Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club: What's NEWS: Provincial Competitions Summary

Friday, August 26
Provincial Competitions Summary

Congratulations to the following teams for their success in provincial competition this year.

Blizzard Juventus, Gold Medal, U16G Tier 1

Blizzard Ajax, Gold Medal, U12G Tier 1

Blizzard Blades, Gold Medal, U12G Tier 4

Blizzard Threat, Silver Medal, U18G Tier 1

Blizzard Lightning, Gold Medal, U18G Tier 2

Blizzard Bombers, Silver Medal, U18G Tier 2

Blizzard Venom, Bronze Medal, U18G Tier 4

Blizzard Grizzlies, 4th Place, U16G Tier 4

Blizzard Jaguars, 7th Place, U16G Tier 3

Blizzard Barcelona, 6th Place, U14G Tier 2

Blizzard Galactico, 5th Place, U14G Tier 4

Blizzard Olympic, 10th Place, U12G Tier 2

Blizzard Phoneix, Gold, Men's Tier IV