Welcome to Little League Baseball's California District 14 Web Site. California District 14 covers the Southern Alameda County cities of Fremont, which has six Little Leagues and Newark, which has two Little Leagues.

This year CA District 14 is proud to announce we will host the 2016 CA Section 3 Junior All Star Tournament


All the minutes from the District 14 Meetings can be found under the Handouts section on the side bar.

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"Fifty years from now, it won't matter who struck out, who dropped the fly ball, who hit the homerun or how many wins and losses your Little League team had.

But, this world could be different if you were important in a little child's life, your own or someone else's".

Used by permission from the Big Al Clinic.

Sunday, May 15
CA District 14 TOC, Invitational, Shaguhnessy All Star & Tournament Umpires Meetings Coming

The 2016 CA District 14 TOC, Invitational, Shaughnessy, All Star and Tournament Umpires Meetings are schedules for late this month and the beginning of next month.

The first of these is the TOC, Invitational and Shaughnessy Meetings. This meeting is for all managers, coaches, scorekeepers,Tournament Site Directors and anyone else that will be working the TOC games. Rules, schedules of events and responsibilities will be some of the issues covered. If you're a manager and do not know if your team will advance, it is recommended that you attend the meeting. This meeting is scheduled for May 31 starting at 7:00 PM and will be held at DeVry University.

The second of the meetings is the All Star meeting. Here the 2016 All Star rules, dress code, and league responsibilities amoung other things will be covered. As with the TOC Meetings, all managers, coaches, Tournament Site Directors and scorekeepers should be at this meeting. This tournament will be run strictly by the Little League International Tournament Rules. This meeting is scheduled for June 1 at DeVry University and will also begin at 7:00 PM

The last of these meetings is the 2016 Tournament Umpires Meeting. It is highly suggested that anyone that will be a Tournament Site Director and/or scorekeeper attend this meeting as well as all umpires that will be working the Tournament. Rules and dress code are a few of the items that will be covered. This meeting is scheduled for June 3 at DeVry University and starts at 7:00 PM

Any manager or coach that steps on a field of play is expected to know and follow all District 14 and Little League Tournament Rules and Regulations. Not attending the meeting will not be accepted as an excuse for not knowing or following the Tournament Rules & Regulations.

CU at the Meetings!!

Sunday, May 15
2016 CA District 14 Tournament Schedules On Site

The 2016 CA District 14 TOC and All Star schedules are now posted on the site and can be found in the Handout Section on the sidebar.

We hope you come out and enjoy some tournament baseball!

Sunday, March 6
Rob McCarthy Selected To Umpire In Junior World Series

Rob McCarthy, the CA District 14 Umpire Coordinator, has been selected to umpire in the 2016 Junior World Series. The Series will be held in Taylor, MI, this August. Teams from around the world will be competing in this tournament.The winner of this tournament will be crowned as the 2016 Junior League World Champion of Little League Baseball.

Rob started his Little League career with Centervill National Little League. Rob managed in multiple divisions for 10 years. Rob also umpired in CNLL for those 10 years. Rob also served as the Player Agent and as the President for CNLL.

Rob was asked to join the CA District 14 in 2010, serving as the Major Coordinator. Rob took over as the District 14 Umpire Coordinator in 2012, a postion he still holds.

Rob has umpired in the 9/10 Sectional and Divisional (State) Tournament in 2005, the Major Sectional and Divisional Tournaments in 2008, the Junior Sectional, Divisional and Regional Tournaments in 2009, the Major Section in 2015, Junior and Senior Sections in 2013,  the Big League Sectional in 2014 and the Junior Divisional (State) in 2015.


CA District 14 Congratulates Rob on his selection to umpire in the 2016 Junior World Series! 



Sunday, March 6
Steve Sawamura To Umpire In Western Region Intermediate Tournament

CA District 14s' Steve Sawamura has been selected to umpire in the 2016 Western Region Intermediate Tournament in Nogales Az. Teams from the 11 Western States will be sending teams to compete in the tournament, with the winner being invited to participate in the 2016 Intermediate World Series, held in Pleasanton CA.

