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Welcome to the California District 42 Web Site, District of Champions!
District 42 was formed in 1960. In our present configuration, the District includes all Leagues south of Highway 54 to the U.S. - Mexico border; and from the Chula Vista city boundary in the east, to the Pacific Ocean.

Little League Rules Changes for 2014 can be found HERE!

Happy 75th Anniversary Little League!

75th Anniversary 

All Leagues!

Our Presidents meetings are open to ALL Board members from all the local Leagues in our District, and ALL Board members are encouraged to attend.

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Thursday, September 11
Little League® 75th Anniversary Celebrations Come to a Close at the 2014 Little League Baseball World Series

The Diamond Anniversary celebrations concluded, fittingly, on the diamond at Howard J. Lamade Stadium on Sunday, Aug. 24, prior to the start of the 2014 Little League Baseball® World Series Championship Game. During the 10-day tournament in South Williamsport, Pa., just miles from where the first Little League game was played on June 6, 1939, special occasions were held to mark the Anniversary. Read More

Thursday, September 11
Looking Ahead to the Future of Little League®

As the 75th Anniversary of Little League® celebrations come to a close, Little League, and especially District 42, would like to thank all of our players, parents, volunteers, fans, alumni, and all those who helped us celebrate this year. This year has been a wonderful trip down memory lane, highlighting the great moments of the organization, but also showing why Little League is, and always will be, relevant to families and communities around the world.

In the coming month, you will see the website transition into the site, and this newsletter will focus on educating, informing, and entertaining you on various topics relating to Little League. Thank you for making Little League the biggest, and best, youth sports organization in the world for the past 75 years, and the next 75 years.

Thursday, April 17
Safety Spotlight: Warm Up to Prevent Injuries

Warming Up

With Little League® practices in full swing around the nation, there are more baseball and softball gloves getting used right now than any other time of year. And in the early part of the season, it’s crucial to remember the importance of warming up, stretching and keeping young arms healthy. Click here to read more

Monday, April 14
From the Little Leaguer® Archive

 In 1956, Little League® held its first International Congress, a gathering of volunteers to discuss the future of the organization. From April 4-7, Little League convened the 26th Little League International Congress with thousands of volunteers in attendance. Check out this Little Leaguer magazine from the second Congress in 1957. Click here to view the pdf.

Thursday, March 27
Imperial Beach Little League® Showcases Unique 75th Anniversary Sculpture

A group of former Imperial Beach Little League players and volunteers created a unique sand sculpture in celebration of their league’s opening ceremony and the 75th Anniversary of the founding of Little League®. Local leagues are invited and encouraged to recognize Little League's Diamond Anniversary as part of their own special events throughout the season. Click here to read more

Saturday, March 15
Your Voice

Since The Parent Connection was launched in October, we’ve been thrilled with how you have embraced this newsletter and we’ve received some wonderful feedback. As parents, grandparents and guardians of Little Leaguers, this is your newsletter and we encourage everyone to let us know what’s on your minds.
Click here to read more

Saturday, March 15
The Dangers of Steroids and Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Here’s an eye opener for parents, the average age that a child starts taking dietary supplements is 10.8 years old, so they would likely still be playing in the Minor division of Little League®. Taylor Hooton, a former Little Leaguer®, was a 17-year-old high school athlete from Plano, Texas.
Click here to read more

Saturday, November 23
Put The Brakes On Travel Ball

Little League® is so much more than baseball and softball. At our core, we are a teaching organization dedicated to providing life-lessons that help parents guide their children as they transition from youth to young adult to adult. Click here to read more.

Saturday, October 5
Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Baseball?

We hear the horror stories about kids spending nearly every week of the year playing in one particular sport; about parents spending thousands of dollars so their child can play on an "elite" traveling team; about pitchers being used so much in non-Little League play that they require surgery that used to be reserved for Major League pitchers looking to extend their careers. How much is too much? Check out the essay by President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen D. Keener. This article was featured in the 2005 Little League World Series program. Read the entire article here...

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