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August 5, 2014

Farewell Travel Softball,

    I wanted to say this to you all so today I am writing this note to inform the softball community that after some thought I have decided to dedicate my time to my family and a personal career change.  I am thankful for the over 20+ years that travel ball has given me the pleasure and opportunity to help shape and mold young girls into strong independent women.  I am excited to see where life takes me over the coming years and welcome the change as a challenge.  I am letting go on a leap of faith, to allow myself to gain new insight for the future path my life will take.  I could not let this moment unfold without reaching out and saying thank you to the people, organizations, manufacturers and competitors that have made girls travel softball worth every minute of the 20+ years.


   First, I say thank you to the hundreds of players and parents that have stepped into the Cal Lite Organization for even a day of their careers.  A special thank you to the players that came and graduated now holding the title of Cal Lite Alumni's.  I am grateful for the many years that Cal Lite coaches and EM provided instruction, time and dedication totaling countless hours on the field/facility to help competitive female softball players reach their dreams.  To anyone that has helped the game by managing, doing schedules, racking fields, setting up snack bars, ordering uniforms, giving a player a ride, or merely cheering for your team, I applaud you for your part in the game.

  From 20+ years ago, it's no secret, the game has changed.  The game has unpeeled a new layer of recruitment, competition and diversity all unveiling a new approach to the term "play ball".   A thank you to the Organizations in softball that provide tournaments, showcases, skill camps and other opportunities for Cal Lite teams over the years.  No game would be the same without umpires that devote their time to fast pitch and the fact that most remain your friend even when your mad at them. (LOL)  

  Secondly, fast pitch softball saw the effects of corporate sponsorships some 20 years ago when major sporting goods companies started to see that girls fast pitch was big enough and spent enough dollars to warrant sponsorship opportunities for major travel clubs.  I want to personally thank Easton Sports, for their continued sponsorship of Cal Lite and other top organizations across the country for the past 16 years.  Softball manufacturers have helped build our sport, uplift its value in the market place while they provide a level of professionalism to our game that should not be overlooked or taken for granted. 

  One main aspect of competitive travel softball is the recruiting element where college coaches nationwide at all levels come to find talent that fits their program makeup.  Thank you to the college coaches for recruiting from the travel ball arena, the innumerable hours of  communication, planning and travel from your families to do your job effectively.  Cal Lite thanks all the colleges that have or had a Cal Lite athlete play in their college program,  it has been a privilege to train, develop and mentor athletes that make a difference at the collegiate level.  

   Lastly, to my family the ones that always get whats left of me at the end of the day, I thank you for allowing me to do what I love, without complaint or backlash, you stood by me all these years and I bow to you now.  To my softball mentors, thank you for the education of the game and the facts of life, the people in it and for the reminder of how life throws curveballs.  I have come full circle once a young athlete, playing softball, because I love it, no sponsors, no scholarships, no reason, just "LOVE” and now moving onward leaves my heart bittersweet.  

Farewell travel softball, it's been a fun ride, and I will continue to support travel softball, in anyway I can.      

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Pam Newton
Organization Director

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