CA DISTRICT 14 LITTLE LEAGUE: District 14 Minutes

Minutes from 2014 Season District Meetings. Additional handout categories may be found below.
District Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the CA District 14 Meeting can be found here.

2015 Section 3 Minutes2015 Section 3 Minutes

Player Agents MinutesPlayer Agents Minutes

October Presidents MinutesOctober Presidents Minutes

VP Sec & Treas MinutesVP Sec & Treas Minutes


Umpire Staff MinutesUmpire Staff Minutes

Volunteer Applications

There are two volunteer applications available.
The first is for new volunteers or anyone who has not filled the complete form.
The second is for returning volunteers that completed the orininal volunteer form.

2016 Returning Application2016 Returning Application

2016 Volunteer Application2016 Volunteer Application

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