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Tuesday, January 19
Club Beginnings - stories from the past...
The club began in 1967 when Marino Sedran and Gordon Hawkins took a team of 11 and 12-year-old Calgary boys to represent the province of Alberta at an Expo 67 soccer competition in Montreal. On their return, the team took the name of a defunct Canadian Junior Football team, the "North Hill Blizzards" and was remodeled around six of the original players.

Sedran and Hawkins coached basically the same group of boys, moving up as the players' ages changed. They played in a league against other Northwest Calgary teams, which included Montgomery, Highwood, and University Heights. From 1967 to 1977, the team won its way to the National Championships three times and captured the National title in 1971 as the top Juvenile Team in Canada.

By the mid 70s, the Northwest communities needed somewhere for their growing numbers of graduating pee wees and older boys to play. Gary Burkholder, soccer coordinator for Brentwood and Kermit Newman, soccer coordinator for Triwood, helped fulfill this need along with Sedran, Hawkins, and several other soccer enthusiasts, by developing the idea of a Northwest Zone Club to handle soccer activities from Bantam level and up.

The Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club was registered as a Society in the Province of Alberta on March 14, 1977. The three teams of that year have grown many-fold, and in 2003 the club entered 72 teams for both boys and girls into the CMSA Outdoor program and 45 Indoor teams.