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11th Marines Football "Show NO Mercy"

Posted for the end of the 2005 Season...


H&S MCB wins another title!!! I can see the headline, the same one that has ran for the last four-years as these guys have won championships. Did they earn it this time against a worthy opponent, no I don't think so. It is amazing to me how much that team is played up to be unstoppable whether it be in the paper or by word of mouth. Every game that Base won was always a front page story but when base lost to 11th Marines all of a sudden that is a 2nd page article with only references to Base and kind of short. Why is it that in the paper after the play-off game against SOI Base has front page coverage with two picture of their guys scoring TD's and then for our shot story, out of all the pictures you took you put one of our QB being sacked? Biased? Maybe. Then at the bottom of the second page you talk about how many points Base has scored and how many we have scored. Did you ever think that the teams they play aren't as strong and by no means have a stifling defense as good as ours. If they can score so many points why is it that against us they could only muster 9 points.

Why is that all of our games this year went unnoticed except for the one that we lost to ESB in which the whole story was playing us down. Does everyone forget who we are? Now we were disqualified from playing Base in the title game that we were picked to lose anyway on a rule that most don't even know, which is also a problem. I don't even think that the officials know the rules because every game is different, they don't bother to talk with the coaches after a penalty or least not to me. It is so impossible for these guys to call a good game when we are on the field, every game I have ever coached for this team we always have to have at least a touchdown or two called back amongst other things. If its not one thing its another. Am I bitter? You damn right I am, my first year in the title game and through out the season I figured ok maybe it was just bad luck, the second year in the title game I started to wonder if we were being treated fairly and after this year and last year there is just no way that its all bad luck. That doesn't happen like that four years in a row so you tell me, what would you be thinking if you were me?

I don't know if it was Base's idea to tell the coach from SOI or if it was his own idea to do it. It doesn't really matter because the bottom line is that we are better then both of those teams.
They can say what they want but did either of them beat us....nope. Deep down in their hearts I hope that Base knows that they got away with another one this year and they didn't play the only team that can beat them, and I hope SOI feels like they accomplished something from their dismal 6-5 year by sliding into our spot. I cant believe that my players were denied to play this game over something so stupid and that had no outcome of our game with SOI, but hey I guess you do what you have to do to make yourself feel like you accomplished something.

Its really a stupid issue and such rules should be printed out and given to players, coaches and units so they know what they can and can not do. I don't know of any such rule book so perhaps the guys at Intramural Sports should do a better job of getting that info out there if such a rulebook exists, they should forward a courtesy copy to the officials as well. We put up with watching MAG-39/ MCB stack their teams to play us, taking players from other teams and getting away with it, how many times have we bit our tongues while other teams broke rules with players all because we just wanted to play.

Now we unknowingly break a rule that we were unaware of and we get hammered for it, go figure. I have never been apart of such a political sports program in my life. I still fail to understand what everyone's problem is with us, why are we played down, what is the deal? Anyway you all have succeeded, your boys won the title again and you managed to kick down our players and our team for another year, I hope you feel better when you sleep at night knowing you treated; not just a player or coach; but another Marine unfairly.

Congrats to Base and good luck in the Best of the West, and one thing to the person who cried to the Athletic Director because they couldn't beat or because they already lost to us here's a little quote that you should remember....

"How a man plays the game shows something of his character; how he loses shows all of it."

Jake Puda
"Leadership, like coaching, is fighting for the hearts and souls of men and getting them to believe in you."