Capital District Girls Basketball League: Rules: CDGBL Member Manual

CDGBL Member Manual

There are currently 16 participating organizations in the Capital District Girls Basketball League.

Albany, Averill Park, Bethlehem, Brunswick, Burnt Hills, Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Guilderland, Mohonasen, Niskayuna, North Colonie, Saratoga, Schalmont, Schenectady, Scotia, South Colonie

Rules and Requirements for Participating Organizations

Below are the rules and guidelines required for participation in the Capital District Girls Basketbal League (CDGBL). Failure to comply with any of the following rules and/or guidelines may be subject to penalty - up to and including removal from the league. 

Club/Team Registration Fee: October 1st
Insurance Certificate: October 1st
Gym Time/Dates for Scheduling: October 1st
Final Rosters: October 31st

1. Coaches, Player and Spectator/Parent Decorum and Obligations:

  1. Coaches/Players. A coach/player ejected from a game as a result of two (2) technical fouls or other reason shall be suspended for the next league game. A combination of two (2) or more technicals fouls throughout the season will also result in suspension of the game following the 2nd technical foul.  Any player/coach that receives a 3rd technical foul at any point in the season will be suspended indefiniately and further actions will be reviewed by the board.  All technical fouls and/or ejections must be reported to the President. The CDGBL will also request a referee report for each incident.
  2. Spectators/Parents: Spectators/Parents shall refrain from any conduct which ridicules a referee, league official, opposing player, team, or game itself. Negative comments will not be tolerated and could result in being asked to leave the premises.

CDGBL reserves the right to suspend/ban any Spectator, Parent, Player, Coach, Club Coordinator and League Commissioner/Administrator for behavior and actions that are detrimental to the well being of the League and its mission.

2. Rosters Requirements:

  1. Residency. Players may only play for the organization that represents the school district of the players primary residence. In cases where taxes are not paid to any school district (rent), a player's home address will be used to determine eligibility. Use of extended family or business addresses is forbidden. Violations of this rule will result in immediate penalty from the league up to and/or including dismissal from the CDGBL.
    EXCEPTION: A club may have ONE out-of-district player per team, as long as the player resides in a district not represented in the CDGBL and the club is the closest CDGBL participating organization to the player. Requests for additional non-district players must be formally requested through the league and are handled on a case-by-case and year-to-year manor.
  2. Age/Grade Limits. A Biddy Division player must not be over 12 years old prior to December 1st of the current year or be in a grade higher than sixth. A Junior Division player must not be over 14 years old prior to December 1st of the current year or in a grade higher than eighth.
  3. Rosters. Roster size is left up to the discretion of individual clubs. Players may not be rostered on more than one (1) team. A Biddy Division player can be moved up to the Junior Division at any time during the regular season, but will not be allowed to return to the Biddy Division.  Rosters with player name and uniform number may be distributed to each club for use of gameday verification.  The CDGBL may at anytime request from any organization proof of residency and age of any player if necessary.
    NOTE: Any player who participates on a school’s scholastic basketball program is still eligible to play in the CDGBL as long as she plays in 80% or more of her team’s league games during the regular season.
  4. Coaches. Head and assistant coaches are also to be listed when the rosters are submitted. These coaches are the only ones permitted to coach during a CDGBL scheduled game.
  5. Roster Submission. Rosters must be submitted to the league secretary by OCTOBER 31st.  Failure to comply with the above mentioned roster requirements during any league game will result in forfeiture of said game(s) and will result in immediate penalty from the CDGBL. 

