California District 30: Umpire's Corner

District 30 Monthly Umpire Meeting

D30 Umpiring Group Meetings

The District holds Monthly Umpire Meetings.  These meetings are open to any and all league participants who want to learn more about umpiring.  The meetings are designed for all levels of experience from Novice to Advanced.   During these meetings, different Rules, Situations and Questions will be covered. 

Meetings start at 7:00pm (September to January and June) and 7:30pm (March to May) sharp and last 1 hour.  Approximately 20 - 30 minutes of instructions and the rest will be an open forum.   

Please plan on joining us this year. See Umpire’s Corner or Calendar for specific dates and times.

Bring any questions or stories.

Mark your Calendar and Pass the word to any and all in your league who might be interested. 

Future D30 Umpires Meeting Dates:

October 14th @ 7:00

November 18th @ 7:00

December 11th @ 7:00

January 13th @ 7:00

February: NO Meetings - See Rules Clinics

March 10th @ 7:30 -- NOTE Time Change 

April 14th @ 7:30 -- Moved from April 9th 

May 12th @ 7:30

June 15th @ 7:00 -- Covering All-Star Tournament Rules