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Friday, April 25
New Rules, Regulations Approved at the 26th Little League® International Congress

The International Congress in Minneapolis concluded earlier this month. After reviewing the agenda and discussing amendments, more than 450 delegates cast their votes. A total of 14 items were approved for inclusion in Little League’s rules and regulations. Consider how these changes may affect your league.

The following changes to the Little League® Rules and Regulations went into effect on April 9, 2014. 

Below are the changes for 2014 that affect Little League BASEBALL:

Text in red indicates a change in the rule or regulation. The text in each “Summary and Implementation,” a short explanation of the new rule or regulation, will not appear in the Rule Books. 


Regulation IX(a) – Special Games in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read, in part:

(a) Special Games are defined as games that:

  1. 1. are non-regular season games, and,
  2. 2. are not Little League International Tournament games, and,
  3. 3. involve only teams from chartered Little League programs, and,
  4. 4. have been approved in writing by the regional office.

Exception: Junior League: Up to six (6) games played under Special Games against Little League teams may count towards players’ Regular Season schedule. Senior/Big League: Up to twelve (12) games played under Special Games against Little League teams may count towards players’ Regular Season schedule.

Summary and Implementation: Beginning immediately, under Special Games, this allows games against Little League teams to count towards players’ Regular Season schedule and Tournament eligibility for Junior, Senior and Big League Baseball. The Special Games may utilize Regular Season, or Tournament rules. Any district or league coordinating Special Games must complete and submit the appropriate form to their respective Regional Office for approval prior to the start of the first game.


Rule 1.17 in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read, in part:

1.17 - All male players must wear athletic supporters. Male catchers must wear the metal, fibre or plastic type cup, and approved long or short-model chest protector. Female catchers must wear long or short model chest protectors. All catchers must wear chest protectors with neck collar, throat guard, shin guards and catcher’s helmet, all of which must meet Little League specifications and standards. The catcher’s helmet must meet NOCSAE specifications and standards, and bear the NOCSAE stamp. All catchers must wear a mask, “dangling” type throat protector and catcher’s helmet during infield/outfield practice, pitcher warm-up and games. NOTE: Skull caps are not permitted.

Summary and Implementation: Beginning immediately, male participants playing the catcher position may wear a short or a long-model chest protector in the Minor and Major Baseball divisions. 

TOURNAMENT RULES AND GUIDELINES – SELECTION OF FIELDS in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read, in part:

     Fields must be enclosed with an outfield fence. Outfield fences for the Little League Division must be a maximum of 225 feet from home plate and a minimum of 195 feet; for 9-10 and 10-11 divisions, a maximum of 225 feet and a minimum of 180 feet; for Intermediate (50-70) Division, a maximum of 275 feet and a minimum of 225 feet; for Junior League, a maximum of 350 feet and a minimum of 250 feet; for Senior League and Big League, a maximum of 420 feet and a minimum of 280 feet. Tournament Directors should not permit portable outfield fences to exceed 200 feet (250 feet for Intermediate (50- 70) Division; and 300 feet for Junior/Senior/Big League Baseball). Conventional dirt mounds are approved for tournament play. A Little League approved artificial mound is permitted at the District level. A request to use an artificial mound for the Section tournament level and above may be submitted to the Tournament Committee in Williamsport (through the District Administrator/Tournament Director and Regional Office). The Tournament Director or assistant shall judge fitness of the playing field before the game starts. An artificial mound must not be used at the Section level and above unless approved in writing by the Tournament Committee for a specific tournament site/level, and only for the current year. The Tournament Director or assistant shall judge fitness of the playing field before the game starts.

Summary and Implementation: Beginning with the 2014 International Tournament, this allows the use of artificial (portable) pitching mounds for all baseball divisions at the District level.

Tuesday, March 4
Clarification of Regulation VI

DATE: February 25, 2014

TO: All Field Personnel

FROM: Patrick Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development

SUBJECT: Clarification of Regulation VI

In the 2014 Official Regulations and Playing Rules, Regulation VI Note 3 Exception from the 2013 Official Regulations and Playing Rules was inadvertently eliminated.

The note references the exception for games that are suspended with less than one (1) inning completed.

To clarify: The 2013 Official Regulations and Playing Rules Regulation VI Note 3 Exception remains in effect for 2014. In the event that the first inning is not completed, all records including pitching records, batting records, etc. shall be disregarded.

Tuesday, November 26
Important Rule Changes for the 2014 Little League® Season

Important Rule Changes for the 2014 Little League® Season

As we enter into the 75th year of Little League, we want to advise you of several important changes to the rules and regulations that you'll see in the 2014 Little League® Rulebooks. We hope that these changes help make your entire season a successful one, and we look forward to celebrating our Diamond Anniversary with you throughout the year.

Residency and School Attendance Eligibility

In an effort to accommodate for Little Leaguers to play with their classmates, and ease the burden on parents and guardians, Little League has amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located. To verify enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2013. Read the full text of the new rule here.

"Little League is always looking for more ways to give all children the opportunity to have the best Little League experience possible," said Patrick Wilson, Little League Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development. "This new rule will provide more flexibility for families to participate in the leagues that best fits their children."

Retaining Birth Certificates for Tournament Eligibility Affidavit

To streamline the tournament eligibility affidavit process, all birth certificates will be returned to parents after the District Administrator approves a team's affidavit. Team managers will no longer be required to carry the birth certificates with the affidavit throughout the tournament season. Read the full text of the new rule here.

"While it is important as ever to ensure that all our tournaments are played fairly and competitively, we believe that this will make our tournament process run smoother, and allows parents to retain these sensitive documents," said Mr. Wilson.

Financial Responsibility for Tournament Travel

For those United States teams advancing through the International Tournament, Little League has amended the financial responsibility for those driving to tournaments. In 2014, all U.S. teams traveling 150 miles or more per one round trip to Section tournaments and beyond will be eligible to receive compensation to defray their travel expenses. These U.S. teams will be eligible to be reimbursed $1 per mile. Read the full text of the new rule here.

Click here to review additional, important rule changes.

LL logo
Monday, June 10
Baseball Bat Resource Page available on Little League website
Dear Little League Parents, Coaches, Umpires and Local League and District Volunteers:

As you take to the field this season, Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information, which is available through the Little League website.

Click here to find the latest bat information, including the 2013 Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers.

If there is a bat-related issue that requires an explanation the answer is just a click away.

You are encouraged to you use this resource, and refer to it often to review the latest information.

Little League International

Handout: Approved composite bat list for Majors and Minors

California District 31
California District 31

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