Campbell County Rural Knothole: Welcome

2014 Knothole baseball sign ups 

2014 registration fees = $75.00


For schedules for classes D1(U8) - B2(U13)

go to  Go to the District 22 - Knothole Baseball homepage on QuickScores click on schedules tab on right.


For Tball & E leagues schedules have been provided to coach's


Mail in registrations only.

Still accepting registrations for AA (Pre authorized apps only). All other classes...Registration closed.


Date of birth ranges for classes as follows;

U18 (AA)         5/1/96-4/30/98


Rainout Hotline Number, 859-392-0024


Please check back regularly for updated info.

Bats: For T-ball - E league, no restrictions   

D league - B league all composite or two piece bats must be either BPF rated, BESR or BBCOR certified.

A - AA Maximum differential from length to weight is -3oz. All composite or two piece bats must be either BESR or BBCOR certified. Wood and one piece aluminum bats have no further restrictions.

Questions or comments please contact us at

Handout: Knothole League Rules