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"with knowledge comes responsability and accountability"

You have reached Little League Baseball's, California District 40's official website. We are located in the North-West San Fernando Valley and represent 10 Little League charters. 

Our leagues encompass the entire San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and as far North as Frazier Mountain (select League Location tabs above).

Our Mission is to serve as liaison between the league's President and Little League Baseball, Inc. and to provide assistance, guidance,  informed interpretation of the current rules and regulations and provide current information throughout the season.  This will include changes to birth date, bat approval's and rules.

This site covers all aspects of Baseball and Softball for the current season, within the District boundaries.  Please check your league site for current information regarding your leagues activities.

This is also the site where you can learn about the best this District and Section has to offer.  District 40 is currently a part of Section II and Division III for tournament play. 

District meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month.  These meetings are for league presidents or their approved substitute or board member.

Remember, Little League is a volunteer based organization. Volunteer your time and talents to help the children in your family and community.  Also, donate to your League and the District, so that these programs can continue.

In closing, the entire District 40 Staff welcome's you to our Little League family.  

We would also like to pay a special THANK YOU to all of the League and District volunteers, without whose dedication to the children in your communities, regular season and tournament games would not be possible.  And last, but not least, the reason why we are here.  Congratulations to all of the participating players and their parents, for trying, learning and smiling through it all. 

Good Luck!

Thank you,

Domenic Iadevaia
District Administrator

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Sunday, July 16
2017 District 40 Champions

2017 District League Champions


District (level of play) 

8/10's Baseball - Encino Little League - Champions

8/10's Softball - Canyon Country Little League (awop)

9/11's  Baseball - Sherman Oaks Southern Little League - Champions

LL       Baseball  - Northridge City Little League - Champions

LL       Softball  - Canyon Country Little League (awop)

Jr.      Baseball - Granada Hills Little League - Champions


Section (level of play) 

  8/10's  Baseball - Encino Little League - Champions

8/10's  Softball - Canyon Country Little League (eliminated in section

9/11's  Baseball - Sherman Oaks Little League - Champions

LL       Baseball - Northridge City Little League - Champions

LL       Softball - Canyon Country Little League (eliminated in section)

Jr.      Baseball - Granada Hills Little League (eliminated in section


Division (level of play) 

8/10's  Baseball - Encino Little League - 2nd. Place

9/11's  Baseball - Sherman Oaks Little League - (eliminated)

LL       Baseball - Northridge City Little League - 2nd Place  


Wednesday, November 29
Are you allowing your league to stray

Are you allowing your league to stray?

Little League is a family, of which, the members are a part of and each member is responsible for.

Do you notice that your league's leadership is faltering, not listening, has shown the appearance of wrong doing.  If youve noticed that the time has come to make changes.  If you cannot get involved at the board level, then start sooner, and at the bottom.  Work your way up the chain until you are in a position to make those changes.

If you continue to allow your leadership to make decisions for you, that have no approval or guidence from its members, what do you do?  Are you asking the league to become a member in good standing, by which you then have a speaking voice in your league affairs.  Are you then trying to document the issues that are working against the children in your league rather than for them?  Are you taking a vested interest in addressing the board, of these issues?  Remember the part about documenting, you will need that documentation to get anyone to take you seriously.

If your board does not respond, are you willing to follow the chain of command and try to make the necessary changes?  If so, hold onto that documentation, youll be needing it shortly.

Did you know that the next step in the chain is your local District Administrator or your league liaisons?  When addressing issues, did you know that written letters with the copy of your documentation will be asked for, for any action to be forth comming.  Verbal or written accusations, without a signature or proof, just tends to waste time, of which, most volunteers dont have much to spare.

Did you know that if the District does nto respond, your next step will be Western Region or International Headquarters offices.  They both have a paid employees trained to assist you in your endeavor.

Please keep in mind, that whatever you do, please maske sure your doing it for ther betterment of the league and the children in that league.  Demonstrating honesty, commitment, loyalty and team work still exisits as long as you are around.  The children in your league will find out and be proud that there are still some people who can be counted on to stand up against what is right and not be bullied into submission. 

Have a great experience at you league, Your children are watching! 

Saturday, February 22
Find your correct League

Use this link to locate your league within California District 40.


Have a great season. 

Notice to Parents and Guardians

In accordance with § 18950 of the California Business and Professions Code, notice is hereby provided that Little League District 40 requires its volunteers to undergo state and federal criminal background checks as a condition of service. These checks are updated and would provide subsequent arrest notifications. District 40 uses The First Advantage National Criminal File database which contains more than 350 million records which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 49 states and the District of Columbia. District 40 also does a separate search of the Mississippi State Sex Offender registry as it is not included in the First Advantage National Criminal File database. District 40 seeks to identify crimes involving and/or against a minor or other criminal activity inconsistent with guidelines established by Little League Baseball International, Incorporated.

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