Steve started his Little League career in 2002, when his sons Scott and Brian started playing in Newark National Little League. Steve coached Brian from Tee Ball through the Minors.

Steve joined the NNLL Board of Directors in 2007 serving as the Vice President, President, Treasurer and Player Agent. Steve has also coached the Challenger team for NNLL since 2010.

Steve started his umpire career in 2007 in NNLL. In 2009, Steve attended the Western Region Week-Long Umpires School in San Bernardino, CA. Steve also attended the CA District 14 Outreach Clinic in 2011.

In 2008 Steve was asked to join the CA District 14 Umpires Staff, both as an umpire and instructor. Steve has umpired in  various Sectional and Divisional (State) Tournament games from the 9/10s to the Big League level.

Congratulations to Steve on his selection!! 


Sunday, March 6
Frank Bontempo Selected To Umpire In Little League Region

Little League Baseball's Western Region has selected Frank Bontempo to umpire at the 2016 Western Region Little League (Major Division) All-Star Tournament. The Tournament is held at the Western Region Headquarters in San Bernardino, California.


“This is a great honor, to be included with some of the best umpires in the Western Region”, said Frank.


Frank started his adult umpiring career with Centerville National Little League, in Fremont. The same league he played in as a child and shared with his two sons, Nicholas and Mark. Frank coached and managed his son's teams from Tee-Ball through Majors and one season of Big League baseball, while serving as the League's Umpire-in-Chief for 10 years. Frank also served as the League's Information Officer and President.


In 2010, California District 14 Administrator, Reggie Torres, tapped Frank to join the District Staff as the Big League Coordinator, a position he still serves.


“There are so many people to thank, first, Reggie, for his continued support of the District 14 Umpire Program. Without that support, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to be involved with umpiring. I also have to thank my umpire mentor, Bruce Marcellus. His guidance, training, direction, and more importantly his friendship, put me in line to be the umpire I have become”, continued Frank. “And thank you to all the umpires I have worked with over the last 15 years. Especially my great friends, Bob Slyter and Rob McCarthy, with whom I have spent countless hours on the diamond”.


In 2003 joined the District Umpire Staff and soon after joined the District Umpire Instructor Staff. Along the way, Frank also attended the Western Region Weekend Mechanics Clinic and the Weeklong Adult Umpire School, each of them twice. Since 2012, Frank has also been a Western Region Umpire Instructor, instructing the Rules Clinic, Weekend Mechanics and the Adult Umpire Academy.


"You don't get to participate in these programs, or umpire, without the support of your family. I've been a volunteer umpire for 15 years and every step of the way, my wife, Katy, has been a very encouraging and supportive part of it. Along with Katy and our boys, my umpiring has really become a family experience. And I owe them the biggest thank you” Frank commented.


The Western Region Little League Tournament will be played from August 6 through August 13 in Al Houghton Stadium, in San Bernardino. From this Tournament, the Region will crown a Northwest Champion and West Champion. Each will head to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to play in the Little League World Series.


CA District 14 would like to congratulate Frank on his selection as an Umpire in the 2016 Little League Western Region Tournament!



Monday, October 12
District Calendar On Site

Welcome to the 2015/16 CA District 14 Little League Season. Even though the playing portion of the season is a few months away, the planning time for the programs are under way.

CA District 14 has already hosted the Leagues Officials Meeting for all incoming members 2015/16 Board of Directors of a local league and the first President's meeting of the year.

October 13 the District will host the Player Agents meeting for all local Little League Player Agents. The duties of the position will be covered.

The District will hold the Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurers meeting on October 14. Again the duties of each position will be covered.

The entire CA District 14 Calendar can be found on the sidebar. All District 14 meetings are open to all members of a local Little Leagues' Board of Directors.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Tue 5/31 star CA District 14 TOC Meeting 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM DeVry University
Wed 6/1 star CA District 14 All Star Meeting 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM DeVry University
Fri 6/3 star CA District 14 Tournament Umpires Meeting 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM DeVry University