensville Park vs. SNEAKERS.  Game Time 7pm

Friday, August 26
Cardinals Get Blasted

QUEENSVILLE - Last Thursday night was a forgettable one for the WILD WING Cardinals as they got lambaisted by Sneakers 11-0.  The Cardinals have not been shutout for a long time in recent memory as they struggled to put any type of offensive assault together while struggling just as equally to record outs on the defensive side of things as well. 

P Corey Schlosser started his 9th game of the season and went 5 and 1/3 innings, surrendering 9 earned runs on 18 hits while striking out 6.  John Macpherson came into the game in relief and went 2/3 innings, 2 earned runs on 3 hits, walked 1 and struck out 1.

The Cardinals remain in first place in the standings but failed to lock down their 3rd league pennant in franchise history.  The Card's gave up their chance to tie the season series with Sneakers with the loss and finished with a 1 and 3 record against them.  With 2 games left in the season one against The BEER and the final one vs. the Mounties, the Cardinals will attempt to finish the season strong and secure first place following the regular season and claim the top seed for the playoffs.

The Card's are still suffering from the injury bug as OF Jon Gordon's status on his knee has not changed and is lost for the season.  OF Graham Hovius is also out for the reminder of the season.  Although there is an outside chance Hovius will return for the finals it is still slim. 

Next Game is 8pm at Sharon Field vs. The Beer.

Thursday, September 8
Cardinals Throttle The BEER - 17 - 4
cardinals batting
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Friday, September 16
Pennant celebration
The WILD WING Cardinals have clinched their third League Pennant in franchise history. The Card's face off versus the 4th seeded Highlanders in the first round of the playoffs starting on Thursday September 15th at Queensville Park.  The drive for the Cardinals second Championship title begins.

Pennant - 11

2011 Champs photo
2011 Queensville Fastball League Champions
Friday, September 23
Cardinals Capture 2nd Championship Title

QUEENSVILLE - The WILD WING Cardinals captured their second championship title last night as they downed the RAGE by a scored of 12- 9 in an entertaining final matchup. 

The game did not start out very optimistically for the Card's as they spotted the Rage a 5 run lead in the top of the first inning.  Despite the initial set back the Card's keep chipping away to get back into the game lead by 2B Jon Little who had an outstanding game going 3 for 3 and blasting a 2 run homerun to jump start the Cardinals and their come back.  After pulling within one run the Rage went to their bullpen to bring in their Ace pitcher Dave Mundy to try to stop the bleeding.  However the Card's were not going to be shut down, in the bottom of the 5th inning the Cardinals put up an 8 spot to take the lead and would not look back from there.

The RAGE attempted to make things interesting in the top of the 7th as they loaded the bases and proceeded to hit a grand slam to bring themselves within 3 runs with nobody out.  Enter Johnny Mac, who came into the game in relief of Starter Corey Schlosser and promptly shut the door on any growing hopes the Rage had of completing their comeback as he induced a fly ball to Left Fielder Kevin Harvey to end the game and lock up the Cardinals second ever championship title in franchise history.

Following the game the Card's went back to WILD WING in Bradford and celebrated in fine fashion around the Championship trophy to the joy of their hardcore, passionate family, friends and fans.


See you next year when the Cardinals will attempt to Repeat and defend their title in 2012.

2011 Champs banner

2011 Championship
2011 Championship Final