Cape Cod Waves: 2015 FALL GIRLS Teams Info

Times and Dates posted below


September 1st 2013 Starts the
2015-2016 AAU Season

Registration form can be found by clicking on the bottom of this page.
Please bring with you to the Try-Out. 

 We will have our try-outs/player evaluations for the Fall teams on Wednesday August 26th and Thursday August 27th.

Because of rising Gym costs, the Waves will be charging a tryout fee for only the 2nd time in 14 years. The fee will be $10 per player.

  Evaluations are at the Bourne Community Building  239 Main Street Buzzards Bay, MA. and Bourne Middle School 77 Waterhouse Road Bourne, MA

Dates and times are:

5th - 8th Graders  Wednesday August 26th 6PM - 7PM, Bourne Comm Bld
Make up Thursday August 27th at Bourne Middle School

High School Players  Wednesday August 26th 7PM - 8PM Bourne Comm Bld
Make Up Thursday August 27th at the Bourne Middle School

Read below for more program information

                This Following will cover an introduction,  Cost per player and Committment. 


   The Cape Cod Waves Girls Basketball program is entering its 14th season and has established themselves as one of the Premier Girls A.A.U. Basketball program on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our Teams have made an impact on the Massachusetts State Division 1 & 2 Levels and the National level as detailed on our Home Page.
     We play in tournaments throughout Mass and New England to introduce a higher competitive level of basketball to our girls. Some of our teams even travel throughout the Country on the National level as well. We will also host 4 tournaments on the Cape annually that allows us the opportunity to play home games, with our tournaments drawing the some of finest competitive teams coming here to the Cape.
    Our program is instructive,  organized and passionate to the development of all our players and the opportunities we present. The coaches are experienced and quaified and have a love for the game and teaching it to our players. We also run various skills clinics throughout the year for girls to improve their game.
There are other AAU program options out there that will make many guarantees and promises. Be carefull on choosing the right Team for your daughters AAU experience. You should not choose a programs name, but a Coach of a Team that can best improve your daughters skill set to become a better Team Player. Many coaches and programs have agendas that are not upfront.  
    We will be offering alot more this upcoming 2015-16 sesaon for an opportunity to be part of the Cape Cod Waves Girls Basketball Program, so please check back for updates. I look forward to having you be part of the Cape Cod Waves Girls Basketball experience and all that it has to offer.

Mike Tierney
Program Director
781-405-5746 or  


If you are interested in any of our teams, please contact us at and I will forward the email to the Coach. Or call Mike Tierney at 781-405-5746 



FALL SEASON: The Fall cost is considerably less than the Spring season. Teams can expect to pay anywhere from $200 - $375 per player, which will include 4-6 tournaments. It also depends on how many tournaments each team decides to play in and if player needs a uniform.  

SPRING SEASON: The Individual player cost will vary depending upon the team on which she plays. A Player could be paying $300 to $600 for the entire Spring Season which runs April through June. AAU membership, Insurance, Cape Cod Waves membership, Uniforms, Team equipment, coaches salaries (if applicable), gym rentals (if necessary) are included in fees charged. 
Tournaments are the biggest cost variable in determining the the total cost. We host 3 tournaments at no charge to our teams, though we will require the players and/or parents to work a couple of hours at each tournament. The team will decide which and how many other tournaments they will play in. Our younger teams (5th -6th grade) and B, or 2nd Teams, will usually play in anywhere from 3 to 5 more tournaments plus our 3. Those teams may expect to pay around $300 - $350 per player (less if a player has a uniform). 
Our 7th Grade through High School teams A Teams would play in maybe as many as 10 more tournaments, bringing the cost per player closer to the $500 amount.


FALL: The Fall season is a lower impact season than the Spring. The Fall is strictly for the preparation to get in basketball shape and hone your game to help you get ready for your Travel, Middle or High School Teams. Teams will only practice once a week and play in 2 to 5 tournaments from the last weekend in September to the 3rd weekend in November. We will host 1 of those tournaments.

SPRING: Teams will start practicining in the begining of April (maybe mid to late March) and will go 1 or 2 times a week depending on the coach. All practices will be on the weeknights with tournament games on the weekend. Tournaments are usually 4 games per weekend, 2 per day. School work, Religious commitments and Middle/High School Sports take priority over any Cape Cod Waves activities. 2nd sport/activities commitments can usualy be worked out with the coach or the Cape Cod Waves director.

We will never ask you to quit any other commitment for the Waves. We understand the the AAU basketball season is OFF basketball season and runs along other in season sports such as Softball, Soccer and Lacrosse. We also understand that our players are talented athletes that play more than one sport, which we encourage. The purpose of playing AAU Basketball is to help you be a better player for your Travel, Middle or High School Basketball Team.           


Handout: Waves Player Registration Form