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Capital City Basketball offers Men's & Women's recreational basketball leagues.


  • High, medium and low level leagues are offered weeknights at various PARD recreation centers.
  • 3 seasons (Fall, Spring, & Summer).
  • Teams are registered with the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF).
  • Teams compete under NCAA & TAAF rules and guidelines.
  • Minimum age to play is 16.
  • Women are allowed to play on men's teams.
  • Teams must be wearing identical colored jerseys with unique numbers.  Teams that do not fulfill this requirement will not be able to play during that game. Visiting teams will wear light colored shirts and the home team wil wear dark colored shirts.
  • Registration form can be found at the bottom of this page, and in the "handouts" section.
  • Please be aware, the winning team's manager is responsible for emailing the game score to:


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Contact Information

Ashley Wells


City of Austin-Athletics

515 S. Pleasant Valley

Austin, Texas 78741


Phone: 512.445.6003

Fax: 512.707.2486

MISSION:  The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide, protect and preserve a park system that promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the Austin community.

To report any park non-emergency issue call 311. All park emergencies call 911.

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). As an accredited agency, the department is proud to provide high quality recreation services and experiences.


The City of Austin is proud to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If you require special assistance for participation in our programs or use of our facilities please call 512-445-6003. 



Handout: 2011 Fall Registration Form