Monday, August 7
A District 14 Thank-You

The 2017 Northern California 9/10/11 Year Old State Tournament came to an end with the Section 4 District 11 Tri-City Little League taking home the title.

Although the tournament lasted a week, it took several months of planning and a small army to run the tournament. Based on the compliments received about the fields, the snack bar and the announcing, District 14 chose the right league to host the tournament, Fremont American Little League. Below are the names of the volunteers that help make the tournament a sucess;

 Nanette Hamilton, Wayne Barrs, Wade Hamilton,  Zachary Hamilton, Amanda Moller, Christina Richardson, Desiree Pricer, Dan Alexander, Russ Stark, Nick Stark, Zachary Stark, Jake Root, Tyler Brown, Kristine Brown, Ed Hugo, Kyle Hamilton, Cassy Visconti, Luke Oviatt, Jeff Howard, Josh Howard, Renee Rice, Michelle Joyce, Forrest McKeiver, Mike McKeiver, Greg Bogdanoff, Kim Pedrotti, Staci Ohmine, Rachelle Kennedy, Kim Arrowood, Halle Hunsa, Cristian Escobar, Hayden Shetrone,Gina Quintero, Christine Cassata, and Steve Lowpensky.

 CA District 14 Little League thanks all the above volunteers for their time and efforts. You help make the reputation of CA District 14 a good one through out Northern California!! 



Thursday, July 27
Tri City Claims 9-10-11 State Championship

The Tri City Little League All Stars representing Section 4, District 11 have won the 2017 9/10/11 Northern California State Championship with a 9-1 victory over Section 3, District 52's All Stars from Hillsborough LL.

Hillsborough lost their first game in the tournament and had to fight through the Elimination Bracket where they won 3 straight games to reach the finals. Hillsborough Little League has finished second in a tournament that had over 250 teams entered! Congratulations to Hillsborough Little League on an outstanding Tournament Season.

Tri City went  undefeated through the tournament, winning 4 straigh games, the last being the Championship Game of the Tournament.

Congratulations to Tri City Little League on winning the 2017 Northern California 9/10/11 State All Star Tournament! 

All the players, coaches, managers and fans were a pleasure to host. All League Presidents and District Administrators should be proud of their teams and fans! 


Wednesday, July 19
Pleasanton-Foothill Little Leagues Capture Section Junior Title

The combined Junior All Star team from Pleasanton and Foothill Little Leagues won the 2017 CA Section 3 Junior All Star Tournament by beating the CA District 45 All Stars from Mt. Eden 15-4. P/F LL advances to the Nor Cal State Tournament beginning on July 22nd in San Jose, CA.

P/F came out of the Elimination Bracket, winning four straight games, including defeating Mt. Eden twice in the Championship Round.

CA District 14 congratulated Pleasanton/Foothill Little Leagues on winning the CA Section 3 Championship and Good Luck in the 2017 Nor Cal Tournament!! 

Wednesday, July 12
Mission San Jose Captures Junior All Star Championship

The Junior All Stars from Mission San Jose Little League won the 2017 CA District 14 Junior All Star Championship with a thrilling 9-7 victory over the All Stars from Niles-Centerville Little League.

NCLL had come out of the Elimination Bracket, where MSJLL had sent them on July 3rd, looking for a different ending in this game.

The lead changed hands several times until MSJLL sucessfully laying daown two consecutive squeeze bunts in the top of the  7th inning to take the lead, game and Title 9-7.

MSJLL advances to the 2017 CA Section 3 Junior All Star Tournament hosted by CA District 57 at the Pleasanton/Foothill fields, on July 11th starting at 5:30 PM.

Congratulations to Mission San Jose Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14  Junior All star Championship and Good Luck in the Section 3 Tournament!

2017 Junior All Stars

Monday, July 17
Hillsborough Claims Section 3 8-9-10 Title

CA District 52's Hillsborough Little League 8/9/10 year old All Stars have won the 2017 CA Section 3 Championship with a convincing 15-7 victory over CA District 57's Tassajara Little League's All Stars.

Hillsborough LL advances to the 2017 Nor Cal 8/9/10 State Tournament starting on July 22nd.  

2017 Section 3 8-9-10

Monday, July 17
CA District 57 Wins Section 3 Major Championship

CA District 57 has won the 2017 CA Section 3 10/11/12 All Star Tournament as they slipped  by Hillsborough LL from CA District 52 7-5 to win the Championship.

