California District 6 Little League Baseball and Softball: Find a League

A District 6 Boundary Map
1) Determine which league(s) serve your zip code below.
2) Review those serving league(s)' boundary maps below to determine which one covers your residence.
3) If your league doesn't have girls softball, you may be referred by the league to another league with girls softball.
4) If your zip is not found, please visit the Western Region website for referral to another District. District 2 is north, District 5 is east, District 7 is south, District 11 is northeast, District 54 is southeast, District 64 is west.
5) Click on "League Links" to your left for each league's website.

95605 WLL, WSGS
95612 WSLL, WSGS
95626 RLLL, ALL
95652 ALL
95660 ALL
95668 RLLL
95673 RLLL
95691 WSLL, WSGS
95747 ALL, RLLL
95815 SLL
95821 SLL
95825 SLL
95833 NNLL, SLL
95835 NNLL, RLLL
95836 RLLL
95837 NNLL, RLLL
95838 RLLL, SLL
95842 ALL
95843 ALL
95864 SLL

  Sacramento, California Wayne DelNero, District Administrator

Antelope Little League (ALL) Boundary Map

  Antelope, California Kimberly Heck, President

Grant Little League

  SACRAMENTO, California Mervin Brookins

Inderkum High School JV Field

Get Map to Inderkum High School JV Field 2500 New Market Drive
Sacramento, California 95835

North Natomas Little League (NNLL) Boundary Map

  Sacramento, California Dustin Romero, President

Rio Linda Little League (RLLL) Boundary Map

  Rio Linda, California Sergio Martinez, President

Sierra Little League (SLL) Boundary Map

  Sacramento, California Mike Duncan, President
Phone: 916-402-3599

Washington Little League (WLL) Boundary Map

  West Sacramento, California Therea Blackmere, President

West Sacramento Girls Softball (WSGS) Boundary Map
covers same boundaries as West Sac and Washington Little Leagues

  West Sacramento, California Frances Lara, President

West Sacramento Little League (WSLL) Boundary Map

  West Sacramento, California Ron Yarbrough, President