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Sunday, August 13
Campground Rules and Regulations



  • This gate exists to provide service to the campground as well as access for any Emergency vehicles.

  • As such, there is NO parking permitted for any length of time.

  • Shuttle service from adjacent lots will be provided to get you and your gear to your site.

The vehicular camping gate (within the Main Camping Gate) will open for arrivals at no later than 11:00 AM Thursday.

Staging will occur in the Wofford Lot. Please follow the instructions of the Parking Committee volunteers and do not arrive early as all lots will be closed prior to 10 AM Thursday.

In the interest of safety, vehicular camping does not operate under the cover of darkness, please schedule your arrival and departures accordingly.

Vehicles will be parked on a first come, first served basis. Due to space constraints it is not possible to "save a spot" for a friend. So plan to arrive as a group if that is how you want to be parked.

Be advised that once parked you will most likely be "blocked in" until Monday morning.

VC volunteers will make every effort for those that choose to leave the site on Sunday evening. We only ask that vehicles be parked before sunset in adjacent lots if you choose to enjoy the Sunday evening concert.


The festival's sanitation contractor will relieve black water tanks on site for a nominal fee and set up in an adjacent lot for the same on Monday morning.

(ask a volunteer for more details)


TENTS (other than standard awnings) ARE PROHIBITED IN HEAVY CAMPING



Please make every effort to leave only a tire print on your site!  Realize that every broken chair or other debris becomes an expense for the Folksong Society as well as an eyesore on the farm!

The vehicular Camping space is limited to approved camping vehicles such as: motor homes, travel trailers, pop-ups and self-contained RV's.

Prohibited Vehicles include:

  • Any vehicle with less than 7 feet of clear enclosed space behind the drivers seat

  • Motorcycles

  • Open pick up trucks

  • Standard cars and station wagons

  • SUV's

  • Tow vehicles

***Vehicles used to tow in trailers will need to be unloaded expediently and park in an ancillary lot due to space constraints.

****The purchase of an additional "Vehicular Camping ticket" will not permit the inclusion of a tow vehicle on site for the duration of the festival and such determinations will be made by VC volunteers as space permits

Numerous volunteers will be available during the entry and exit process to guide you safely in the field.

(look for the blue shirts)

Thanks for your patronage and have a great festival!

Tent Camping

  • Tents only. No vehicular camping

  • No reserved camping. No marking of camp sites before the arrival of campers.

  • Please keep site size to a minimum

  • Part of our tent camping area has been designated as “quieter camping.” Anyone who camps in this area is expected to be considerate of their neighbor’s desire for relative quiet.

  • To allow for emergency vehicle access, DO NOT camp within 20 ft. of a fence line or in any marked pathway.

Tickets & Camper’s I.D.

An “All Festival with Camping” ticket is required in order to camp in the campgrounds. “All Festival with Camping” ticket holders will be given a wristband. The wristband allows you access to the campground and MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Your wristband is also required for access to the concert area.  If you lose it bring your proof of purchase and ID to the Tickets Booth outside of Camping or on Concert side of grounds.

Weekend Parking

Weekend Parking is available for all camping customers with valid All-Festival Tickets. Please follow signs for designated lots once you arrive at the festival site.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking in the campground is available by Festival Handicapped Permit only. You must contact us in advance of Fest, prior to arrival.  Call 215-247-1300 for details.

Shuttle Service

To assist you with bringing your gear in and out of the campground, we provide an equipment-only shuttle. The DOT trucks runs from a marked point in the weekend parking lots to the Camping Gate on Thursday and Friday and from the Camping Gate to the weekend parking lots on Sunday. The shuttle schedule is posted at the camping office and the pick-up point. Passengers cannot ride on the shuttle.

Although we make every effort to provide this service, we reserve the right to cancel at any time due to weather, field or other conditions. The Philadelphia Folk Song Society or Folk Festival is not responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen while on the shuttle or at either drop off point.

Folk Festival and Campground Rules

The Philadelphia Folk Festival is a family event. For the enjoyment of everyone, we ask that these general rules be followed:

  • No drumming that carries beyond your campsite. No tall,  Conga style drums, etc.