District 57 will advance to the 2017 Nor Cal State Championship in Alameda CA starting on July 22nd. 

2017 Section 3 Little League

Thursday, July 6
Warm Springs Claims Major All Star title

The Warm Springs Little League All Stars have won the 2017 CA District 14 10/11/12 Tournament by beating the All Stars representing Centerville National LL, 3-1

In a pitchers duel the whole game, it wasn't until the third inning when WSLL scored on a double, passed ball and a fielders choice that someone scored. As WSLL had taken a 1-0 lead and before the WSLL fans could regain their composure Jordan Tonna hit a homerun that left the school yard tying the game at 1 all.

Again the pitching dominated until WSLL's Nanish Kavuri hit a homerun in the top of the 5th, giving WSLL a 2-1 lead. CNLL couldn't score in the fifth, leaving the score WSLL 2, CNLL 1.

In the top of the sixth, Wesley Burns hit a solo homer giving WSLL a little cushion at 3-1 going into the bottom of the sixth. Again CNLL couldn't mount a rally and WSLL won a hard fought 3-1 contest.

WSLL next plays Saturday July 8th against the District 45 Champions. The address of the location will be posted in a couple of days!

Congratulations to Warm Springs Little League on winning the 2017 CA Districty 10/11/12 All Star 1championship and Good Luck in the Section 3 Tournament! 

Wednesday, July 5
Warm Springs Little League Takes Home 9-10-11 Championship

The Warm Springs Little League All Stars won the 2017 CA District 14 9-10-11 Championship as they hung on to defeat a very determined All Star Team from Niles-Centerville Little League, 10-7

WSLL started the scoring in the top of the first inning with a run scoring on  base on balls, a single sending the runner to third where he scored on a passed ball.

WSLL added to their lead in the top of the second with a lead off homerun by Ayush Sadekar, another walk, a fielders choice and another passed ball giving WSLL a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the 2nd. An outstanding catch by NCLL centerfielder Thad DeBecker kept WSLL from having a big inning.

NCLL's Nathen Tostado started the inning off with a double and scored when the following batter also hit a double, putting NCLL on the scoreboard. An RBI double by Alex Llanos made the score 3-2 after two innings of ball.

WSLL scored another two tuns in their half of the 3rd on a two run homer by Mario Delgado giving WSLL a three run lead going in the NCLL half inning, 5-2

An RBI double by Thad DeBecker in the NCLL 3rd made the score WSLL 5, NCLL 3, still anybodies ball game.

WSLL broke open the game with 5 runs scoring in the top of the 4th, a three run homer by Ryan Nagamine  being the big hit. Going into the bottom of the 4th, WSLL held an 8-3 lead.

NCLL couldn't get anything going in the bottom of the inning. A great diving catch by the WSLL first baseman on a screaming liner down the fist base line saved at least a double, keeping the score WSLL 8, NCLL 3.

WSLL didn't score in the 5th but NCLL rallied for three runs in their half-inning and the scoreboard read WSLL 8 , NCLL 6 after 5 full innings.

As the crowd for both sides grew nervous WSLL added 2 runs to their lead and held a 10-6 going into the bottom of the 6th.

NCLL could only score a single run in their half-inning, a homerun by Kasey Fieholtz, making the final score WSLL 10, NCLL 7.

WSLL advances to the 2017 CA Section 3 Tournament in Hillsborough, hosted by CA District 52. All games will be played at Hillsborough LL 300 El Cerrito Ave, Hillsborough CA. WSLL plays on July 8th at 10:00 AM against the CA District 45 Champions.

Congratulations to Warm Springs Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 9/10/11 Championship and Good Luck in the Section 3 Tournament! 

Sunday, July 2
Newark American Blue LL 8-9-10 All Stars District 14's Best!

The Newark American Bule 8/9/10 Little League All Stars can now claim to be the District 14's best team as the defeated the Blue All Stars from Niles-Centerville Little League 11-4.

After NCLL threatned but did not score in the top of the first inning, NALL put up three runs on the score board in the bottom of the inning.

NCLL scored a run in the top of the second and going into the bottom of the inning were behind 3-1. NALL answered NCLL's runs with two of their own and after 2 innings held a 5-1 lead.

