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Sign-Up Dates & Times


Welcome to the 2014 Camdenton Girls Softball League.  Sign-ups for the 2014 season will begin on February 17th for those registering online.  Online registration will be held through March 31st.  Sign-ups for those not registering online will be held Friday, February 21st from 6pm-8pm and Saturday, February 22nd from 9am-12pm at The Zoo Athletic Training Center.  The Zoo is located at 166 Jackson Street in Camdenton.  The building is the grey metal building located below the Camdenton School District.   If you are unable to sign-up on the days listed, you may stop by The Zoo at your convenience.  The deadline for signing-up in person is March 31, 2014. You may contact LeAnn or Rob at 346-7671 for additional information.  We look forward to having a great season of softball!





 - 55 Minute Games

 - Coaches are the umpires

- Bat all players present every inning

- Give 4 coach pitch balls to hit, the fifth ball is off the tee until the player hits the ball

 - Rainouts will be added to available days or to the end of the season


 - Home team keeps score and is determined by who is listed first on the schedule

 - Home team coach calls in the score, age group and winner of the game to The Zoo 346-7671

 - Coaches are pitching and keeping proper balls and strikes

- Coaches will throw five balls, three swing attempts with no contact will result in an out. We are trying to teach the kids to pick good pitches and how the game is played.

- One base on an overthrow

- Players in the field should be in the proper positions, ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd, shortstop and pitcher.  The outfielders should be located in the outfield and not lined across the infield.  We are wanting the kids to learn how to play their position.

- Bat entire roster

 - 3 outs, five runs or batted roster to switch sides

 - Coaches are the umpires

 - 55 minute games


10U & 11 & Over

 - Home team keeps the score and is determined by who is listed first on the schedule

 - Home team coach calls in the score, age group and winner of the game to The Zoo 346-7671

 - Players pitch and this age group will have umpires

 - Players may steal as soon as the ball leaves the pitchers hand

- 10U no dropped third strike and no stealing home

 - No new innings after 55 minutes

 All Age Groups 

- No player is to set out more than one consecutive inning until all players have set out at least once.(With the exception of the current pitcher and catcher)

 - All batters and base runners, as well as player base coaches must wear a helmet with faceguard at all times .

 - Runners must avoid a collision, at all bases. Fielders cannot block the base without possession of the ball.

 10U will have an expanded strike zone by three inches on each side of plate.

Teams other than Tee Ball must have 7 Players to Play. Each open spot in the lineup will receive an out when it is that players turn to bat. 

 Each coach is responsible for the behavior of each player and their fans. The umpires call is final. If you wish to discuss a rule please feel free. Do not waste your teams game time arguing with the umpire or other coaches. The umpire has been instructed to never change their calls and disciplinary action against them may be taken if they change calls at the request of a coach.

- Players are to be played in standard positions with the exception of additional outfielders will be allowed in Tee- Ball with the approval of the opposing coach. 


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Camdenton Girls Softball