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SMASH Team Website Started
We've started this website to provide information for the team during the season. If you have any ideas/contributions, please pass them on and we'll incorporate them into the site. Email me at: Dale Struksnes . If you have questions for coach Tina Lu you can email her at: Tina Lu or for coach Al Coulter you can email him at: Al Coulter

Volleyball Check List and Goals for Practices and Games
Click on the heading to see a check list and goals for practices and games.

Informal Fun Practices at Fifth Avenue Club
For any girls who are interested occasionally we will be having an informal fun practice at the Fifth Avenue Club. Address is +15 level, 715-5th Avenue S.W. The office building is closed on the weekends, so you have to phone up to the club to have someone let you in. Club number is 543-4747. Alternatively it may be best for people to carpool (ie from the Volleydome).

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