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Camp Hill Little League  P.O. Box 314 Camp Hill PA, 17011  

 (Serving our community since 1948)  




It has been our approach in Camp Hill Little League Baseball, to field T Ball teams of players ages 5 and 6, coach pitch for ages 7 and 8, minors for 9 and 10 and majors for ages 11 and 12. Based on ability there have been a few 8 year olds in the minors and 10 year olds in the majors. The Little League Rule Book classifications differ somewhat from our past approach. Little League defines Tee Ball as ages 5 to 7, minors-including coach pitch –as ages 7 to 11 and majors as ages 9 to 12. Under certain circumstances registered 12 year olds may participate in the minors. For the 2015 season our players will be chosen, within Little League guidelines, at each level based on their ability and within the defined age ranges. This will mean it will no longer be automatic for a Camp Hill 11-year- old to be in the majors if that player’s development could be enhanced by more playing time and success in the minors. Accordingly, it is possible that talented 10 –year-olds could be on a major league team while some 11-year-olds will continue playing in the minors. As always, no players will be cut from our program—every youngster who is interested in playing will definitely be on a team. The change in our approach, beginning with the 2015 season, is based on our view that it will better serve individuals and teams to place players according to ability rather than age-only. The proposed change will be on the agenda at our board meeting on Sunday December 14 at 7 P.M in the Fiala Building. Feel free to attend our meeting and participate in the discussion , or to offer input to any board member in advance


Bill Freed, President For CH Little League Board




March 1---------------------------Player evaluations at Hoover
March 2---------------------------Player Draft--minors and majors
March 5---------------------------Community Night at Hoover
March 9---------------------------Teener Parent Meeting at Hoover at 12:15
                                                   Teener tryouts at Hoover----12:30
March 13-------------------------T Ball Community night at Fiala at 6 p.m
March 15-------------------------Coaches Clinic and Safety Clinic at Fiala
March 16-------------------------Players Clinic
March 16-------------------------Board Meeting
March 29--- Challenger Information Day. THIS IS A CHANGE. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE! 
March 23-------------------------Players Clinic
April 12---------------------------Opening Day
April 13---------------------------Challenger Opening Day
April 27---------------------------Board Meeting


SIGN UP FOR 2014 season until FERUARY 11th !



Non-Boro residents must obtain a waiver to play on a Camp Hill Team



Persons interested in participating on the Board should notify either

Mike Berney at, or Bill Freed at 


Camp Hill Little League
P.O. Box 314
Camp Hill PA, 17011




Additional Information:

Tee Ball         $50  
Coach Pitch   $60

Minors          $80 
Majors          $90 

Teeners         $120
Challengers   $40 

American Legion: $150

There is a $5 discount for families with multiple children and a max fee per family of $190 (excluding fundraiser).

Little League questions - Email or call #763-7289 (voice mail available)

Challengers - Email or call #731-9435 for questions relating to Challenger registration fees (including financial hardship issues)

Teenagers can earn money as a Little League Umpire. **Visit the District 6 Facebook page**

If you have completed your 12 year-old season of LL and would like to become an umpire, please Contact Doug High, Camp Hill Baseball Umpire Coordinator: or 737-4651.



Please note:  ALL managers, coaches, committee members,and any volunteers working with our children must complete a Little League Volunteer Application and submit it to our Safety Office Doug Snyder. This must be submitted prior to volunteering in any capacity.

Little League International requires that all leagues perform yearly background checks on all of its volunteers who provide regular service and/or have repetitive access to children.


2) Not sure you are ready, or feel qualified, to manage or coach a Little League baseball team?     

Don't worry. There is plenty of help.  Check the "Forms and Handouts" link. Download the Coaching Book for T-Ball & Coach Pitch. It's a quick read to get you started.


3) Little League bats can't be more than 2 1/4 inches in diameter and 33 inches long for ages 12 and younger


Handout: Coaching Tools and Assistance

Contact Doug High our Umpire-In-Chief about becoming a Little League Umpire.