Camping Committee: Vehicular Camping

1999 Vehicular Camping
Monday, March 14

Vehicular Camping
Vehicular Camping Division of the Camping Committee is run by Steve Gregg. Steve along with his right hand man Mike Belgie and their volunteers shoe horn every possible Camper, Pop Up and other uniquely Folk Fest type of camping vehicle into the Campground that wants to be there. If they want to stay on the Triangele, they do that to!

All camping vehicles must be securely chocked - no if and or butts.

Any campers bringing in Propane tanks for cooking or heat have them checked and cerified prior to arrival on site;

Any Vehicular Camping vehicles have both a working fire extinguisher and working smoke detector in their vehicle while they are on site.
The check and certification can be done anywhere propane is actually sold, and not just exchanged. The second are relatively inexpensive and can be found anywhere hardware is sold. They do make models specifically for RV's, but any kind will do.