Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club: What's NEWS: Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage – A Great Resource for All Blizzard Families!

Thursday, May 17
Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage – A Great Resource for All Blizzard Families!

Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage is a multidisciplinary wellness centre conveniently located beside Starbucks in the same shopping centre as the Northwest Costco (Beacon Hill Shopping Centre).  Clinic Director and Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Schmolke is also a Blizzard parent and volunteer!  Growing up as a youth soccer player in Saskatoon, Dr. Michael was soon recruited to his highschool football team and was later part of the Vanier Cup Champions, University of Saskatchewan Huskies.  Although Dr. Michael gave up soccer to pursue football, he returned to the sport after a fifteen year hiatus and is now playing Div 1 men’s soccer in the Over-35 CUSA League.  His two daughters are playing with the U-14 Tier 2 Blizzard Roma and U-16 Tier 4 Blizzard Galactico. 

Dr. Michael Schmolke has been a well respected chiropractor, health educator and motivational speaker in Calgary for over a fifteen years.  Dr. Michael is dedicated to continuous learning and cutting edge delivery of chiropractic care, health coaching, personal growth and healing. His knowledge and experience in athletics, nutrition, high performance strategies, natural lifestyle and teamwork have helped him develop into a valuable resource sought after by many teams and athletes looking for a competitive edge through nutrition and chiropractic, as well as a resource for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.   He leads a multidisciplinary team of integrated health and wellness experts (including chiropractor, Dr. Sherra Sanders, Naturopath Dr. Natalie Sweet and a tremendous team of massage therapists who share a vision of natural health care), and a team of fabulous assistants, many of whom played for the Blizzards during their youth soccer days.

Did you know most competitive athletes have used a chiropractor at some point during their training and all semi-professional and professional teams have chiropractors and massage therapists on staff?  This is because chiropractic removes interference from the nervous system, allowing messages to travel from the brain to the body and musculature, freely and quickly.  Chiropractors help athletes recover faster from spinal and whole body injuries and setbacks as well as provide athletes with an effective and safe preventative strategy against the devastating effects of physical stress during athletic competition. Science and research reveal that the body’s motion, flexibility, alignment and posture impact every function in the body.  This is especially important for soccer athletes who rely on their strength, speed and ability to adapt to field conditions and speed of play. The loss of optimum motion and spinal posture can begin in childhood, and is accelerated as time goes on with repeated jarring and falling during childhood and athletic play. Your spine directly affects your nervous system. An unhealthy spine can often produce pain and symptoms of ill health, and seriously reduce an athlete’s ability to compete.  In particular, soccer injuries of the ankle, knee, spine and neck respond particularly well to chiropractic.  By gently using specific techniques (adjustments), chiropractors enable motion and alignment to be restored in your spine and other joints. Under the care of a chiropractor, many soccer players notice improvement in symptoms of misalignment and impaired spinal health such as fewer headaches, improved balance, improved athletic performance/speed, improved coordination and responsiveness on the field, less muscle tension, and less neck or back pain.  Of note, heading the ball during soccer can be particularly deleterious to a young players head and neck.  Studies have shown that even if heading the ball causes a mild concussion, the concussion symptoms quite often resolve, leaving the player with a lingering functional neck issue which can also cause chronic headaches.  It is important athletes have their neck function assessed by a chiropractor to make sure full functionality and range of motion is restored following a head injury of any kind.  Massage is often used in conjunction with chiropractic to manage injuries and get the athlete back on track quicker and faster.

Lastly, foot health is of particular importance for soccer players.  Soccer is extremely stressful on the feet, especially while the young foot is developing.  Soccer cleats offer no support whatsoever to counter these stresses.  Ankle sprains and fallen arches are often a unwanted consequence of using soccer cleats, which can lead to knee problems down the road as the player enters adolescence.  Foot injuries, ankle injuries AND knee injuries can be an indication of improper biomechanics in the foot.  Dr. Michael sees many soccer players with various forms of “foot stress” including but not limited to fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and knee pain.  One of the most important pieces of equipment at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage, is computerized “gait scanning” equipment.  This equipment takes 2-D and 3-D scans of an athlete’s foot (while walking and running) to determine if there is any foot dysfunction which could be impairing the athlete’s performance or predispose them to ankle and knee injuries.  If required, Dr. Michael can prescribe custom orthotics specially designed for soccer cleats using the results from the computerized gait scanning equipment along with creating a foam cast.  Most insurance companies cover the cost of prescription orthotics in the event your child requires them.

Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage is open 7 days a week and Dr. Michael is available Monday through Saturday.  Whether you are interested in having your child come in as a preventative measure or whether they get injured on the field and you need emergency assistance, feel free to call our office and we will get you in to see Dr. Michael right away.  Our phone number is 403-516-1141.  Check us out on-line at  Like us on Facebook under “Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage”.