California District 6 Little League Baseball and Softball: Welcome

Welcome to Norcal District 6 (Sacramento) Little League Baseball and Girls Softball

2014 District Tournament Results

9/10 softball - North Natomas

11/12 softball - Rio Linda (advance w/o play) 

9 baseball - North Natomas

9/10 baseball - North Natomas

10/11 baseball - Rio Linda

11/12 baseball - North Natomas

13/14 baseball - Rio Linda

15/16 baseball - West Sac (advance w/o play)

Big League - Washington (advance w/o play) 

 Good luck to all teams in Section Play


Little League Residency Requirements: 

 School Enrollment Form (for players who do not live in local leagues boundaries but attend school in league boundaries):

Proof of Age Requirements:


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 2013 Results

2013 Section 4 Little League Champions West Sacramento
2013 Division 2 (State) Champions West Sac SB Little League~ 9/10 yr old Softball
North Natomas Little League ~ 2013 10/11 All Star Champs    
Antelope Little League~ 2013 Junior All Star Champs  
North Natomas Little League~ 2013 Senior All Star Champs  
West Sacramento Little League~ 2013 Little League Baseball All Star Champs    
Rio Linda Little League~ 2013 9/10 yr old Baseball All Star Champs    
West Sac SB Little League~ 2013 9/10 yr old Softball All Star Champs  
North Natomas Little League~ 2013 11/12 yr old Softball All Star Champs  
North Natomas Little League~ 2013 9 yr old Baseball All Star Champs  
Antelope Little League~ 2013 50/70 All Star Champs
Antelope Nationals 2013 Junior Baseball TOC Champs 
West Sacramento Giants 2013 Major Baseball TOC Champs 
North NAtional Little League Alabama Crimson Tide 2013 Major Softball TOC Champs


General Information

There are 8 Little League Baseball & Softball League’s in District 6.  Visit "League Links" or to find your league, go to the "Find a League" at the left.  All leagues offer teams from 4 years old to 12 years old.  Many leagues offer teams from 13-16 years old (Junior and Senior Leagues).  Each league has either a girls softball program or may direct girls to a neighboring league.   To register or find out more, visit each leagues' respective website.

District Staff Meetings, Presidents Meetings, and Interleague Meetings are held monthly on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  Meetings are closed door and by invitation only.  To request invitation, you may email the DA.  Please seek information from your home league.

Wednesday, June 18
2014 Section 4 Junior Baseball All Stars