Capital District Over 50 Softball League: Welcome

Who are we?

The Capital District Over 50 Softball League is a 501(c)(7) organization. 

Our purpose is to provide a social and recreational venue for softball players (male or female) who are over fifty (50) years of age and/or are eligible for our membership. We strive to promote the physical and recreational welfare of its members by providing an appropriate level of friendly, yet competitive, softball games that are:

  • played with special rules that are aimed at the avoidance of injury and promote full participation by all of the members;
  • played with the full participation of all members present at the games; and
  • played with the spirit of friendliness and good sportsmanship to promote camaraderie.

2016 is our eighth year of play. Our season usually runs from mid April through the end of August. Pitching is designed so all players can hit.  Fast pitching and lob pitching are not permitted. The season championship is determined through a single elimination tournament at the end of the year (see "My News Site" for details).

Games are played Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Corrections Academy on N. Scotland Ave. in Albany and at other local venues. All players are required to complete a registration and waiver form (see below).

Handout: Registration