California District 5 Little League: Welcome

Tuesday, June 17
Spring 2015 Little League Baseball and Softball

Coming Umpire classes, all are free:

02/02/15 - Jesuit HS - 6 pm to 8:30 pm

02/08/15 - Jesuit HS - 9 am to 3:30 pm

02/15/15 - Umpire mechanics class - lcoation and time TBD

03/02/15 - Jesuit HS - 6 pm to 8:30 pm

03/06/15 - Rules class - American River College, Raef Hall ,Room 160 - 6pm to 8:30 pm

03/07/15 - Umpire field mechanics class - Cancelled

03/08/15 - Umpire field mechanics class - C Bar C Park - 9 am to 1 pm

03/09/15 - Jesuit HS - 6 pm to 8:30 pm 

For more information contact PJ Schneider at 233-6039  

Welcome to District 5 Little League. If you are trying to locate a local Northern Sacramento County Little League program, click on the location button to the left to locate your local league. If you cannot find a local league and need assistance, contact the administrator at the link on the bottom left of this page.    

Congratulations to District 5 volunteer umpire P J Schneider for being selected to umpire in the Intermediate Western Region Tournament to be held in July in Nogales, Arizona! P J has been a long time volunteer umpire with Carmichael Little League and District 5. He is one of a select group of volunteer umpires in the Western Region selected this year for this prestigious honor. P J joins a long list of District 5 volunteer umpires who have been selected over the years to umpire in Regional and Senior League and Big League World Series games.

Congratulations to the College Glen Astros for winning the 2014 District 5 Junior Interleague Championship. 

Congratulations to Sunrise LL for winning the 2014 District Minor TOC.

Congratulations to Arden LL for winning the 2014 District Major TOC.

Congratulations to College Glen LL for winning the 2014 District Junior TOC.

Congratulations to Fair Oaks/Orangevale LL for winning the 2014 District 5 9-10 Tournament. They will advance to the Section 4 Tournament hosted by District 11 starting on July 12.

Congratulations to Rancho Cordova LL for winning the 2014 District 5 10-11 Tournament. They will advance to the section 4 Tournament hosted by District54 starting on July 12.

Congratulations to Fair Oaks/Orangevale LL for winning the District 511-12 Tournament. They will advance to the Section 4 Tournament hosted by District 7 starting in July 11.

Congratulations to Citrus Heights LL for winning the District 5 Junior Tournament. They will advance to the Section 4 Tournament hosted by District 6 starting on July 12.

Congratulations to the District 5 Big League team for winning the Section 4 Tournament. They are now in the Division 2 Tournament held at American River College and are playing July 10 at 5 pm for the championship with the right to advance to the Western Regional Tournament in Washington State.





Wednesday, April 20
All About Bats...

Many questions on bats. Is this one OK or that one? Click the link to take you to the site that tells you what is and what is not legal!

Wednesday, July 13
District 5 - Now on Facebook!

Saturday, January 1
Little League International Issues Update Regarding Composite Bats: Moratorium Imposed Immediately
View the link to read this very important rule for the upcoming season!

Wednesday, September 16
District 5 History at American River College...

History on District 5’s use of the ARC facility, how it came about, what our obligations are for continued use and what it means to the leagues in District 5 LL so that you will understand why you are required to have duty days at the ARC baseball facility snack bar. District staff operates the snack bar during the ARC baseball season and during the Optimist All Star games.


Prior to 1981, we only had local league facilities to play our Big League program games and for our tournament games for the Senior and Big League programs. Hosting tournaments above the local level were not available to us as we did not have facilities adequate enough to be eligible. Any tournaments hosted had to be played at Renfree Field and a rental fee was imposed.


John Meyer, then the District Administrator for District 5, negotiated with the Trustees of Los Rios Community College District and the president of American River College to build a facility for a 20 year exclusive use lease of the facility with options to be renewed. What started out as just a bare baseball field with no snack bar, no lights, no rest rooms,  one small set of bleachers and no cement or grass approaching the field was transformed into what you now see at the facility.


Each league in the District was assessed $3,000 to $5,000 as a startup fund and construction began with much donated labor and materials from the local Little League community. Our use of the facility began during the 1981 season. The local leagues were required to help district staff run the snack bar during the Big League season and during tournaments. In exchange for that, the annual profits from Big League, the tournaments and the snack bar were distributed back to the leagues.


All monies originally assessed to the leagues were recovered by the end of three years and annual payments to the leagues continued through the 20 years, averaging about $1,500 per year per league. The lease was renewed after 2001 for a four year period during which the District was required to participate in replacing the entire grass on the field and installing a drain system in left field. The money that would ordinarily go back to the leagues during part of that four period was used to pay for the $27,000 costs the District incurred.


I have been in negotiations with the college to renew the exclusive use permit for another 10 year period. The college wants the dugouts rebuilt and raised to ground level. Total costs are unknown at this time as we have just been given the final blue prints for construction, but are expected to be around $40,000 with a lot of donated labor and materials. I have not returned any money to our leagues the last two years in order to build funds to pay for the new construction. Once completed, money will begin to flow back to our leagues through the facility profits.


We are the only LL District having such a facility use arrangement in the entire

Western Region of Little League Baseball and are known throughout the Region for the tournaments we host there. This has only been accomplished with the support of our local leagues who help staff the snack bar during tournament play and during the High School Playoffs. We are also the only District in Little League Baseball who returns money to their leagues rather than assessing their leagues to fund the District operations.


Without your support we would not be able to operate the ARC Baseball Complex and would have to revert to assessing our leagues to fund the District; something I do not want to do. All of our leagues benefit financially from the operations of the facility as well as from being able to play tournament baseball, Senior League baseball and Big League baseball there.


I am asking each of you to share this letter with your Boards and your general membership so they can understand why the District needs your support at the ARC snack bar and why you directly benefit from its operations.


Norman L. Fuller, Administrator

California District 5 Little League