Camping Committee: Prefest

Monday, March 14

Prefest Division
The Prefest Division of the Camping Committee rests in the very capable hands of Mike "The Brow" Duffy and Barb Johnson    They and their merry band of ne'er-do-wells, along with the assistance by the Groundz Committee, set up the physical site of the Folk Fest Campground! Then they cart off and put away what is left of our stuff when it's all over!

Sunday, July 15
Prefest Handouts Are Posted on Handouts Page...

Maureen has kindly provided all the pertinent info needed for this year's Prefest.  If you click on the Handouts page, you will find there:

2012 Gate Keeper and Office Schedule
Camping Committee Tee Shirt

Prefest Camping Food Deal

Happy trails!