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Volleyball Prospects
This site has been developed to promote female volleyball players for post secondary opportunities.

Post Secondary Info
For those so inclined...check out the post-secondary oppurtunities that await you for when you are done high school...

Post Secondary Schools in Canada
Check out the links to get in-depth information on all universities and colleges in Canada.   You can also search our database of US universities and colleges.   

Canadian School Finder
Find information on more than 1,400 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada, including admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details. View interactive virtual campus e-Tours™. Search by keyword for programs, schools, careers and scholarships. Use the powerful advanced search for Canadian schools and scholarships to get customized results. Get recruited by a university, college or career college using Recruit Me!™ - request information with the click of a mouse!

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada is the voice of Canada's universities. We represent 92 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and university-degree level colleges.

Since 1911, we have provided strong and effective representation for our members, in Canada and abroad. Our mandate is to facilitate the development of public policy on higher education and to encourage cooperation among universities and governments, industry, communities, and institutions in other countries.

We provide services to member universities in three main areas:

public policy and advocacy
communications, research and information-sharing
scholarships and international programs
For more information download our corporate brochure (pdf)

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
350 Albert Street, suite 600
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B1
Tel: (613) 563-1236
Fax: (613) 563-9745

Canadian Colleges Athletic Association
Looking for information on 100 Canadian colleges and their athletic programs? This is the place.

The CCAA is the sole coordinating body for college sport in Canada, providing leadership, programs and services that foster student-athlete development through intercollegiate sport. Interprovincial competition was initiated in 1971 when colleges in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba formed the 4-West Championships for competition in seven sports. In 1972, Quebec and Ontario initiated similar interprovincial competitions. In 1974, the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association was founded and in 1979, the CCAA established a national office.

The CCAA caters to 9000 intercollegiate athletes over 700 coaches and more than 150 sport administrators. The CCAA is the largest intercollegiate sport organization in Canada with 100 member institutions representing 5 regional athletic conferences:

The Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association (ACAA)
    representing colleges and universities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
The Quebec Student Sports Federation (QSSF)
    representing colleges, universities and high schools in Quebec
The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA)
    comprised of colleges in Ontario
The Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC)
    comprised of colleges in Alberta and Saskatchewan
The British Columbia Colleges Athletic Association (BCCAA)
    representing colleges in British Columbia

Canadian Interuniversity Sport
Canadian university sport is an experience of a lifetime! Not only will student-athletes earn a degree, they will develop skills in addition to gaining an experience that will last forever!
What do we offer?

Quality Programming
National Exposure
Awards and Honours
Financial Assistance to Student-Athletes
Quality Coaching
Quality Services
The Best Facilities in Canada

Alberta Learning Information Service
Opportunity starts here!   
Welcome to Alberta's leading on-line source for career, learning and employment information. Here you'll find the resources you need to start making the most of your future.

Get Recruited by Colleges & Universities
Every year, hundreds of thousands of students are looking for, and hoping to gain admission to, the "right" colleges, universities, graduate schools, and professional schools. Similarly, thousands of colleges, universities, graduate schools, and professional schools are looking for the "right" students. And, while many students are seeking scholarships and financial aid, colleges, universities, and graduate schools want to allocate their scholarships, grants, teaching assistantships and other financial aid resources fairly and wisely.

The Ten Toughest Schools to Get Into
Something a little different...for those interested in post secondary on...check it out....

The prestigious schools listed here admit only top-of-the-line students, the cream of the academic crop. Here's what to expect if you have what it takes to gain entrance to their hallowed halls:

The Best 357 College Rankings in the USA for 2004

Again, for those wishing to check out some post-secondary on....
Complete List of the Best 357 Colleges

You'll find all of the colleges profiled in The Best 357 Colleges listed below. Not all of the colleges profiled in The Best 357 Colleges appear in our rankings, however. If you want to research any schools that aren't on any of our lists, you'll find this especially helpful.

NCAA Student Athlete Eligibility and Recruiting
Frequently-Asked Questions
Differences Between Divisions                                             
Eligibility Reinstatement                                             
Redshirts/Age Limits/Graduate Participation                                             
Foreign Students                        
Recruiting Services
Home Schooling                                             
Initial Eligibility                                             
National Letter of Intent/Financial Aid                                             
Recruiting Definitions                                             
Students With Disabilities                                             
Recruiting Calendars                     
Amateur Sports Clubs

About 'SAT' Testing
Learn more about the SAT, register online, and get the latest information about the SAT Program.

New SAT info...
The internet's first source for absolutely free test preparation.

College Board
Connect to college success...prepare for the new SAT test, arrange to write one...all info applying to SAT writing.

SAT Preparation Center
Practice Questions Go Free
Review questions and explanations, including a full-length test.

Mini-SAT Go Free
Download the Mini-SAT and take a 68-question timed test with real SAT test questions. More Info

NCAA Clearing House
As a prospective student-athlete at a Division I or II institution, you have certain responsibilities to attend to before you may participate. Information concerning who needs to register with the Clearinghouse and what documents should be submitted can be found in The Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes (see General Information Menu).