Niles came right back in their half of the third with another run, cutting the lead to 5-2 going into the bottom of the inning when NALL scored 3 more runs, extending their lead to 8-2.

NCLL didn't score in the 4th, while NALL added a single run to their lead, now 9-2 after 4 innings.

NCLL showed why they were in the Championship Games as they  rallied for another two runs and after 4 1/2 innings the score was NALL 9, NCLL 4.

NALL answered every NCLL rally with one of their own and the bottom of the 5th was no different as they put another two runs in the scorebook. After 5 full innings NALL had an 11-4 lead. 

 NALL held NCLL scoreless in the top of the 6th to capture the game and District Championship and have advanced to the CA Section 3 8/9/10 All Star Tournament in San Lorenzo beginning on July 8th and hopefull ending with the Championship on July 12th.

All games in the Section 3 tournament will be played at Ashland Little League 16301 E.14th St, 94580.

Congratulations to Newark American Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 8/9/10 All Star Tournament and Good Luck in the Section 3 Tournament!! 

2017 CA District 14 8-9-10 Tournament

Thursday, June 29
Granada Captures Section 3 Intermediate All Star Championship

CA District 57 Representative, Granada Little League, captured the 2017 CA Section 3 Intermediate (50/70) All Star Tournament with a 5-1 victory ove the CA District 45's Champions, Castro Valley Little League and have advanced to the 2017  Northern California Intermediate State Tournament in San Jose at Evergreen Little League, located at Quimby Oak Middle School, Stevens Lane & Mt. Isabel Drive, San Jopse, CA 951489.

The State tournamenr runs from July 5-15 with CA District 59 being the host District.

Granada scored two runs in the first inning to take a 2-0 lead that held up until the fourth when CVLL put a run on the Board making the score 2-1 in favor of GLL.

CVLL had a runner trhrown out at the plate and had two runners on when the Granada first baseman snared a grounder up the first base line for an unassisted put out to end taking the final score he inning. The bottom of the inning saw Granada add tow mors to their lead taking a 4-1 lead after 5.

Granada ended the scoring in the home end of the 6th with a single run and shut down CVLL in the 7th taking a 5-1 voctory and the Championship home.



2017CA Section 3 Tournament

Saturday, June 24
Newark American Indians Claim Junior Shaughnessy Title

The Newark American Little League Juniors have won the 2017 CA District 14 Junior Shaughnessy Tournament with a 6-4 victory over the Mission San Jose LL Giants.

After drawing the bye in the opening round of the tournament, MSJLL had beaten the Warm Springs Juniors 7-5 to earn their shot at the title.

NALL Indians defeated the NCLL Indians and their in league rivals, the NALL Royals to earn their trip to the Championship Game.

Congratulations to Newark American Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 Junior
Shaughnessy Cham[pionship! 

2017 Junior Shaughnessy

Tuesday, June 20
Centerville National Claims Major TOC Title

The Centerville National Little League won their first Championship with a 12-0 victory over the Majors from Mission San Jose Little.

Starting pitcher for CNLL, Wyatt Burnell, was dominating, throwing 2 1/3 of perfect ball,. MSJLL  put their first runner on an error. MSJLL got their first two hits in the bottom of the 5th, only to see the CNLL turn an unassisted double play to end the inning.

CNLL scored three runs in the first and never looked back.

Congratulations to Centerville National Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 Major Tournament Of Champions!! 

2017 CA District 14 Major TOC

2017  CA District 50-70 Tournament
Tuesday, June 20
Niles- Intermediate All Star Champions!!

Niles-Centerville Little League captured the 2017 CA District 14 Intermediate All Star Championship with a 12-4 victory over the Fremont Americans' Little Leagues' team.

Niles advances to the 2017 CA Section 3 Intermediate Tournament which is being hosted by CA District 14 and will start on June 24th. All games in the Section Tournament will be played at Gomes Elementary School, home to Mission San Jose Little League.

NCLL will play against the Champions representing District 45, as of yet to be determined and the game will start at 10:00 AM. This will be the opening game of the Section 3 Tournament. A win or loss and NCLL will till play on Sunday June 25.  A win and they play at 10:00 AM and a loss will find them playing at 2:00 PM. 

NCLL went through the tournament undefeated while FALL lost only one game  before the losing the final and ,too, was to NCLL.

FALL had beaten Mission San Jose LL 11-1 to eaan their trip to the finals. 

