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Monday, May 14
Championship Hangover - Cardinals drop Season Opener

QUEENSVILLE - Call it off-seaon rust or a championship hangover, the Cardinals took a beating in the 2012 Queensville Fastball League season opener versus Sneakers. 

The Card's looked good coming into the season as for the first time in many years made zero changes to their roster.  After winning their second ever championship last season, GM-Coach Corey Schlosser decided not to mess with an apparent winning formula and left the roster as is during the off season.  Maybe the mixture of the complacency of being THE team to beat or the comfort that comes with having a set roster contributed to the 8-1 loss on opening night.

Either way the Cardinals are not concerned as they look at the rest of the season.  "Its a long summer, last season we gave the first one to Sneakers as well before we started our eventual championship run." said 3rd Base standout Mike Howard "I mean, if there is one thing that this squad has is its truculence and veteran leadership.  We will be there contending at the end of the year as always.....that's a Mike Howard guarantee!  We are the Cardinals!  We have our own clothing line for crying out loud!"

 The Card's will attempt to right the ship next week vs. the Beavers on Thursday at Queensville Park.  Game Time is 7pm. 

Tuesday, May 29
Cardinals drop Second Straight

QUEENSVILLE - For the first time in many years the Cardinals dropped their second straight game to start the season.  After a rough start to the season the Card's looked to rebound and even their record at 1 game.  In game 2 they came up against a revamped Beavers squad which is a reincarnation of The Beer, a team that struggled to tie their cleats in previous seasons.  With a new name and some new talent including ex-Card Rob Sheard on the mound, the Beavers quickly showed the Card's that they weren't to be taken lightly and similar to what the Card's allowed to happen in the season opener, jumped out to a quick first inning 5 run lead on the strength of a 1st inning 3 run bomb to left centre. 

The Cardinals were unable to respond for most of the game until "The Franchise" attempted to jump start a rally in the bottom of the 5th inning with a 3 run double only later to score on Vince Chung"s single.  However that would all the Card's would get on the night as Rob Sheard proved to be effective shutting down his former team the rest of the way to record the victory and the complete game.


Tuesday, May 29
Cardinal Snap Losing Streak

QUEENSVILLE - Your Red Shirted Heros took to Queensville Park last Thursday to try to get back to their winning ways.  Cardinal Nation was in disarray following the first 0 and 2 start in many seasons.  Many media reports were swirling regarding major issues that might be occuring in the Cardinal clubhouse.  Some sources are quoted as saying Cardinals players in heated discussions on what year Mookie Wilson played for the Blue Jays as well as whether or not Junior Felix was the best player EVER in Blue Jays history.  There were also allegations of certain Cardinal players involved in rampant slushie and chicken wing consumtion. 

With all the unsubstatiated reports of team unrest coupled with a 2 game losing streak, Cardinals Managing General Corey Schlosser decided the make a slight adjustment to the lineup as well put the team on his back and pitch complete game to get the Card's in the win column.  Taking their cue from their starting pitcher, the defence came out and played solid a la Cardinals of old, capped off by highlight reel bare handed in field ground ball play by none other than the Card's man of the hour 3B Mike "Always out and never out done" Howard. 

The Cardinals pounded out 12 hits on their way to a 7 - 2 victory over the Mounties.  The Card's will try to keep the momentum going as the take on the new comers Athletics at Sharon Field.  Game time 8pm

Cardinals Media Strike and Losing Streak come to an End

QUEENSVILLE - The 2012 Fastball season thus far has been a story for the Cardinals history page for sure.  After dominating league competition throughout the season last season on their way to their 2nd ever Championship title, the Cardinals looked poised and confident entering 2012.  However things did not start out as everyone had hoped or even expected as the Cardinals dropped the first 4 of 5 games to start the season. Couple this with the sudden withdrawal of their major corporate sponsorship deal with C.W. Coops and the recent rash of injuries the Card's where a beat up squad in more ways then one.  Another first was the streak of 14 straight innings that the Cardinals failed to score a run, a team record as well as a recent media strike which shut down all game highlights and up to the minute reports on your red shirted heros.

The good news is that things have seemed to turn the corner.  The Card's are back in the win column posting two back to back convincing victories to pull within one game of .500.  In those two games the Card's bats have come alive, tallying 8 runs in both matching and and playing solid defence to back up their offensive output.  After allowing 20 plus runs in the first 5 games of the year, the red bird defence has only allowed 1 run over the last two while recording a shutout in last Thursday's game versus the Beavers.

"This team is nothing but resilent, we have proven that year after year" said 3B Mike Howard following Thursday's win "It's all about confidence, we have the confidence to compete and that's what we will do dispite recent hiccups.  I mean when I walk in the house, I walk in with my arms in the air, my wife asks no questions, none at all...she knows......she knows."

The Card's have lost their Corporate Sponsor, they are one game below .500 but nothing will deter them. 

A two game win streak one in which they have out scored their competition 16 - 1 and a championship pedigree.  All this start of the season is, is another interesting chapter on the Cardinals History page.