SMASH: Volleyball Camps

Summer Volleyball Camps
Seems like a long ways away to be thinking about summer 2007 volleyball camps already, but many of the camps fill up quite early. The following articles describe the various camps with website links.

The Volleydome runs a series of 1/2 day camps through the summer, which are good. Many of the girls have attended the Dinos Volleyball Camp, which is quite good. In addition, some Canucks girls have gone to the Jasper Volleyball Camp and the Positions Camp in the past and have enjoyed them. If you know of any other camps or have any recommendations/comments, please let me know: Dale Struksnes

Summer Volleyball Camps Summary
The following is a summary of various volleyball camps that are available this summer. Check out the Volleyball Camps subsection of this website for full details of website links, hours, costs, registration forms, etc.

Dinos Camp: July 30-August 3 Jr & Sr High; August 7-10 Jr High; August 13-17 Sr High
Volleyball Position Camp: July 2-6; July 9-13
Volleydome: Numerous camps, check website (
Jasper: 15 & under July 1-6; 15 & 16 year olds July 8-13; 16-18 year olds July 15-20
Sylvan Lake: July 29 - August 3
Mount Royal College: Jr High & Sr High Late August TBA
SAIT: Jr High August 7-10; Sr High August 13-17
Rally Pointe: Numerous camps, check website
Camp West: Typically Jr High & Sr High Late August TBA
Phoenix Volleyball (Springbank): TBA

Dinos 2007 Volleyball Camps
Dinos Camp is well attended, and many Canuck girls have been to this camp. Dinos players like Amanda Moppett and Joanna Niemczewska have taught at this camp - very good quality.

July 30 - August 3 Jr & Sr High $250
August 7-10 Jr High $220
August 13-17 Sr High $250
Hours 9 to 4 daily.

Call 220-7749 to register.

Volleyball Position Camp
This camp is run at Strathcona Tweedsmuir school. This camp has highly trained instructors (ex national team members, etc) and breaks the camp down into position specific instruction.
In order to support the low coach to player ratios, exceptional quality of instructors and commitment of the coaches to come to Calgary, this camp cannot be in the same cost category as your traditional and general skills camp.

Camps will be:
Camp # 1 - Monday July 2 to Friday July 6, 2007
Camp # 2 - Monday July 9 to Friday July 13, 2007
Camps are filling up quickly!

Cost: $435/week + gst
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30

Canuck/Volleydome Camps 2007
The Volleydome has been successfully running 1/2 day volleyball camps in Calgary for 11 years now. The camps are designed to be fun and teach as much as possible in 3 hours a day instead of full day camps where the athletes are sometimes exhausted by the 3rd day of camp. For more information go to the Volleydome website. Call 284-DOME (3663)

This year we are adding Beach Volleyball Camps which will be run mostly on the outdoor beach courts depending somewhat upon weather.

To print the 2007 registration package please view the PDF by Clicking Here.

Born in 1995-97 Beginner Boys & Girls
July 3 - 6             1 - 4 pm      $75.00
July 16-20       BEACH 1 - 4 pm      $90.00
Aug 7 - 10             1 - 4 pm      $75.00
Aug 20 - 24             9 - noon      $90.00

Born in 1994 or 95 Boys & Girls
July 9 - 13             1 - 4 pm      $90.00
July 16-20       BEACH 1 - 4 pm      $90.00
July 30 - Aug. 3       1 - 4 pm      $90.00
Aug 13 - 17             9 - noon      $90.00
Aug 20 - 24             1 - 4 pm      $90.00
Aug 27 - 31             1 - 4 pm      $90.00

Born in 1992 or 93 Boys & Girls
July 3 - 6      BEACH   1 - 4 pm      $80.00
July 16 - 20            9 - noon      $95.00
July 23 - 27            1 - 4 pm      $95.00
Aug. 7 - 10            9 - noon      $80.00
Aug 13 - 17             1 - 4 pm      $95.00
Aug 27 - 31             9 - noon      $95.00

Born in 1990 or 91 with High School Experience
    or 92's with Club Experience - Boys & Girls   
Club style evening practices and training.
Aug 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 30    6:00 - 8:30      $100.00

Camp Athletes Will Receive

Camp t-shirt

Excellent Coaching on Volleydome courts

Monday, February 19
Volleyball Academy SPRING 2007 (Grades 5-9)
Volleyball Academy was introduced by the Volleydome in the fall of 2004 and became an overnight success. Volleyball Academy is a feeder and development program for young volleyball athletes aspiring to enter junior high school teams and then later club team programs such as Canuck Stuff.

Download the Spring Registration Form Here
Registration: Please mail, fax or drop off your registrations at the Volleydome.

