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ASAP (Safety) Newsletters

Fairball (Umpires)

Coach's Box (Coaches) Newsletters

Parent Connection (Parents) Newsletters

Little Leaguer (Official) Newsletters 

Little League Notebook (Presidents)

D.A Bulletin (District Administrators)


50-70 Field Conversion - PDF - new for 2018

ASAP Awards Overview - PDF - new for 2018

Accident Claim Form - PDF - new for 2018

Baseball Age Chart - PDF - new for 2018

Charter/Accident Insurance Change Application - 2018

Combined Teams Application (done thru LL Data Center)

Facility Survey:     XLS Version - new for 2018    PDF Version - new for 2018

First Advantage Homesafe Flyer - PDF - new

General Liability Claim Form

Grant Application - PDF - new for 2018  

Incident/Injury Tracking Form (for league use only) 

Interleague Play Request Form (done thru LL Data Center)

Medical Release Form 

Model Release and Waiver   

Non-Compliance Form - 2017

Player Registration Form 

President Training Program 

Qualified Safety Program Registration - PDF - new for 2018

Regulation II(d) Waiver Form - 2017

Regulation IV(h) Waiver Form - 2017

Regulation V(a) Waiver Form - 2017

Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements - PDF - new for 2018 

Safety Officer Introductory Letter - 2018

Sample Safety Plan - PDF - new for 2018   

School Enrollment Form - PDF - new for 2018

Softball Age Chart - PDF - new for 2018

Special Games Application (LL teams) - 2017

Special Games Application (non-LL teams) - 2017

Tournament Player Verification - 2017

Volunteer Application - PDF - new for 2018 

Returning Volunteer Application - PDF - new for 2018

• • Miscellaneous Tournament Handouts and Forms • •  

 Other forms and publications are available online at the Little League Website (Forms and Publications)


Treasury Procedures and Internal Controls - 2019

Clinic Evaluation Form 

President Handbook - 2017

Player Agent Handbook - 2018

Umpire in Chief Presentation - 2017  


Official scoring is the basis of all records in Baseball and Softball. It provides a complete and accurate account of the game so that the action of the game can be reconstructed when necessary. Scoring is a means of compiling a record of what happens during the progress of a game. Anyone should be able to review your scorebook and get an accurate and clear picture of everything that happened in the game.  Below are two tools you can use to assist you in scorekeeping.  

Scorekeeping PPT Presentation

Scorekeeping 101 - PDF Handbook - 2016

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