Canyon Baseball Association: Welcome

Canyon Baseball Association is a youth recreational baseball league available to kids age 5-15 in the Canyon, TX area. We have served Canyon for more than 40 years, and now our league is open to kids throughout the Amarillo area.

Friday, February 9
Registration is now Open!

Thank you for being patient with us! You can now go to:

to register your players online!  Please do not hit the Green Button at the top of this page!

If you have not set up an SI Play account, you will need to do so. The whole process, from setting up an account to registering your player takes 5-10 minutes. Also, be sure to download the SI Play app when you are done creating an account for yourself. This app will be a valuable tool for all of us. It will have your players' game schedules and an important updates in regards to games. In short, it is a great tool for communication. All online registrations will be paid by credit card.

We will also take registrations at Happy State Bank on Saturday, Feb. 17th from noon - 3:00 p.m. While you are there, we will set you up with an SI Play account as well. Registrations at Happy State Bank will be able to pay by check, cash or credit card.

If this is the first time that you have played with CBA, please bring your players' birth certificate (it can be a copy of it). If you have played with us, then your player has already been age verified, so no need to bring the birth certificate.

If you have any questions, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let's Play Ball!!! CBA Board

Friday, February 2
2018 Bat Regulations

2018 Bat Rule Changes

Cal Ripken Baseball Division - All non-wood bats must have USABat Marking. Barrel Maximum 2 5/8". No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division.


Babe Ruth 13-15 Division - All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking or marked BBCOR .50. Bat Barrel - 2 5/8".

Note: Solid one piece wood bats are permitted for use in all divisions and must conform to Rule 1.10. No laminated or experimental bats shall be used in a game. Tampering or altering bats may violate certain federal and state laws and voids the USA Baseball certification, as well as all manufacturer warranties. Rolling is considered tampering and would void the bat’s certification and make it illegal for play.

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