Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club: Blizzard Fields


**Field status will be decided no later than 4:00 p.m. weekdays and 9:00 a.m. on weekends.**
This page is updated as required - check often! (Updates will be posted as available*. )

Status as at:

Inland Fields 4, 5 & 7are: Open

Tuscany 12 Fields (weekends) are:  Open

Tuscany 03 Fields are: Open

Jerry Potts Training Fields are: Open

Panorama Fields are:  Closed

St Jerome's are :  Closed

Sherwood Field is: Open

Silver Springs Field: Open

Rockywood Circle Fields are: open

Bearspaw Fields are: see

Hamptons 17 (Fri to Mon) is:

Crowfoot Park 07 (weekends) is:

Overview Map of Blizzard Fields

FieldMapThumb (Click for full map)

Sunday, June 7
CITY FIELDS - Locations and Status Updates

What teams use City Fields?

  • U-14 Div 1&2;
  • U-16; and
  • U-18.

How can I tell if it is a City Field?

City fields are designated F-x, G-x, O-x, R-x, S-x, FM-x, W-x, FL-x, OG-x, and SL-x.

Where are City Fields located?

Select a field from the drop down menu below - a Google Map will open in a new window and you can get directions to the field location.

How can I find out City Field conditions?

Call 403-268-2300 and enter code 9855 for conditions of City Fields.