  • No one under the age of 18 may camp unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

  • NO alcohol or illegal drugs

  • NO firearms

  • NO fireworks

  • NO pets or animals

  • NO percussion instruments

  • NO generators except factory installed units in RV’s etc which may be operated between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

  • No generators in tent camping

  • NO excessive noise, especially between 1:00 AM and 8:00 AM, such as, but not limited to: music or any electronically amplified sound from a radio, CD player, Ipod, tape recorder, musical instrument or similar device.

  • NO portable pressurized tanks except factory approved propane containers up to 35lbs.

  • NO solicitation, selling of goods, services, crafts or any item without a Festival Permit.

  • NO bathing, shampooing hair or washing dishes at the water faucets.

  • NO drumming on or defacing any festival or vendor equipment specifically, but not limited to, dumpsters, buildings or toilets.

  • NO interior household furnishings. Lawn or patio furniture only.

Violators of the above rules are subject to removal from the Festival.



Thursday, July 20
New This Year
Latest Stuff

Volunteers no longer need to be members of the Philadelphia Folksong Society.   If you are planning to volunteer please register as soon as possible at:

I will be notified of your registration and if we want you back a notification will go out to you as to the next step in the volunteering process.   There is no monies needing to be paid in the first registration step, just fill out the form.

I sent an email to Camping Volunteers inviting them back to volunteer for the Camping Committee for the 56th Annual Fest. If you received that email please reply back to it with YES, N0 or NEXT YEAR (to keep you on the mailing list).  If you see your Camping Committee friends remind them to look for this email from me and reply back. If they didn't get it have them email me at as we know email addresses are like... like... well they change.

So again if you didn't get your email or it went to some email account you never check, shoot me an email at with the appropriate entry in the Subject line. I need this by 5/14/2016. If I don't get yours we will go with the number we have in our database.

Finally, the Volunteer Fee for this year will be $55.00. For any volunteer who is also a full voting member of PFS, the volunteer fee will be $40.00. We hope to have volunteer registration open by June 1. The Vehicular Camping Fee for volunteers is $75, regardless of size of vehicle.  The On-site Parking Fee is $25.

 Thank you,
Pete Schechner
Co-Chairman, Camping
Craige Keith
Co-Chairman, Camping

Thursday, July 20
Camping Committee On-Line Registration is up...woohoo!!!

Our on-line Registration website is up and running.

Anyone returning for 2017 should have received an email from Pete Schechner with a link to your account in the top of it.  Just click it to log in tour website and let us know if you are coming or not.  While you are in there also update any contact/address/phone/email address information that may have changed.

Or you can just reply back to the email from Pete with YES, REMOVE or NEXT YEAR in the subject line.  If you never got an email contact us at with your name prominently in the email and YES next to it or NEXT YEAR so we can flag you for next year. 

Please note that Camping does not accept walk up volunteers at Fest, so have your friends coming for the first time register with us as soon as they know they are coming (see below).

All new volunteers click on the blue image below as well to get to let us know you want to register. We will need your address, date of birth and a phone number you can be reached at, home and cell if different.  If you have questions about volunteering emailing us is the way to go:  and someone will get back to you. 

All returning Camping volunteers should go to the Folk Fest website as well to register as volunteers.  Just click on: 

Thank you,
Pete Schechner
Co-Chairman, Camping
Craige Keith
Co-Chairman, Camping


On-line Registration

Thursday, July 23
Awesome Fest Videos

Have come across some really cool videos of the Festival, including the Campground.  Some awesome work by the videographer, if that is what the artist is described.

Click on the link:

Also have this slightly shorter video: 

These really bring home the magical and wonderfull, and occasionally crazy event that is the Philadelphia Folk Festival and the Campground that it has along with it.

Just a note on some of the images contained in the videos. While we all enjoy the simple beauty and grace of the Chinese (Floating or Sky) Lanterns; they are serious hazards and are BANNED from being launched anywhere on the Festival grounds. Anyone caught with them may be removed from the Festival. Last year, they nearly set a nearby barn on fire, lit one's landed on a booth in the crafts area and a camper in heavy camping, several were found next to cars in the parking lot. Just imagine what might happen if they set the grass on fire in parking or camping... Even if the paper degrades quickly, the wire frames do not and can cause extensive damage to farm equipment, or harm animals grazing. One bad incident and the resultng insurance claim WILL be the end of our Festival. Don't let it happen. Simply put: Just don't bring them, and if you see anyone trying to launch one stop them. Spread the word...."