CA DISTRICT 14 LITTLE LEAGUE: District 14 Minutes

Minutes from 2014 Season District Meetings. Additional handout categories may be found below.
2014 Meeting Minutes

Leagues Officials MinutesLeagues Officials Minutes

2013 Oct Presidents Minutes2013 Oct Presidents Minutes

Player Agents MinutesPlayer Agents Minutes

VP SEC Treas MinutesVP SEC Treas Minutes

Nov. Presidents MinutesNov. Presidents Minutes

Nov. Safety MinutesNov. Safety Minutes

Nov UIC MinutesNov UIC Minutes

Nov. Umpire MinutesNov. Umpire Minutes

November Interleague CoordinatorsNovember Interleague Coordinators

Dec. President's MinutesDec. President's Minutes

Dec. Umpires MeetingDec. Umpires Meeting

Jan Pres MinutesJan Pres Minutes

Jan Safety MinutesJan Safety Minutes

Jan Umpires MinutesJan Umpires Minutes

Feb. Presidents MinutesFeb. Presidents Minutes

Feb. Umpire MinutesFeb. Umpire Minutes

March Presidents MinutesMarch Presidents Minutes

March Safety MinutesMarch Safety Minutes

April Presidents MinutesApril Presidents Minutes

Big League Coordinators MinutesBig League Coordinators Minutes

Inter-league Documents

Here you will find the CA District 14 Inter-league By-Laws,Rescheduling Game Guidelins and Pitch Count Data Sheet.

Inter-league By-Laws pg.1Inter-league By-Laws pg.1

Inter-league By-Laws pg. 2Inter-league By-Laws pg. 2

Rescheduling Game GuidelinesRescheduling Game Guidelines

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