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Wednesday, February 25
Little League Grow the Game Grant Program

One of Little League International's promises to local leagues is to consistently reinvest into the program, and offer valuable give-backs to local leagues. Examples include free resources like the Notebook newsletter and the Coaches Resource Center, and lowering annual charter fees, the most recent reduction going from $16 to $10 per league. We also offer 125 free background checks for local leagues to use for its volunteers, and travel assistance to select tournaments.

In 2015, we're launching our newest give-back! The Little League Grant Program is an exciting and easy opportunity for you to grow your league, and we encourage all leagues to consider applying for these beneficial grants that could greatly assist your operations while providing an even more positive experience for your local Little Leaguers and community. In an effort to not just grow your league, but Grow the Game as well, Little League has made various, impactful funds available to leagues in need. Grants can range from several thousand dollars up to $20,000 per grant.

Grants are available for general league enhancement, enhancement/development of the Challenger program, enhancement/development of the Softball program and to leagues enrolled in the Little League Urban Initiative.

The time to apply is now. Please click for the Grant Application and other important materials, which include information on how to apply, and what grants your league may be eligible for. In the application, it's important that you detail your Project Description of how the funds will be used, and how those funds would benefit and grow your local Little League program.

Please note, to receive assistance through The Little League Grant Program, leagues must be chartered and in good standing with Little League International.

We want to help your league grow and we want to Grow the Game. Those are the overall goals of the Little League Grant Program. If selected to receive a grant, we will assist you throughout the entire process, and communicate your success for other leagues to learn from so many others can benefit from your efforts and our support.

As always, we appreciate you being part of the Little League family, and hope you can take advantage of The Little League Grant Program, and the impactful funds available.

Tuesday, February 24
Little League unveils new training series dedicated to the Minor Division Baseball Coach Pitch Program

The Little League® Coach Pitch Program was created to provide volunteer managers and coaches in the Little League Minor Baseball Division with the appropriate direction to organize and efficiently operate practices throughout the season.

This 12-week program focuses on the fundamentals of baseball, and is designed to build a solid foundation for becoming a successful ballplayer, including the “emotional fuel tank,” as described by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). The program assumes that the volunteers who have accepted the responsibility of coaching children in this age group have a limited background in baseball and the leadership and teaching acumen that is inherent with coaching Little Leaguers® at this level of the program.

Each week’s lesson offers extensive review, while continuing to tout the importance of team-building and chemistry. Coaches can use the opportunities provided in this program to engage with the children on your team and grow their self-worth. It's important for coaches to remember that Little League is a fun activity that has as its prime objective nurturing and growing well-rounded and productive people, not developing elite ballplayers.

A great resource for a first-time or veteran coach, Little League’s Coach Pitch program includes:

  • Detailed practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Quick practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Detailed diagrams explaining each drill and activity
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Tips for each week of the program
Click on the header above to link to the Little League webpage for more info and to request a copy of the program

Friday, October 31
2015 Little League Chartering and Marketing Toolkit

The 2015 Little League® Chartering and Marketing Toolkit is ready to go! Highlighting this year's packet of resources is a customized local league charter and insurance information section, a marketing plan focused on league and player development section, along with valuable tools and resources to help streamline registration. Expect the Toolkit to be delivered to you toward the end of October, and check out the online resources available at

Tuesday, December 9
Pitch Smart Program

For 75 years, Little League® has strived to provide children with healthy and safe baseball and softball opportunities. Little League would like to congratulate Major League Baseball and USA Baseball for the launch of their new Pitch Smart campaign, as we continue to work together to make baseball a safe, fun sport for all children.

The Pitch Smart program is a collaborative effort to encourage youth baseball pitchers to adhere to strict pitch count limits with mandatory day's rest. The program follows the same guidelines that Little League established in 2006 to protect young arms. Both Little League's pitch count regulations and the Pitch Smart program directly benefited from the insight and expertise of Dr. James Andrews, notable orthopedic surgeon and a member of Little League International Board of Directors, and his colleague, Dr. Glenn Fleisig, also of the American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Andrews recently wrote about the importance of putting the baseball glove down for Little League's The Parent Connection.

"The issue of arm safety is something we take very seriously here at Little League," said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. "We are thrilled to see the launch of the Pitch Smart campaign, and Little League looks forward to continuing to work with Major League Baseball and USA Baseball to enhance the safety of the sport for all its young participants."

After several years of research, Little League launched its pitch count program in 2006. With limits set for different amounts of pitches for different age groups, Little League has been diligent in protecting young arms since establishing strict pitching rules based on Dr. Andrews' research. With many baseball players participating in Little League and other youth baseball programs, it is important for parents and coaches to use the Pitch Smart campaign and the Little League pitch count program to ensure young pitching arms stay safe.

Little League strongly encourages all Little League volunteers, parents, and officials to review and share it with others. 

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Thursday, November 6
Little League® Newsletters

Little League® Newsletters and the Google Translator: Each month, the Little League® Communications Department produces electronic newsletters for District Administrators, coaches and managers, local league officials, and parents. Every other month, a newsletter is delivered to umpires who are members of the Little League Umpire Registry; and several times during the year, Little League's Risk Management Department partners with Musco Lighting Company to print and deliver the ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) newsletter. The monthly and ASAP newsletters are available on the Little League website. To receive any, or all, of the newsletters just sign up. The Google translator feature on the top of the home page lets anyone enjoy the newsletters in a variety of languages.

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Thursday, November 6
Little League® Tee Ball Program
The Little League® Tee Ball Program: The free, 10-week Little League® Tee Ball Program is designed to provide a well-rounded experience to participants by focusing on fun, fitness and fundamentals. The program also gives a first-year or returning Tee Ball coach everything needed to conduct a successful season. Included in the free program are detailed practice plans, basic drills and activities designed for players 4-to-6 years old, practice schedules and timings, SKLZ Fun-damentals videos demonstrating skills and drills covered in the program, and Positive Coaching Alliance tips for each week of the program.

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Wednesday, October 15
District 31 Administrative Staff adds new members

Welcome and congratulations are in order for four new members added to the District 31 Administrative Staff:

Linda Bernstein is welcomed back in her role as Secretary for District 31,


Don Wolever of Rancho Bernardo Little League and currently a member of the District 31 Umpire Staff.

Gary Graupmann of Rancho Bernardo Little League will be the new District Umpire-in-Chief.

Dave Miller of Poway American Little League will be the Assistant Umpire-in-Chief.


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Sunday, September 21
New District 31 Staff Umpires announced

New District 31 Staff Umpires were announced on September 20th, 2014.

Congratulations are in order for:

Stephen Brinsfield of 4S Ranch Little League


Doug Means of Del Mar American Little League

California District 31
California District 31

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