Little League Baseball & Softball: Boundary Maps

Saturday, March 3
District 59 League Boundary Maps

Click on the league name to be directed to a pdf file of that leagues boundary. These maps are for general reference allowing you to see the main streets that are the boundary line for that league. The pdf file allows you to zoom in to take a close look at street names but if you still have a question about a league boundary please contact the District Administrator at

Alum Rock Little League

Berryessa Little League

East Hills Little League

Eastridge Little League

Evergreen Little League

Milpitas National Little League

North Valley Little League

Oak Grove Little League

Oakridge Little League

Spartan Little League

The city limits for Gilroy is the boundary for Gilroy Little League.

To contact a league please click on the "Links" tab and that will direct you to the web-site for each league.