Cupertino American Little League (CALL): Volunteering

Friday, December 2
Volunteering Opportunities as part of League Required Volunteering

CALL is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization.  Please show your commitment to the children and the community by volunteering your time in some manner to enrich the season for all the players and teams.  It is a fun and exciting place where children can enjoy "America's pastime" in a positive and safe environment. 

League volunteering is in addition to normal Team volunteering. 

Manager - aka  Head Coach of the team.  The Manager will be the primary contact for the league and team being managed.  Training will be available, so no experience necessary especially for T-ball and Farm levels.

Coach - help the Manager run the team, instruct the players.  The more coaches per team, the easier it is to run practices and games.  Training will be available, so no experience necessary especially for T-ball and Farm levels.

Team Parent - One per team.  Responsible for administrative duties such as, being the other main contact for the league to reach teams for such things as league events (ie.  Hit-a-thon, A's or Giants Little League Day tickets, Photo Day communications). Responsible for delegating the Team duties over the course of the season.  (ensuring snack shack coverage by parents of the team when team covers snack shack, assignment of field set-up/tear-down for each game, etc.)

Umpire - Responsible for officiating games.  Training will be available, so no prior experience required. 

Snack Shack Coordinator - Can be Co-coordinators. 

  • One part of position is buying food to stock the Miller Snack Shack when supplies are low. 
  • Other part is arranging volunteers to run the snack shack during the weeks where games will be played.  Typically each team playing at Miller is required to cover for one week during the season.

Field Work Party - One or two field work sesssions will be held prior to the start of the season to ready the field for baseball play.  Volunteers would bring tools to edge, weed, level, the grass and dirt parts of the fields at Miller, Meyerholz, and other places as required.

Opening Day Coordinator - works with Board, leading a commitee to plan activities for Opening Day (ie.  Setting Schedule, Vendor stations, Jumpy houses, Snack Shack coverage,  Field decorations, )

Closing Day Coordinator - similar to Opening Day coordinator, but for Closing Day.

Sponsorship Coordinator - accountable for securing Sponsors to support league.  Leads sponsorship commitee to reach out to past sponsors and follow leads for new ones.

Sponsorship Commitee -  responsible for helping Sponsorship Coordinator with contacting past sponsors and new sponsors to sign them up to support the league.  The more people that join the commitee, the better we can divide and conquer. 

Photo-Day Coordinator - arranges photographer to come take pictures, sets schedule for teams to take pictures.

Opening and Closing Day Helpers - fill various volunteering shifts at Opening and Closing Day based on Coordinator and Commitee needs.  (ie.  Grilling at the Shack Shack, supervising Jumpy House, decorating fence around field, prepping field.)



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