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California District 31: Leagues/Point of Contact  

California District 31

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07-26-15 12:00 AM
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California District 31
Larry Burch
(858) 829-8277
13261 Olive Meadows Drive
Poway, California
Thursday, November 20
Leagues' point-of-contact for District 31

League            	Contact Name    	Position	    Phone          	e-mail
4S Ranch                Brian Dolan      	President	619-933-6581
Carmel Mountain Ranch	Andrew Shutak       	President      
Del Mar American      	Jeff Martini       	President	858-602-9121
Del Mar National       	Jeff Bernstein       	President	858-509-9002
Encinitas               Robert Wade        	President	760-487-8777
Encinitas National      John Payne      	President	858-967-2039
Escondido American   	Steve Elkins      	President	760-877-1141
Escondido National    	Wally Gutierrez 	President	760-828-2832
Poway American/Jr-Sr-BL	Brad Holliday        	President	858-354-8212
Poway National         	Tony Texeira     	President	619-417-2846
Rancho Bernardo       	Ernie Cardenas    	President	858-342-4674
Rancho Santa Fe       	Tyler Seltzer    	President	760-468-6089
Solana Beach            Steve Ford              President	858-395-5497
Valley Center           Jacques Fradet        	President       858-775-2760

California District 31
California District 31

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