Calgary West Little League: Welcome

Sunday, November 24
CWLL AGM - IMPORTANT NOTICE - December 4th, 7:00pm, Optimist (See Handout For Agenda)

Our league requires numerous volunteers to serve on our elected Board of Directors and the appointed executive in order for the league to continue to be a success in 2014. Numerous positions must be filled, please see a list contained on the official Notice of Meeting (See Handout). While this is the off season for baseball, there is lots of activity required in the upcoming months to ensure that the 2014 season is successful. 


Key positions on the Board and Executive must be filled at the AGM on December 4th for the league to function, including the position of President. A Board of Directors consisting of 7 people must be elected at the AGM, and one of those volunteers must assume the role of President for the league to operate.


 Reasons you should volunteer...

  1. Continued operation of the league for your children

  2. Meet new people and make new friends

  3. Ability to become involved in the decision making process

  4. Making a contribution to the community

5. A personal sense of accomplishment 

6. If you don't volunteer, who will?


Our league is currently the largest youth baseball league in Calgary, and one of the largest in the Province of Alberta with over 700 registered athletes this past season. This translates into approximately 1400 parents and other volunteers, of which we require 20-25 volunteers to serve on our board and executive and operate the league. Do you need baseball 'expertise' to be involved? Absolutely not, only the available time, desire to learn and be involved, and the ability to act in the best interests of all the children in our league.


The league requires that new people get involed with fresh thinking and ideas. I would encourage anyone with a keen interest in the continued success of our league to attend the AGM and let their name stand for election and/or appointment to ensure a successful 2014 season. 


Thank you,

 Margo Wall

2013 CWLL VP Minors


Handout: 2013 AGM Agenda

Monday, September 9
Fall & Winter Camps 2013/2014

CWLL will be running baseball skills camps for ages 8 to 15 at Absolute Baseball Academy.  These camps will run November 2013 to February 2014.   Check out the attached handout.  Register soon!
Handout: 2013-2014 Fall & Winter Camps

Wednesday, March 13
Board Recruitment for 2014 Season

CWLL is currently recruiting for the following positions for the 2014 season:


      Diamond Coordinator

      Opening Day Coordinator


Contact the CWLL president for more information


Saturday, March 16
Cal West Deals at Play It Again Sports - Westhills

Click on the link to the Play It Again flyer for a coupon you can print for discounts on baseball items.  Also $5 off any purchase!
Handout: Play It Again Sports - Westhills

League Phone, Fax and E-mail

Our league phone and fax number is now 1-888-235-1902. This is a 24 hour automated voice mail and fax line where you can reach the registrar and league president.

Our registrar's e-mail is now This is the address for any questions you may have.