Saturday, December 10
Interleague Coordinators Meeting Canceled
The CA District 14 Interleague Coordinators Meeting scheduled for December 20th has been canceled. There will be no rescheduling of this meeting.

Wednesday, October 26
Safety Meeting Added To District Calendar
CA District 14 has added two Safety Meetings to the District Calendar. The first one will be held on November 17 2016 with the second being scheduled for January 17th, both at the Centerville Round Table and both meetings will start at 7:00  PM.

Wednesday, October 26
Nadine You Joins District 14 Staff

Nadine You has rejoined the CA District 14 Staff as the Safety Officer. Nadine's home league is Centerville American where she served as the Vice President and as President.

Nadine also umpires for CALL and is a District 14 Staff Umpire.


We welcome Nadine back on to our Staff!!

Saturday, June 25
District Welcomes Nicole Arthur To Staff

CA District 14 Little League Baseball welcomes Nicole Arthur to the staff as of June 22, 2016. Nicole will be the new District 14 Secretary.

Nicole has spent seven years serving the children of Newark Americann Little League as Auxiliary Coordinator, Secretary and Player Agent. Her husband, Mike, and 2 sons are involved with NALL, as one son heads into the Major Division and the other to the Minors.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity of serving a larger community as the District Secretary. I cannot tell you how excited I am to learn something new, test my skills and work closely with so many people who dedicated and Knowledgeable!" Nicole commented.

" As the District Administrator, I welcome Nicole to the staff and I think she will be a valuable addition" said Reggie Torres.