Canfield Hockey: Welcome

Tuesday, October 6
Welcome to Canfield Hockey

Canfield Hockey was placed in the White South Division for 2017/2018 season along with Benedictine, Brecksville, Chagrin Falls, NDCL, and Orange.  

UPCOMING EVENTS: 12/2/2017, Home Opener vs. Orange 5:00pm at The Ice Zone
Hockey Board Members Elected for 2017-18 season:
President:  Jessica Russell
Vice President:  Kathy Epp
Treasurer:  Lisa Hepola
Secretary: TJ Dapolito

Hockey at Canfield... A Proud Tradition
      The Canfield Cardinals Varsity hockey is in its 17th year as a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The Cardinals compete in the Greater Cleveland High School Hockey League (Blue North Division).
      The team has been in existence since 1997 when Dave DeJoe became the first head coach of the "club" team. In 2000-2001 the team was a provisional member of the GCHSHL and eligible for the state playoffs. Joe Villano followed Dave DeJoe as head coach and remained until the 2006-07 campaign. The team's third head coach was Randy Emery for 7 years.  Chris Richards now starts his fourth season as Canfield's head coach and is assisted by Joe Villano.
     Coach Richards took the reigns after long and impressive playing career. After playing 4 years at Ohio State, Coach Richards played professional hockey for 11 years in the CHL. His coaching style is based on hard work and discipline. Canfield hockey has a bright future under his leadership.
     The Canfield Varsity hockey team is self supported and operate through funds raised by the Canfield Hockey Boosters.  

ALL Time Records:

97-98   8-0-1  (Club Team)                            07-08  7-16-4 (2-8) (Blue South)

98-99   8-8-1  (Club Team)                            08-09  11-15-0 (3-7) (Blue South)

99-00   16-6-1 (Club Team)                            09-10  7-18-0 (1-9) (Blue South)  

00-01    3-14-1 (State Eliglible OHSAA)        10-11  9-19-1 (4-7-1) (Blue South)

01-02   10-13-1 (5-7) (Blue East GCHSHL)     11-12  5-21-0 (2-10) (Blue East)

02-03   3-15-2  (2-8-1) (Blue NE)                  12-13  3-19-0 (3-10) (Blue Central East)

03-04   8-14-1 (4-8) (Blue NE)                       13-14  3-14-0 (1-9) (Blue East)

04-05  6-14-2  (2-9-1) (Blue NE)                    14-15  10-10-0 (8-6) (Blue East) 

05-06  8-14-2 (2-9-1) (Blue East)         15-16  15-5-1 (13-2-1) (Blue North)  

06-07 13-10-1 (6-6) (Blue East)              16-17  8-11-0 (2-8-0) White South