Monday, May 22
Meet This weeks Staff Member
This weeks staff member is non other than Nadine You.
Nadine is not new to the District 14 Board. Nadine was a  District 14 staff member in 2008-2009, she held the treasurey position. We are pleased to welcome her back this season as our Safety Coordinato.
Nadine first became involved with Centerville American Little League when her youngest son Carson, was 7. He is now 21! First Nadine started as a team parent. Once her son started in Minor A she moved on to scorekeeping. She quickly got involoved with Centerville American Little Leagues Board as Vice President, and then on 2007 became President of the league. 
For the last 9 years, Nadine has also been an umpire for Centerville American Little League and District 14 Little Leagaue.
Nadine frequents the fields as a Safety Officer and an umpire, we are excited she is out there helping to protect our players. Thanks Nadine!

Sunday, May 21
CA District 14 To Host Tournament Meetings

CA District 14 Little League will host their annual tournament meetings later this month. The first of these meetings is the Tournament Of Champions Meeting on May 30th.

This meeting is for all managers, coaches, scorekeepers, announcers, tournament site directors and anyone else that will working the tournament. Tournament guidelines and rules will be amoung the items covered. If you are a manager, coach TSD, then you should attend this meeting at Snow Elementary School.

The second meeting is for all all star managers, coaches, tournament site directors, scorekeepers, and anyone working this tournament. As in the TOC meeting, guidelines, rules and will be covered. Again, if you are a all star mamager,coach, TSD, then you should attend this meeting on May 31 At Snow Elementary School. 

The last of the District meetings is the Tournament Umpires Meeting. As the title indicates, this meeting is for anyone that will be umpiring in the TOC's or All Star Tournaments. Rules for each tournament, coverage, rotation will be amoung the items covered. If you will be umpiring during any District 14 post season tournament, then this meeting is for you. This meeting will also be held at Snow Elementary School on June 1st.




Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational
2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Major Tournament of Champions
2017 CA District 14 Major TOC

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Intermediate Shaughnessy
2017 Intermediate Shaughnessy

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Junior Shaughnessy
2017 Junior Shaughnessy

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 8-9-10 Tournament
2017 CA District 14 8-9-10 Tournament

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 9-10-11 Tournament
2017 CA District 14 9-10-11 Tournament

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District Little League Tournament
2017 CA District 14 10-11-12 Tournament

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Intermediate Tournament
2017  CA District 50-70 Tournament

Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Junior Tournament
2017 CA District 14 Junior Tournament

Saturday, May 20
2017 CA Section 3 Tournament
test schedule

Monday, May 8
Meet Another Staff Member

As the District 14 Staff works hard to get all leagues ready for the end of season play, let me introduce our next Staff Member. 

 Vic, originally from the UK, has lived in the Us now for 27 years. He has been married to his sweetheart Jenny for 39 years and has two boys, Ian and Steven, both of whom played Little league from Tee Ball thru Big League.


 He started with Warm Springs Little League in 1994 where he managed and coaches. He then served as a board memeber for Warm Springs Little League from 1997 -2006. He was first the Umpire coordinator, then umpire-in-chief. He then moved to vice president, and the finally President. Talk about moving up through the ranks. He is currently serving on the District 14 Little League Staff as the Intermediate program Coordinator.


Vic has been active as a Little League Umpire for 20 years. He has umpired State Tournaments at most levels as well as the European Major Regional Tournament in Poland in 2006 and 2008, wow! He has also umpired the Intermediate Regional in Arizona in 2015. Vic has helped with the Umpiring Out Reach clinic for D14 and D57 for the past 3 years in Yuba City. Vic is the recipient of the D14 Jay Horry Umpire of the year award.

 Vic is excited to Umpire the leagues and visit the fields this tournament season. Say "Hi," when you see him around the fields, test his knowledge with your best Umpiring Questions!  

Friday, March 24
Meet Another Staff Member

As the 2017 Little League playing season gets underway, the CA District 14 Staff members are working hard to help the leagues through the season.You may see a Staff mmember at your fields and if you do drop by and say "hi". In this second in a series of introducing the District 14 Staff to you, is the Little League proflie of the District 14 Major Coordinator, Bruce Marcellus.

Bruce has been active in Little League for over 25 years. He started as an umpire while in high school, too many years ago to disclose! He got involved again when his son began playing Tee Ball. Bruce served as a manager, coach, board member, and Chief Umpire. in Centerville National Little League.

Bruce joined the CA District 14 staff as the District Umpire Coordinator in 2002, a position he held for 11 years, developing the umpire training and development programs, that current District Umpire Coordinator, Rob McCarthy, has since expanded and improved.

After several years away, Bruce rejoined the District Staff in 2015 as the Major Coordinator. Bruce has been a volunteer umpire for over 20 years and has umpired in the West & Northwest  Regional Tournaments in 2002 and the the Senior Regional in 2008. Bruce was selected to umpire in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA in 2013.

Bruce is married and has two grown children who live in the Bay Area. 

Tuesday, January 31
Meet The Staff

CA District 14 Little League Baseball has 9 Staff members to operate the District. Each Coordinator is in charge of a area within the District.

District 14 will be running stories so you can meet the staff. The first of these issues is for Frank Bontempo.

Frank came to the District from Centerville National Little League where he surved as a coach, manager, umpire, Umpire-in-Chief and finally the League President.

Frank joined the CA District  14 Umpiring staff in 2006. Frank has umpired in several Little League Section 3 and State Tournaments. Frank was selected to umpire in the 2015 Little League Western Region Tournament in San Bernardino.

Frank is also an instructor for CA District 14 and Little League Baseball in San Bernardino.

Frank served as the CA District 14 Big League Coordinator for 5 years and the District 14 Big League captured three straight Section 3 Championships and a State Title during those years.

With the elimination of the Big League Division, Frank has turned his attention to the Minor, Tee Ball and Challenger Divisions as the District 14 Minor Division Coordinator.