Calgary Wolfpack Football Club: CMFL

CMFL History
1969 Bulldogs

Few people realize the grand tradition that senior football has in Canada and how it has played an important part in weaving the fabric of Canadian football. Various senior football clubs & leagues sprang up around the country in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario & Quebec. On & off throughout the decades, various leagues would challenge each other for a Senior National Championship. The last true Senior Football National Champion was the St.Vital Bulldogs in 1969.


Throughout the 1970’s and into the 1980’s, the Northern Football Conference (est. 1954) remained the only senior football league in the country. In 1985, the Alberta Senior Football League (later changed to Alberta Football League) was formed. Until the late 90’s, both leagues played without knowing the other even existed! In 1998 the Canadian Senior Football League was established in Winnipeg Manitoba attempting to rekindle the grand history of senior football in that area reviving the Senior Bulldogs as well as the St. James Rods. In 1999, the CSFL extended an invitation to the AFL for the 2 league champions to meet and decide a Senior National Champion! On October 8, 1999 the Calgary Wolfpack defeated the Thunder Bay Storm 36-27 to become the first Senior Football National Champion in 30 years! In 2000, the NFC was invited to compete as well and the perennial NFC Champion Oakville Longhorns began an era of dominance winning 3 National Championships in a row (2000-2002)!!


After the 2000 season, differences between the CSFL and the NFC and AFL led to the Manitoba teams withdrawing from National play. The NFC and AFL were adamant that the National Championship must continue and that the game be hosted by each league in alternate years!! In 2003, the NFC & AFL, in an attempt to distance ourselves from any future conflicts with Manitoba, formed the Canadian Major Football League and have continued under this name since. The “Sid Forster Memorial Trophy” was also adopted in 2003 as the official National Championship trophy for Senior Football. Sid Forster was a founding member & player of the Northern Football Conference Sudbury Hardrocks (later changed to Sudbury Spartans). He went on to coach the Spartans from 1967 until his death in 1994. Forster led the Hardrocks/Spartans to 18 NFC Championships!! Sid Forster was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2001!!


The long term goal of the CMFL is to see Senior Football leagues from across the country compete for the Sid Forster Memorial Trophy!! Until that day arrives…the NFC and AFL pledge to not let the dream die again. We will continue to weave senior football into the fabric of Canadian history!!




 2014  Montreal Transit (NFC) 49  Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 26
 2013  Montreal Transit (NFC) 50  Calgary Gators (AFL) 28

 Lloydminster Vandals (AFL) 25

 Toronto Titans (NFC) 19 

 2011  Tri-City Outlaws (NFC) 31  Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 14


 Sault Ste. Marie Steelers (NFC) 32

 Lloydminster Vandals (AFL) 0


 Sault Ste. Marie Steelers (NFC) 65

 Edmonton Stallions (AFL) 6


 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 35

 Tri-City Outlaws (NFC) 7


 Sault Ste. Marie Steelers (NFC) 59

 Edmonton Stallions (AFL) 10


 Oshawa Hawkeyes (NFC) 43

 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 29


 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 20

 Tri-City Outlaws (NFC) 14


 Milton Marauders (NFC) 40

 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 27


 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 39

 Oakville Longhorns (NFC) 28


 Oakville Longhorns (NFC) 54

 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 46


 Oakville Longhorns (NFC) 41

 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 0


 Oakville Longhorns (NFC) 42

 Winnipeg Mustangs (MFL) 14


 Calgary Wolfpack (AFL) 36

 Thunder Bay Storm (MFL) 28

Bold denotes home team