Congratulations to Niles-Centerville Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 Intermediate Championship and Good Luck in the Section Tournament! 

2017CA Section 3 Tournament

Monday, June 19
Fremont American Takes Home Minor Championship

The Fremont American Little League Minors took home the 2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational Championship with a thrilling 12-8 victory over the Centerville National LL Minors.

CNLL had beaten Newark American LL 5-2 and Warm Springs LL 6-4 to earn their trip to the Championship Game, where they had the tying run at the plate when the game ended. Congratulations to CNLL on a fine tournament!

FALL eased by Centerville American LL 6-5 and then handled Newark National LL 16-5 to earn their shot at the title where they didn't let it slip away!

Congratulations to Fremont Ameerican Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational Championship! 


2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational

Monday, June 19

CA District 14 suffered several injuries and heat related incidents yesterday. Umpires Frank Bontempo and Mark Card had to remove themselves from their games because of the heat. I'm glad to report they each were contacted last night and are doing well!!

In the Minor Invitational Semi-Final game a pitcher from the Warm Springs Little League team took a line drive off his forehead. He was able to leave the field without help and was taken to urgent care in Fremont. We have not heard form WSLL with an up date and we will post it when available.

The most serious occured in the Major Semi-Final Game between Centerville National LL and Warm Springs Little League. Assistant CA District 14 Administrator, Tom Curtis, was the Tournament Director. Below is his report;


As I reported, a WSLL coach was injured through a purely accidental contact to his forehead with a bat in pre-game warm-ups.  The bat was being used by the WSLL manager in a correct manner – just a case of wrong place at the wrong time.  The coach suffered an approximate 1-2 inch laceration just about his left eyebrow, which of course produced a substantial amount of blood.  911 was called, paramedics arrived.  In the end, he was bandaged and elected to self-transport via his wife to Washington Hospital for evaluation and stitches on the advice of the paramedics.  He seemed fine when he walked to their car, except for the cut.


I would like to offer some specific acknowledgement and thanks to both Jay Ingraca and Rick Black from CNLL for their calm, efficient and very gracious assistance through this incident.  Rick immediately assessed the situation, helped administer proper first aid, and kept the injured coach calm.  Jay quickly grabbed his phone and calmly called 911, offering the dispatcher very effective details on the accident, the coaches condition and precise instructions as to the location of the incident.  Both Rick and Jay helped the WSLL manager get the players out of the dugout and to a neutral location so the paramedics could work.  Their reaction and quick response to this issue had a very positive and calming effect on the players, the WSLL fans and the situation in general.


I would respectively request that both Jay and Rick be acknowledged by District 14 for their actions.  In my view, their efforts were a true representation of what Little League is all about.


Best regards,



On behalf of CA District 14 Little League Baseball, a big THANK-YOU. to Jay & Rick and may God Bless You!!! 

Sunday, June 18
Centerville National To Play Fremont American For Minor Title

Centerville National Little League's Minor team hung on for an exciting 6-4 victory over a game Warm Springs Little League's Minors and have earned the right to play for the 2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational Championship on June 19th starting at 5:30 PM.

CNLL's opponent in the Championship Game will be the Fremont American Little League's Minors squad. FALL earned the right to play for the Title by running by Newark National LL 16-5.

The Championship Game will be played at Patterson Elementary School.

 Good Luck to both teams!!

Saturday, June 17
CA District 14 Minor Invitational Tournament Underway

The 2017 CA District 14 Minor Invitational got underway as Newark National Little League beat the Niles-Centerville Little League Minors 12-6 and Fremont American LL slipped by the Centerville American LL squad 5-6.

NNLL and CALL will next play on June 18th at Patterson School in one Semi-Final Game. Game time is 2:00 PM.

Warm Springs Little League edged by Mission San Jose Little League 5-4 while Centerville National Little League eased by Newark American Little League 5-2.

WSLL and CNLL face off on June 18th at Newark Junior High School in the other Semi-Final. This game, too, will start at 2:00 PM. 

A trip to the Championship Game on June 19 at Patterson School awaits the winners of the each Semi-Final games.


Good Luck all teams!! 

Saturday, June 17
Mission San Jose, Warm Springs & Centerville National Win Major TOC Openers

In the first round of the 2017 CA District 14 Major Tournament Of Champions, Mission San Jose LL took care of Centerville American LL 19-9 and earned a place in a Semi-Final Game on June 18.

