Cape Cod Waves: 2014 Fall Classic 11 Info

2014 Cape Cod Fall Classic 11

The Schedule for this weekends 11th Annual Cape Cod Fall Classic has been reposted Thursday 9:00PM with many minor changes. An email was sent to all coaches regarding the changes. It can be found by clicking on the bottom of this page. There are 2 tabs on the bottom of the Schedule Excel page. Both schedules are the same, but one is in black and white, the other is the changes in red. All Coaches, Players and Parents should recheck your teams game times. 



A few things before you download. We have 70 team registered and 63 of them came with scheduling requests, some with multiple. Requests do not always come in with the registration, they come from texts, emails, phone messages etc. I believe I got all the ones that I knew I had. I had program directors and coaches looking for requests right up until Wednesday afternoon. I do not want to make any changes at this point. This schedule has such a domino affect with any changes I try. Either this schedule was really challenging, or I am getting really old.

Coaches coaching multiple teams - Some of your other teams games may have bigger gaps between games. With other teams restrictions and your desire to get to all your games, this is what happens. What looks like an easy solution by moving up or down 1 hour, most likely has a ramification with another team(s). If I could have tightened up your game breaks, I would have.

We are using 6 courts, 3 in Bourne and 3 in Falmouth. I really hate to only use 6 courts with 70 teams, but it is all that was available to us on the Upper Cape. Thus it makes for long days on Saturday and Sunday. Please have your teams on time and ready to go at or before your scheduled time.


Thank you all and have a great weekend,



Handout: 2014 Fall Tournament Info