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Tuesday, January 19
Financial Policies

Financial Assistance

Anyone requiring financial assistance is required to apply to Kidsport Calgary prior to or at registration. The application forms are available at as well as at in-person registration. Contact the registrar for details.


A full refund will be given prior to the close of in-person registration. After the close of inperson registration refunds will be issued, less a $100 administrative fee, until one day prior to the CMSA team entry date. After that date, refunds will be issued for medical reasons only. The request needs to be in writing to the attention of the General Manager and must be accompanied by a Doctor's note. However, if you have attended a Try Out which is prior to the CMSA team entry date, no refunds will be issued. Contact Tracy Muir at for further details.

Goalie Gloves

The Club provides up to $60 per team per season towards goalie gloves. Receipts can be submitted for refund to the Club treasurer. Deadline for submission is the end of March for the indoor season, and the end of September for the outdoor season.

Tournament Costs

For tournaments outside Alberta, the team must apply to CMSA for permission to travel. These costs are not reimbursed by the club.

Provincial/Intercity Travel

Teams who have won berths in provincial or intercity competitions are eligible for travel funds if the tournament in which they will be playing is out of town. Each team will receive $75 per player confirmed to be traveling up to a maximum of 16 players, and $75 each for two coaching staff. These funds are inclusive of any team travel grants CMSA may be providing to the Club. A 'Request for Funding for Out-of-town Provincials and Inter-Cities' needs to be submitted to the Club as per the instructions on the application form. This form is available by clicking the link above or from the Club treasurer.

Handout: Financial Policies