MSJLL will face Newark American LL, who drew the bye in this seven team single elemination tournament.

Warm Springs LL got by Niles-Centerville LL13-9 and Centerville National LL beat Fremont American LL 28-0 and will play in the other Semi-Final Game, also on June 18.

Both games will be played at Warm Springs Elementary School and will start at 1:00 PM. The winners of the Semi-Final Games will advance to the Championship Game at Warm Springs School on June 20th.Good Luck to all teams!



Saturday, June 17
Niles-Centerville To Play Mission San Jose In 50-70 Semi-Final

Niles-Centerville LL's Intermediate (50/70) All Star team has advanced to the Semi-Final Game against Mission San Jose LL, with a 15-8 victory over the Fremont American LL Stars.

FALL has dropped into the Elimination Bracket and will play the loser between NCLL and MSJLL on June 19 at Gomes Elementary School. The game will begin at 5:30 PM.


NCLL and MSJLL, who drew the bye in this three team double elimination tournament, will play on June 18th starting at 10:00 AM. The winner of this game advances the the Championship Game on June 20th at Gomes School. 


Good Luck to all teams!! 

Tuesday, June 13
Your Board Member of the Week is

Rob McCarthy.


Rob joined Little League in 2000, when his two sons, Justin and Matthew, signed up to play at Centerville National Little League (CNLL). In his first year with Little League Baseball, Rob volunteered as a manager in the Farm Baseball Division and as an umpire for CNLL.

During his tenure with CNLL, he volunteered for several roles and activities to support the program.

In 2002, Rob joined the Centerville National Board of Directors as the Player Agent, while continuing to manage and coach. He managed or coached his son's teams in the Farm, Minor A and Major divisions through 2009. • In 2004, Rob attended the Western Region Weekend Umpire Mechanics Clinic in San Bernardino, California. •

Then, In 2005, he attended the Western Region week-long Adult Umpire School in San Bernardino and joined the District 14 Umpire Staff. • In 2007, he became the President of CNLL and attended the Western Region Weekend Umpire Mechanics Clinic, San Bernardino.

After that in 2008 he attended the Western Region week-long Western Region Adult Umpire School San Bernardino.  In 2009, Rob was selected to umpire in the Little League Junior Division Western Region All-Star Tournament in Aliso Viejo, California. He was invited and joined the District 14 staff as the Major Division Coordinator in 2010 overseeing many aspects of the Major program. • In 2012, his duties on the D14 Board of Directors changed and he became the District 14 Umpire Coordinator where he continue to actively perform these same duties.

Finally, In 2016, he was selected to umpire in the Little League Junior Division Western World Series All-Star Tournament in Taylor, Michigan. Rob's two sons have completed their umpire careers. He continue to volunteer for Little League Baseball to provide the youth of D14 and beyond with a fun and safe environment to learn the life skills that is promoted by the program.

Sunday, June 11
NCLL Claims Intermediate Title

Niles-Centerville Little League claimed the 2017 CA District 14 Intermediate (50/70) Championship by defeating the Fremont American Little League team 13-3.

FALL took an early 3 run lead but the NCLL bats came alive in the 4th inning taking the lead and never looking back. FALL had defeated Warm Springs Little League 16-3 in their first game of the tournament, earning the right to face NCLL.

NCLL took care of the Mission San Jose Red Sox 11-4 to earn their way into the Championship Game.

Congratulations to Niles-Centerville Little League on winning the 2017 CA District 14 Intermediate Shaughnessy Championship!! 

2017 Intermediate Shaughnessy

Thursday, June 8
FALL To Play NCLL For Intermediate Championship

The Fremont American Little League Intermediate team has advanced to the 2017 CA District 14 Intermediate (50/70) Shaughnessy Championship with a 16-3 victory over theWarm Springs LL Intermediate team.

Their opponent in the final game will be the Niles-Centerville team, who defeated the Mission San Jose Red Sox 11-4.

The Championship Game will be played on Sunday June 11th at Glenmoor Elementary School and the game will begin at 2:00 PM.

CA District 14 wishes  the Best of Luck to both teams!! 

Tuesday, June 6
Mission San Jose Red Sox Win Intermediate Opener

The Mission San Jose Little League Red Sox won the Opening Game of the CA District 14 Intermediate (50/70) Shaughnessy Tournament, a 12-8 victory over their inter-league rivals, the Mission San Jose Giants.

