CA District 19: District 19 Board Members

CA District 19 Board Of Directors


 Jerry Curcio

 District Administrator

Jerry is the CA District 19 District Administrator. Jerry is a former president at West Covina National LL where he served for over 10  years. He is also a General Contractor and loves USC Trojan football. Jerry's other favorite college team is anybody playing the UCLA Bruins.



 Olivia Ayala

 ADA Treasurer and Secretary

Olivia is the President at La Puente National Little League where she has served on the Board of Directors for over 30 years. Olivia is also the Assistant District Administrator.




 Cecelia Bernal

 ADA Safety Officer

Cecelia is the President at Baldwin Park Eastside Little League where he she has served for over 10 years. Cecelia also serves on the Board of Directors for Parks and Recreation at the City of Baldwin Park. Cecelia is also the Assistant District Administrator.


 Lupe Grigola

 ADA Director of Softball

Lupe is the director of softball and proud mama to a major softball athlete at Azusa American Little League. Lupe is also the Assistant District Administrator.



 Scott Fowler

 ADA Director of Baseball

Scott is Director of Baseball and a long time Board Member at Pacific Coast Little League. Scott is an excellent local painting contractor and handyman. He can fix anything... well almost anything! Scott is also the Assistant District Administrator.



 Edward Cazares

 ADA Umpire In Chief Baseball
 ADA Information Officer 

Edward is Umpire In Chief of Baseball and District Information Officer. Edward works as a Water Treatment Operator and he is our in house certified umpire. Edward has been a volunteer coach in youth baseball and youth football in the City of Baldwin Park for the past 16 years.


 Daniel Bernal

 ADA Umpire In Chief Softball


Daniel is the Umpire In Chief for Softball. He is a long time Board Member at Eastside Little League in Baldwin Park. Daniel is also the best looking D19 Board Member, just look at those big cheeks. Daniel is also the Assistant District Administrator.



Hector Maldonado

ADA Director of Softball

Hector is the ADA Director of Softball. He is the proud father of a Junior softball athlete at Baldwin Park Eastside Little League. Hector is also the Assistant District Administrator. 




 Mike Touhey

 ADA Director of Sponsorships

Mike is our Director of Sponsorships. He is a former City Councilman to the City Of West Covina and is now a board member at So Cal MWD. Mike is also the Assistant District Administrator.









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