3. League Requirements:

  1. Number of Teams: Each club must provide four (4) teams, one in each Biddy A, Biddy B, Junior B, and Junior A divisions.  Each club may in addition provide a 4th grade team. An organization's failure to field four (4) qualifying teams throughout the season may disqualify ALL its teams from participating in that season's playoffs and/or other penalties as determined by the league board.
  2. Entry Fees: Each organization will be required to pay a $450.00 entry fee by OCTOBER 1st. Failure to do so will not guarantee a spot for the upcoming season. Additionally, a $100 penalty will apply to those organizations who pay after the deadline. Fees not received by first league game will result in forfeiture of all games involving the club until fee is paid.
  3. Proof of Insurance: Each club must provide a valid Insurance Certificiate showing proof of insurance by OCTOBER 1st. No insurance = No games for any team representing that club and all games will be considered a forfeit until insurance is submitted.
  4. Facility Scheduling/Travel Information: By October 1st each club should submit their home court availability dates {High School size court}. Importantly, organizations should provide as many weekend dates as possible (minimum of 8 home dates) to enable the scheduler to perform this task efficiently. Saturday and/or Sunday dates are both encouraged. Once the schedule is considered final by the league, changes due to conflicts must be handled by individual organizations and not by the league scheduler. 
  5. Length of Season: The regular season generally begins on the first weekend in November and finishes the Sunday prior to the February vacation. Playoff games will start the week following the February vacation and conclude the first week in March.
  6. Uniforms: All players will have a numbered uniform (front & back). Each club must have alternate home/away uniform tops: Home (light colored) and Away (dark colored).
  7. Home Team Obligations/Management: The home team is responsible for providing a game ball, timekeepers, scorers, scoreboard and adequate seating. Referees (2 per game) will be scheduled by the league assignor. To avoid potential problems, it is recommended that adults (not children) perform the duties of scorekeepers and timekeepers. Teams should arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of any game so they have at least 10 minutes for stretching and warm-ups and are also ready should games be running early. The home team is responsible for informing the referees of any special game rules or time changes that may apply to their particular level of play.
  8. Game Coaches: Only head coach and TWO assistant coaches are allowed to sit on the bench with players during a game. Coaches must stay in the coaching box during the course of the contest. Coaches can confer with referees but only during time-outs or between halves. Such discussions shall be conducted professionally and in normal voices without gestures. Sportsmanship as defined by the NYSPHAA is in effect at all times. Positive encouragement of players from the sideline is acceptable but negative comments are strongly discouraged. Coaches must supervise and control the players on their team. In the event a coach is ejected from a game, it is to be reported to the league President, as soon as possible, by the Club Coordinator.
  9. Obligations Regarding Cancellations/Rescheduling of Games: If a specific game is mutually agreed to be rescheduled, a new time and place must be agreed to by both coaches. The home team coach must notify Steve Nault in order to secure referees. 
  10. Forfeiture Rule: If either team (home or visiting) does not show up for a scheduled league game, the offending team will automatically be assigned a loss (forfeiture). All forfeitures will be a score of 2-0. The team that is present is responsible to report this to the league record keeper. A maximum of a 30-minute grace period from the assigned start time is allowed before the forfeiture is official. Two teams can mutually agree to change a game time and/or location if both coaches agree. However, no home team coach is required to accept any changes by a visiting team coach. The league schedule must be adhered to with the home team as the prevailing determiner of a change in schedule. If a visiting team cannot make a league scheduled game and the home team cannot or will not get another acceptable gym time, the visiting team will forfeit the game. It is not incumbent on the home team to accept a reschedule proposed by a visiting team. The league does, however, encourage all clubs to maintain maximum flexibility in rescheduling games. Games postponed because of weather and no make up date can be agreed upon will be considered a tie. In the event a team does not show up, that club will be penalized the cost of the referee's and gym time used for that game slot.  
  11. Reporting Scores: Both clubs are required to report results of a contest within 48 hours to their CDGBL Division Coordinator. If the coach of the winning team fails to report the score, that team receives a forfeit and the losing team is credited with the win. In the event neither reports in, both teams are given a forfeit and will be considered a tie. 
  12. Admission Fee: For All CDGBL REGULAR and Playoff games are now set to be no greater than the following:
    • OFFICIALS FEE: $37.50 ($35 for 4th grade)
    • AGE 5 and under    free
    • Over Age 5       $2.00
    • Immediate Family: $5.00 (Player's Parents and Siblings only - maximum 5 people)

4. Game Rules:

  1. All games are played played using Section II high school rules. Modifications to any rules are noted in the game rules provided by the league.
  2. Variations to the games rules are not allowed.  Referees will enforce all game rules as noted.
  3. All courts must be regulation sized.  All courts must be marked with appropriate lines such as three point, foul line and boundries.  The reduced length foul lines for younger teams must also be marked.

5. Referees:

  1. All games are assigned referees by a league assignor.  All referees are board certified.  In the event of a game time, location or date change, the HOME club must contact the assignor AND President.   Assignor: Steve Nault (