The Red Sox put up 6 runs in their first at bat and looked like they were going to run away with the game. The Giants bats, after be silent for two innings started to chip away at the Red Sox lead, getting as close as 8-6, but every time the Giants rallied, the Red Sox answered with a rally of their own.

The Red Sox next play on June 8th at Glenmoor School against the Niles-Centerville squad. Game time is 5:30 PM. The winner of this game advances to the Championship Game on June 11 at Glenmoor School, starting at 2:00 PM.


Sunday, June 4
District 14 Tournaments Right Around The Corner

The 2017 CA District 14 Tournament Season starts on June 6 as the Intermediate Shaughnessy kicks off with Mission San Jose's two teams playing each other at Glemnoor School The game will start at 5:30 PM.

The winner between the MSJ teams will play on June 8 against the Niles-Centerville's squad. This game will be played at Glenmoor School and will also start at 5:30 PM.

June 8th will see the Fremont American LL Intermediate team go against the Warm Springs team at Vallejo Mill School. Game time is 5:30 PM

The Championship game is scheduled for June 11th at Glenmoor School.

The Minor Invitational begins on June 17th with Newark National LL facing Niles-Centerville at Patterson School, Centerville American LL playing Fremont American LL at Newark Jr. High School, while Warm Springs challenges Mission San Jose LL at Marshall Park, field 1. Also at Marshall Park but on field 2, Newark American LL goes against Centerville Nationall LL. All games begin at 10:00 AM.

The Major Tournament of Champions also begins on June 17th where Centerville American LL is scheduled against Mission San Jose LL at Warm Springs School, field 1 and Centerville National plays Fremont American LL  on Field 2.

Warm Springs LL and Niles-Centerville will meet June 17th at Gomes Elementary School. All games in the Major TOC will start at 1:00 PM. 

The Junior Shaughnessy begins on June 20th. Teams are still playing for seeding in this tournament. Keep your eye on this site for further information.

CA District 14 wishes every a fun, safe and exciting tournament season!! 

This site is giving us trouble when posting schedules, so some may not be posted right away, but a story covering the Divisons games payed each night will be posted. Thanks for you understanding. 


Friday, June 2
This Weeks Staff Member

None other than Bud Traynor.

Bud has been with Little League as long as he has been with his current wife Roxy. With 7 of his own children having played in the program, Bud is excited to help us out this season on the District 14 Board as District 14 Junior Coordinator.

Bud comes to the District after 15 years with Newark American Little League, where all of his 7 children Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, and Bashful, have been playing. All 7 of them have made a real name for themselves.

Bud has served the local league as a janitor, field cleanup crew and doorman! He looks forward to continuing his time with Little League as a grandpa to 3 and doormat to all. Incase you were wondering bud loves to take Roxy for long walks on the beach, and in the forest so they feel close to their 7 children.


Wednesday, May 31

CA District 14 held their TOC/Invitational Meeting on May 30th and their All Star Meeting on June 1. According to the District 14 Administrator, Reggie Torres, " these last two meetings have been the worst as far as attendance is concerned, in the 23 years I have been a District Administrator. Some leagues sent one or two people while others did not have a single person show up. The TOC meeting should have had 90 managers and coaches show up for the 33 teams in the tournament, while the All StarTournament has 37 teams with three adults in the coaching staff, but 25 people attended the meeting. The leagues should be ashamed of themselves. I do thank those that took the time to attend the meetings."

The District Tournaments start in early June and and the All Stars around late June. 

Monday, May 22
Meet This weeks Staff Member
This weeks staff member is non other than Nadine You.
Nadine is not new to the District 14 Board. Nadine was a  District 14 staff member in 2008-2009, she held the treasurey position. We are pleased to welcome her back this season as our Safety Coordinato.
Nadine first became involved with Centerville American Little League when her youngest son Carson, was 7. He is now 21! First Nadine started as a team parent. Once her son started in Minor A she moved on to scorekeeping. She quickly got involoved with Centerville American Little Leagues Board as Vice President, and then on 2007 became President of the league. 
For the last 9 years, Nadine has also been an umpire for Centerville American Little League and District 14 Little Leagaue.
Nadine frequents the fields as a Safety Officer and an umpire, we are excited she is out there helping to protect our players. Thanks Nadine!

