Cardinals: History


The WILD WING Cardinals Fastball Club dates as far back as 2003 when it initially entered the league and was originally sponsered by Kile Contracting.  The first couple of years were rocky at best, the club struggled to win ball games and were perenial basement dwellers. 

In 2005, Kile Contracting let their sponsorship run out and did not renew the contract, enter St. Albans.  In 2005 the tides began to turn, St. Alban's signed a deal with the club which included incentives in terms of beer and wings on Thursday nights.  As a result excitement about the team started to grow and so did the performance.  St. Alban's started to attract attention from other players on the market who began to be interested in signing with the team.

In 2006, the team keep rolling, finishing with the best record in franchise history.  St. Alban's also finished the year in 2nd in league standings another team record.  However they did not enjoy the success they wanted to, losing in the finals coming up just short of a cinderella story.

The following year St. Alban's did not renew their corporate sponsership for the 2007 season.  Not willing to let the team fade into obscurity and out of existence, team members rallied to find private membership to save the franchise.  As a result the team moniker was renamed and the ball club was known as the Cardinals.  The newly named Cardinals enjoyed impressive success in the 2007 season losing only 4 games all year, winning the league Pennant for the first time and securing a berth in the semi finals.  The Cards however were not destined for glory, they fell even shorter this time in disappointing fashion failing to make it past the semi's.

2008 the team secured corporate sponsorship from C.W. Coop's restaurants and changed the team name to COOP'S Cardinals.  With the new corporate support and stability the team immediately began scouring the free agent market looking to add depth to an already strong starting lineup. With the off season surgery to SP Cory Schlosser and CF Jay Burnett and the possibility that they would not be ready for spring training, management looked to fill two big holes in the roster.  The Cardinals were able to come to an agreement with SP Rob Sheard from the recently defunct Bradford Red Sox of the Oshawa District Fastball League.  Sheard's signing made an immediate impact as the Card's went undefeated in their first 6 games of the season and also commanded the mound for an impressive record setting consecutive shutout inning streak that lasted 21 straight innings.  

2008 wasn't without its share of adversity for the Cardinals however, on the heels of one of the best starts in team history came one of the longest losing streaks the Card's have had in recent memory.  The usually potent and dominating offence disappeared and was nonexistant for much of the season with all offensive numbers down across the board.  One team aspect that did not suffer however was the Cardinal defence which was as strong as ever with dozens of spectacular plays that hit the highlight reels around the country.  Similar to the previous year, the Card's only lost 4 games on the season ending the year with a final team record of 12 Wins 4 Losses and 2 Ties which was good enough to secure the league Pennant for the second consecutive year and a berth in the semi finals.

As fate would have it the Cardinals faced their growing rival Sneakers in the semi's.  Sneakers were the only team in the league that the Cardinals had failed to defeat all season.  However in the playoffs they were unsuccessful in rising to the challenge of defeating a Cardinals squad that was hungry for victory.  And the Card's would not be denied this season as they pasted Sneakers 11-1 to advance to the Finals versus their perenial rival the Rage.

 The Rage have always been a hurdle for the Cardinals that they could not seem to get over.  2008 would be a different story as the two teams faced off in the final to decide Queensville Fastball League supremacy.  When all the dust settled in the end of an exciting and entertaining game the Cardinals had the upper hand dethroning the Rage for the first time in 6 seasons by a score of 5-2.  The Coop's Cardinals were QFL Champions for the first time in Franchise history.

Coop's Cardinal's Record(including Playoffs)  14 Wins,  4 Losses, 2 Ties, 120 Runs Scored, 53 Runs Against.

In 2011 the Cardinals Fastball club had secured sponsorship with Wild Wing - Bradford.  The name change to the Wild Wing Cardinals is a suitable change for the new aggressive run generation style of play to go along with the stylish new uniforms and helmets that the Card's sported for the 2011 season.  

This was a bounce back season from the previous two as the Card's went on to secure their 3rd ever League Pennant finishing the year in first place with a 13W and 5L record and a .722 winning percentage.  The Cardinals also scored 128 runs on the season vs. 98 runs scored against.  Other team numbers include a team Batting Average of .422, .508 OBP, .650 SLG and a 1.158 OPS.

The Wild Wing Cardinals breezed through the semi finals versus the Highlanders, advancing to the finals with a 6-1 victory powered by the offensive assault by Larry Hall who saved his best performance of the season for this occasion.

In the the Championship Final the Card's faced off against their long time rival the Rage.  The Cardinals have been the only team that the Rage lost to in the championship in the past 8 years.  The first time came in 2008 when they ended the Rage run of 5 consecutive championships by capturing their first.  In 2011 things did not start out very well for the Card's as they spotted the Rage a 5 run lead in the top of the first inning to start the game.  However the Cardinals would not be detered as they continued to chip away at that lead until they were able to blow it all open in the bottom of the 5th inning as they lit it up to take a 12 - 5 lead.  They took that lead into the top of the 7th inning when the Rage attampted to make it interesting by loading the bases and capping it off by depositing a grand slam over the left centre field fence to pull within 3 runs.  However the WILD WING Cardinals were not to be denied as they quickly quit fooling around after that and shut the door on an further comeback to capture their 2nd ever championship title and remain the only team to be able to dethrone the Rage for the better part of a decade in the Queensville Fastball League.

The Cardinals will take the off season to enjoy their championship and comeback in 2012 to defend their title and Repeat.