Volleyball Academy - Spring 2007

Student Lead Demonstrations
Test on Terminology & History of Volleyball
Test on Volleyball Rules
Sunday Tournament Style Play Days

Volleyball Academy will be structured to teach all of the basic fundamental skills appropriate for each age level. Groups will be separated by grade/skill level and will each have their own experienced club coaches. Boys & girls will train together. The program runs 5 weeks and the 10 sessions will run twice each week. Entry fee is $100 and includes a Volleyball Academy Graduation t-shirt.
Fall Session Dates:
Group A: Grade 8-9 - Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:30 Sundays 1:30 - 3:00 May 22 - June 24
Group B: Grade 5-7 - Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:30 Sundays 3:00 - 4:30 May 23 - June 24
Group C: Grade 8-9 - Thursdays 5:00 - 6:30 Sundays 4:30 - 6:00 May 24 - June 24

Jasper Camp
These camps are run by Alberta Volleyball. Jasper is supposed to be a very good quality camp.

Jasper and Sylvan Lake Volleyball camps are now available for registration. Please note the camp dates and age categories for this summer's camps.

13 - 15 year olds (born in 1992/93/94): July 1 - July 6

15 & 16 year olds (born in 1991/92): July 8 – 13

16 - 18 year olds (born 1989 to 1991): July 15 – 20

Day Camper - $265.00
Live-in Camper - $425.00

Sylvan Lake Camp
Sylvan Lake camp is done on the beach.

2007 Camp Dates:

13 - 18 year olds (born in 1989 to 1994)
July 29 - August 3, 2007

Day Camper - $265.00
Live-in Camper - $425.00

Mount Royal College Camps 2007
Mount Royal College is conducting two summer camps in 2007:

Junior High Camp August 27-31 1-4 pm Cost $175

Senior High Position Camp August 26-30 6-9 pm Cost $200

Click on the headline link above to be taken to details and registration form.

SAIT Volleyball Camp
More of a general focus (camp goes swimming every afternoon for an hour).
Grades 10-12 August 13-17, 2007 $220
Grades 7-9   August 7-10, 2007   $180

For more camp registration information contact (403)210-4130.

Camp West Volleyball Camp 2006
Email Barry Yee for further information.

Camp West is focussed on helping athletes prepare for the tryouts at their individual schools. Coach athlete ratio last year of 1:8. Camp coordinator/coach is Barry Yee, who has had extensive club, collegiate and university volleyball coaching experience.

Jr High Aug 15-19 9:00 to 12:30 pm
Sr High Aug 15-19 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Sr High Aug 22-26 5:00 to 8:00 pm

Cost: $110
Location: Masters Academy and College, 4414 Crowchild Trail S.W.

Note: 2007 Information not available yet

Handout: Camp West Description and Registration

Rally Pointe Camps
Rally Pointe runs a variety of camps through the summer. Check their website for details.
Rally Point Camp Dates:
2007 dates not yet released

Phoenix Volleyball - Camp run by Patti and Jason Crellin
Hello everyone,

As summer approaches we wanted to give you girls the heads up on a camp that Jason and I will be hosting at Springbank High School in August. All volleyball girls in Calgary and surrounding areas are welcome to attend. The details are as follows:

DATES: AUGUST 22 -26th, 2005      
COST: $125 (includes dryfit Tshirt)
PAYMENT: CASH, CHEQUE or Money Order payable to:
Patti & Jason Crellin
c/o Phoenix Volleyball
75 Tuscany Hill NW
Calgary, AB, T3L 2Z5

Patti & Jason Crellin
(403) 681-5045

JULY 30TH, 2005
If you and any other volleyball players trying out for your high school teams or other friends are interested you are encouraged to contact us as soon as you can. The camp will be targeted towards high performance athletes. Any bit of extra coaching and playing time you can get before tryouts in the fall is always beneficial. There are only 24 spots left in the camp for this year so email as soon as you can, we anticipate that it will be full by the start of July.         
If you have any questions call or email.


Patti & Jason Crellin

Impact Volleyball Spring and Summer Camps
Click on the website link to be taken to the Impact Volleyball Camp website. Historically the camp director, Gennie Tan, has run fall, winter and summer camps which were typically offered at either Cardel Place or Springbank High School. Future camps will be determined by level of interest.

Thursday, March 15
Canmore Volleyball Camp

Check out Canmore Volleyball Camp!  This is an outdoor camp set against the background of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta.  This camp is for boys and girls born from 1991-1994. 

The camp runs from July 22-27.  Athletes have the option of participating as a live-in (accommodations and meals provided) or day camper.  For more information, and to register, check out
For any questions, please email

Monday, February 19
Individual Instruction
Both the Volleydome and Rally Pointe have excellent instructors for individualized instruction. Rates are typically charged on an hourly basis. Contact either the Volleydome or Rally Pointe for further details.