Junior Shaughnessy
Tuesday, June 13
2017 Junior Shaughnessy

Saturday, June 3
2017 CA District 14 8-9-10 Tournament
8-9-10 Tournament

Tuesday, June 13
2017 9-10-11 Tournament

2017 CA District 14 9-10-11 Tournament

2017 CA District 14 10-11-12 Tournament
Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District Little League Tournament

2017 Junior All Stars
Sunday, May 21
2017 CA District 14 Junior Tournament

Monday, May 8
Meet Another Staff Member

As the District 14 Staff works hard to get all leagues ready for the end of season play, let me introduce our next Staff Member. 

 Vic, originally from the UK, has lived in the Us now for 27 years. He has been married to his sweetheart Jenny for 39 years and has two boys, Ian and Steven, both of whom played Little league from Tee Ball thru Big League.


 He started with Warm Springs Little League in 1994 where he managed and coaches. He then served as a board memeber for Warm Springs Little League from 1997 -2006. He was first the Umpire coordinator, then umpire-in-chief. He then moved to vice president, and the finally President. Talk about moving up through the ranks. He is currently serving on the District 14 Little League Staff as the Intermediate program Coordinator.


Vic has been active as a Little League Umpire for 20 years. He has umpired State Tournaments at most levels as well as the European Major Regional Tournament in Poland in 2006 and 2008, wow! He has also umpired the Intermediate Regional in Arizona in 2015. Vic has helped with the Umpiring Out Reach clinic for D14 and D57 for the past 3 years in Yuba City. Vic is the recipient of the D14 Jay Horry Umpire of the year award.

 Vic is excited to Umpire the leagues and visit the fields this tournament season. Say "Hi," when you see him around the fields, test his knowledge with your best Umpiring Questions!  

Friday, March 24
Meet Another Staff Member

As the 2017 Little League playing season gets underway, the CA District 14 Staff members are working hard to help the leagues through the season.You may see a Staff mmember at your fields and if you do drop by and say "hi". In this second in a series of introducing the District 14 Staff to you, is the Little League proflie of the District 14 Major Coordinator, Bruce Marcellus.

Bruce has been active in Little League for over 25 years. He started as an umpire while in high school, too many years ago to disclose! He got involved again when his son began playing Tee Ball. Bruce served as a manager, coach, board member, and Chief Umpire. in Centerville National Little League.

Bruce joined the CA District 14 staff as the District Umpire Coordinator in 2002, a position he held for 11 years, developing the umpire training and development programs, that current District Umpire Coordinator, Rob McCarthy, has since expanded and improved.

After several years away, Bruce rejoined the District Staff in 2015 as the Major Coordinator. Bruce has been a volunteer umpire for over 20 years and has umpired in the West & Northwest  Regional Tournaments in 2002 and the the Senior Regional in 2008. Bruce was selected to umpire in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA in 2013.

Bruce is married and has two grown children who live in the Bay Area. 

Tuesday, January 31
Meet The Staff

CA District 14 Little League Baseball has 9 Staff members to operate the District. Each Coordinator is in charge of a area within the District.

District 14 will be running stories so you can meet the staff. The first of these issues is for Frank Bontempo.

Frank came to the District from Centerville National Little League where he surved as a coach, manager, umpire, Umpire-in-Chief and finally the League President.

Frank joined the CA District  14 Umpiring staff in 2006. Frank has umpired in several Little League Section 3 and State Tournaments. Frank was selected to umpire in the 2015 Little League Western Region Tournament in San Bernardino.

Frank is also an instructor for CA District 14 and Little League Baseball in San Bernardino.

Frank served as the CA District 14 Big League Coordinator for 5 years and the District 14 Big League captured three straight Section 3 Championships and a State Title during those years.

With the elimination of the Big League Division, Frank has turned his attention to the Minor, Tee Ball and Challenger Divisions as the District 14 Minor Division Coordinator. 

Saturday, May 27
CA District 14 Challengers in Jamboree
Fremont Newark Vacaville Challengers
Fremont Newark Vacaville Challengers

The CA District 14 Challengers played the Vacaville Little League Challenger in todays District 57's Challenger Jamboree.

The District 14  team is made up from players from the Centerville National, Newark NAtional & American Challenger teams.

The teams were treated to lunch, a game and each player received a gift basket and had a great time during the game.