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Spring Break Clinics by South Bay Sports Training

Spring Break Camps hosted by South Bay Sports Training


We hope you're all enjoying spring break! If your child wants extra baseball practice during this time off, South Bay Sports Training (a C.A.L.L. sponsor) is hosting baseball camps this week. Use discount code "league100" for $100 off the entire week or "league25" for $25 one day.

Thursday, November 7
Welcome to the 2014 Season!

We are excited to begin another fun season of baseball here at Cupertino American Little League!
Please take a moment to review the changes that have been made based on our league's parent feedback.

With the objective of placing your child at the appropriate level, the registration process has been simplified from being defined by division to now being defined by your child's age (as of April 30). Fees are also based on your child's age. Tryouts and Evaluations will still be held. Be sure to register by December 7, 2013 to avoid a late fee of $30. 

With approximately 200 children participating in C.A.L.L. each year, it takes a tremendous amount of work to run our league. To encourage volunteer participation, and to be equitable to all families, C.A.L.L. is implementing a Volunteer Deposit Program that's now commonly being used by youth sports leagues. 

As has been done in other neighboring leagues in the area, at the Document Verification Session, each family will be required to issue a $200 Volunteer Deposit Check to C.A.L.L.. At season's end, families that have completed both their TEAM and LEAGUE volunteering obligations will have their $200 checks shredded. Families that do not complete their TEAM and LEAGUE volunteering obligations will forfeit their $200 to C.A.L.L.

As usual, Team Parents will coordinate TEAM volunteering duties (e.g. field set-up & clean-up, post-game snacks, dugout monitoring, scorekeeping, party planning, etc). Everyone on a team will be counted on to contribute in all capacities as needed. Team Parents will monitor participation and notify C.A.L.L.'s Volunteer Administrator at season's end to verify who's fulfilled their TEAM volunteering obligations.

For LEAGUE volunteering, C.A.L.L. will be tracking participation through a Google Doc at The minimum requirement is for each family to complete either one blue-labeled job or two yellow-labeled jobs. We trust that you will find something to help C.A.L.L. provide the best possible experience for our kids.

Players for Farm A, Farm AA, Minors and Majors are required to attend the Skills Assessment at Meyerholz in January to ensure that they're placed at the level which best matches their abilities. 

C.A.L.L. will be also be holding Parent Orientation at Meyerholz concurrently with the Skills Assessment to maximize your time. Parent Orientation attendance is mandatory for families participating in Tee Ball, Farm A, Farm AA and those new to Minors and Majors. You will have many team responsibilities throughout the season, so you'll need to learn those jobs such as raking/dragging/watering the field, setting up banners, scorekeeping, etc. 

The Snack Shack is planning to be open only during Saturday games and special league events. This should alleviate the stress of getting volunteers to work the Snack Shack on weekdays. Also, Snack Shack duty is no longer considered a TEAM requirement but it'll be counted towards your LEAGUE volunteering obligation. However, in order for the Snack Shack to be open this season, the league must have a couple of parents volunteer to be the Snack Shack Coordinators.

A well-run baseball league is expensive. The cost for each player to participate in C.A.L.L. is about $400 due to expenditures for uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, league events, etc. Your registration fee covers only a portion of that, so getting sponsorships and doing fundraisers are necessary to keep C.A.L.L. viable. Please obtain pledges for this year's Ultimate Skills Challenge and support the Dine-Out events when they're scheduled. If you can help obtain sponsors, sign up for the Sponsorship Committee to satisfy your League volunteering requirement.
Nov 8th - 2014 Registration is Live
Nov 17th - Doc Verification #1 @ Armadillo Willy's
Dec 7th - Doc Verification #2 @ Armadillo Willy's
Jan 5th - Doc Verification #3 @ Meyerholz (during Practice Evaluation 3:00-4:15pm)
Jan 11th - Player Skills Assessment #1 & Parent Orientation @ Meyerholz
Jan 25th - Player Skills Assessment (Make-up) @ Meyerholz
Feb 1st - Manager & Coaching Clinic (all-day) @ Meyerholz
Mar 1st - Uniform Distribution Party @ All Star Academy
Mar 8th - Opening Day & Picture Day
May 4th (or 3rd) - Ultimate Skills Challenge Fundraiser Event
June 7th - Closing Day
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